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It’s not all WIPs some of it is plots.

2017 wasn’t just a massive inability to finish projects there were also lots of life changes. Jobs lost, jobs gained, adventures had and fun things.

I dyed yarn a few times. I plan to make Ink  with the dyed red and grey and make a three color shawl of some kind of the green and orange.  We’ll see what happens. With the other sparea green? Who knows. Maybe I should go for some socks, since I will once again attempt box’o Sox this year.


Brooklyn got a new fun LYS  String Thing Studio and I even started to work there, and gained another regular knit night. Days surrounded by yarn are always good days.  I vended at FlameCon for the first time and was one of the winners of the costume contest. So that was a first.

Though now I’m all about thinking what costume I should make next,  Witch King of Angmar? White Dragon Armor Vex?  Another Storm incarnation?

VKLive Yarn Grabs

There’s a reason I said that I would go on a yarn hiatus after VKlive. One I knew I wouldn’t be able to not buy anything at the show. And two I still have the giant bag of Rhinebeck yarn plus my stash.  I have a lot of yarn guys.

img_1733  img_1734  img_1738

As a reminder that’s the Rhinebeck haul.Well at least the  yarn and fiber. Libations we don’t really need to talk about. Some of them are even left…some.

IMG_1949 IMG_1952

So what did I get?  Another Loop Batt. Totally planned and I stayed within my rule of one Batt. There was one trip where I did get three bumps and some free standing fluff.  Two skeins of Into the Whirled in Radioactive and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.  Three skeins of Neighborhood FIber Co. In Georgetown (sweater to be determined), two skeins of 1600 Penn that will arrive by mail, for a beaded shawl.


A new to me skein from Yarn Carnival who came to the show from Texas.  A Skein of Narwhal Needleworks in the sound of silence. A skein of Dragonfly Fibers in City that never sleeps which was the show exclusive.  I mean I already like their yarn, and then they said the magic words of show exclusive and I was done for.


And a bunch of Molly Girl Yarn mini skeins in a dream to start working on my  scrap blanket again. Or who knows start a new one. So we’ll see how the hiatus goes. I told myself at least until I finish three sweaters.  We’ll see what actually happens.  Now I have a pink hat to finish.

Rhinebeck Aftermath

Rhinebeck was awesome! This is not really a surprise as it is great every year. Great people, interesting weather…I mean we had every possible Rhinebeck combination it seemed like.  Well it seemed like I only needed the one Rhinebeck sweater anyway.



Friday was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who popped by the booth and all the people I was able to meet.  The Indie Untangled Trunk show was awesome. And was a great start to a weekend that would be just as great.



And along with people, and other vendors there were the things I grabbed at the show.

img_1728 img_1731



This is the alcohol damage I did in the food barn! Two bottles of Hetta, for reasons, 1857 Potato Vodka, Applejack whiskey, Port and Sherry,  and wine, for reasons. One of our awesome house mates made everyone sheep!  And I actually went to Jenny the Potter’s booth this year, and got a small Franken-sheep bowl to hold loose jewelry and a tiny cup, that I so far have had port in.

img_1733 img_1736 img_1734 img_1738

And then there was the yarn and fiber. Uh, yeah. I may have gotten a lot this year, but I’m already planning to cast on Stonecutter out of the Neighborhood Fiber Co. in the first image this weekend, or at least swatch.

More Sweaters…

Well we know I have a sweater plot for the year. I may be falling behind since I have just cast on my first new sweater of the year. Bayside while finished in January has been on the needles a long time. Well this past weekend was the end of Gauge and Tension. I have been able to go to the pop up/weekend yarn store a few times. And there was always something great there.



I left with six skeins of  Skeinny Dipping  yarn in Un-Teal We Meet Again.  So about 1200 yards to get another sweater made. And a Single skein of the G+T cormo, that I am pondering pairing with a  skein of blue for a Waiting For Rain shawl.  I have to make my way through Royale before casting on another sweater. I say now…


So the Rainbow-along hosted by the Suburban Stitcher started yesterday. It wasn’t really all that hard for me to decide to jump in. I really like rainbow yarn and have spun up a lot of it.  I have chosen one of the skeins of rainbow handspun that I have, a skein of Madeline Tosh merino Light in Magic, and a skein of Witch Candy Yarn’s in Light bright.



All of these yarns, and a few more in my stash say rainbow to me. Its fun how the rainbow can still come out in a variety of ways. I think the first on my needles will be the light bright.


I want to make the Vertigo Mitts out of this and I think it will look awesome with the pops of color. I also may have found my plane knitting for this weekend. Now to find the needles. Steps I suppose. Small steps.

Winding Adventure

So winding a ball of yarn that is the size of a small baby is a fun adventure.  1280 yards of Empire. My swift was just able to do the job. Then it was time to get the winder out.



It turned out that my winder was foiled by the way it was built. There was only so large a skein could get before it just couldn’t get around any more.


So at that point you would think I would cut the skein?  Nope. I went to that stubborn place and started a second skein from the other end of the yarn.  So once the second ball reached the point of no winding? Well of course I started winding by hand.

IMG_1016 So we have a very large skein of yarn. Still as one skein, which means I really want to make a mostly seamless sweater. I suppose I could convert stonecutter to the round. Or find another sweater to knit which would not be very hard.  I do think its clear this will be a home only project.

A Finished Rainbow

The spinning is done.  This is one of my largest finished skeins in a  long time. The last one being the skein I used to make my hitchhiker.  The finished skein is 682 yards of fingering and light fingering weight.



Now I have to decide what to do with it.  I’m thinking a really big shawl, maybe something to give my color affection a run for its money during the next polar vortex.  Any ideas?


Spin the Rainbow

I have been busy with my Loop batt that I grabbed from Maryland.  Maybe it’s because I decided not to ply the yarn. Maybe I have been spinning more than I think, but I am nearly done with the the 5.2oz of  Abracadabra I got at MDSW.


I have been aiming for a fingering weight single and I seem to be mostly successful.  I have been using my Bosworth mini spindle and winding off into skeins when I think it is too full. That seems to be somewhere between 1.3 and 1.5oz.



I am working on what will be the last ball  now, greens and yellows mostly, and looking at the yardage I got on the red (~156 yards) I think I will end up with a surprisingly large yardage. Once I have the final count I shall decide what to make with it, but I am still leaning towards a massive winter wrap/shawl, to go with my color affection.


What would you make with  this yarn?  The final yardage looks like it will be about 500 yards or higher. I will find out in the next couple days hopefully.

May Update: Skeins, Neon Skeins, and Skeins

This shop update isn’t just yarn skein earrings, and markers. But it does feel like it is. So lets start with the earrings.  First up the neon set.  Yellow, Green, Pink, and blue.



These are the variegated sets, of Koigu yarn.


A couple sets with gold findings. Red and Gold.

IMG_9249 IMG_9253

Then we have yarn skein markers in House Sock, Crochet, and standard



Two new collections: Hogwarts Year one and Two


Type 40 Tardis


Year of the Sheep – Currently available in black and white


Long Island Fleece and Fiber Wrap Up

So two weeks after MDSW I was on the bus to the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Festival.  Well the plan to got go to LIFFF had been established in February while MDSW was in April. It totally made sense at the time. Plus LIFFF is a small festival across the street from a vineyard.  I always enjoy going even in some rain.



I did not get a ton of stuff this year but I did discover a new to me dyer.  Witch Candy were I made my only yarn purchase. One skein of LiteBrite.  A small two ounce bit of cheviot roving from Painting Box Fibers. A bottle of red wine from  Martha Clara vineyards. And a couple yards of fabric, that will be put aside for now, now that I know my sewing machine is decorative.


A very small take away. It was bound to happen at some point. There was plenty more I could have grabbed, but I did just go to Maryland. And I am still in the middle  of spinning the loop rainbow I grabbed from there.


And here is a mini preview for tomorrow’s shop update. It will be around 7pm EST.  There will be skeins everywhere!