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Blog Neglect

Ooof – the last post was in April, not a good sign, but the day job had been eating a lot of my time.  Well that is over at least, and now its time to get back into the blogging groove.  There are plenty of things going on that should get me back into blogging.

So there will be a shop update Saturday at 10am. It’s June so its heavily pride filled, also Wonder Woman because that movie was awesome.  There will also be project bags. And larger Faux leather bottom sweater bags. I’ve been using my protype to carry my Ommegang. So three 400 yard skeins of worsted weight Neighborhood Fiber Co.


I added a strap to the bag but otherwise it hasn’t changed much in design.

There are plenty of things coming up on my end.

I’m in a wedding in July so I should really pick up the pace on the shawl I’m knitting since I’m making two!   17 rows in, on the  plus side it does get smaller every other row. It’s Frangipani by Kitman Figuora.


So here’s hoping I get my posting act back together in the coming weeks.

FO: Wonder Beanie II

Posting finished  objects on Wednesdays, posting works in progress on Friday. What’s next? dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.  I finished my second Wonder Beanie last night while watching Chopped because what else would I be watching.  I wanted to cast on a couple more hats so I told myself to finish the ones on the needles. The Rikke hat is next on the to wrap up list.


I just had three rows of the chart  and the crown decreases left. I thought I was going to run out of yarn for the 10 seconds it took me to remember that it was red cascade 220. There was a slim chance I didn’t have more in the same shade, but I doubted it. Its the same red being used in the forever in process Marvel scarf.  In my head its Superhero red. There should always be some lying around.


I even weaved in the ends. Then I went to find the first beanie to see how it compares. I have no idea where it is. NONE. Its not in my bag of gift knits, its not with other recent fos.  There will be tearing things apart the next couple of days to find version 1 of this hat.  Sigh.

Making Monday: Wonder Beanie

This past weekend, as the Tour de Fleece approached its end, I wandered off to a picnic on Saturday. Great fun, but not good in the least for Spinning. I grabbed the patterns I had printed for Christmas in July and settled on the Wonder Beanie and grabbed  yarn and needles on my way out the door.


A simple but very identifiable pattern. I finished the blue and white section before leaving the picnic on Saturday. On Sunday I went through the W pattern and worked my way to the crown decreases before bed.  This morning I quickly finished the hat.


Well finished, except for weaving in the ends. We all know that doesn’t count.

Fun With Polymer

It’s been a while since I had worked on some new items in Polymer clay. And I have a couple of familiar shapes in progress as well as a new take on an old favorite.

2013-08-13 00.10.46

Tiny redshirts, for earrings in the next shop update.

2013-08-13 00.10.06

And we have the  start of a set of Wonder Woman somethings, Earrings? Pendants? Stitch Markers? Not 100% sure yet. We will see how they come out. Likely all won’t make it to the oven. But I have been missing working with clay, and there are a few other items I will be putting together before the next scheduled update on Sept. 20.

May Etsy Update

Here we are for May’s Update.  This time its, full of superheroes, gods, angels, wizards, and fairytale Characters. As usual everything can be found in the Etsy Shop.

Wonder Woman Stitch Markers 



I had a lot of fun making these Wonder Woman stitch markers but quickly wondered why I had not added a star to the markers. The answer becomes clear in the next item created.

Wonder Woman Earrings 



Stars are awesome aren’t they? You know who else has stars? Captain America.

 Captain America Stitch Markers 


These are the new Captain America Stitch markers  now with extra star power!

 Vincent and The Doctor Stitch Markers



Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Rumpelstiltskin Earrings



Spinning straw into gold might be asking a bit much, but yarn. I can do yarn. These earrings were inspired by the old fairytale and the gold beads represent the impossible feat. How about some alpaca?

Rowena Ravenclaw Earrings 



These Ravenclaw house earrings are full of house pride. Complete with Eagle Charms.


True Blood Stitch Markers 

blood1Tru Blood let the vamps out of the closet, these stitch markers will help keep your knitting in place.

Castiel Stitch Markers


Our favorite angel of the lord is not just in earrings any more.

Poseidon Stitch Markers


I’ll be bringing the mythology back into the shop, starting with the god of the seas, horses, and earthquakes.

Earrings and Shawl

Anyone who has been watching my etsy has noticed the addition of a few new pairs of earrings and the adjustment of one already available. A couple pairs based on the madness causing old one, Cthulhu.

A set in both Red and Blue.

I really like how these came out.  I also while picking up the charms and beads that I used on some of these,  got silver, and silver toned (nickel free) hooks so that anyone can wear these earrings. I did the same with  the Tardis Earrings working a couple new pairs that would be safe for all.

Just a change to the hook but better for all. While I’m not sure that my other findings did contain Nickel I wasn’t positive that they didn’t.  And really, “A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend. ”  Probably safe doesn’t really work for me.

Also got a chance to finally put together a pair of Wonder Woman Earrings.

Simple but I think A good representation and they look a bit like the earrings the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited version wore.

Along with Jewelry, I finished the second shawl I was working on.  Or technically the third as I put Damson aside for a bit.

Finally figuring out what to do with the city lights was great. And a very fast knit as the pattern Deirdre which i modified a bit, by using worsted yarn, shortening the lace repeats, and finishing with a st border instead of garter.

Those blocking wires are coming in very handy. This weekend looks to be as crafty as the last one. There’s a craft night at a friend’s and I tend to knit while at writer’s group anyway.  Trying to decide on shawl #4 though I suppose I should finish #2 first.


So the first stocking is done!

It just needs to be blocked and have a handle added to it. It’s still in the maybe pile for gifting. But its a real sock with heel turning and everything!

It even fits on a foot over my other socks but hey.  I’ve also started the next sock. It is brown and it shall be called Guinness.

I also bought three more skeins of bulky weight at La Casita to get cranking on the next few socks.

A purple tweed, pink and purple blend and a shades of blue mix.  The ST is a bit boring but going along faster than my pattern of puckering, and also with my plans this Saturday to watch LoTR TTT at Radio City I might cast on a new stocking so I have enough ST for the entire move.

I ordered the yarn to make my friend’s Wonder Woman cuffs and i was assured it would arrive,  before Halloween, as  there are no  fingers or anything I just have to make the yellow area and possibly purl in that W which shouldn’t be too hard.

Picture of the new Wonder Woman below the cut.


Justice League Scarf

So for the last week or so I’ve been knitting the Justice League scarf for a friend. I was hoping to finish it today but there was Flash frogging on the train, and I still have to add a Superboy square as per my friend’s request.

I was trying to take pictures of the progress I was making on the scarf by taking one picture in the morning and then one again that night.

Though there tended to be more frogging on the train ride home as we can see by the apparent lack of progress above.

Today’s progress.  Just 1 and 1/2 heroes left.

Also going to attempt to blog post a day.  But yeah I didn’t realize today was the first this morning, which led to a fun bus adventure.  I will keep my fingers crossed and I do have a wordpress app.  Also  attempting to make Christmas Stockings across October. My first socks so that should be a wacky good time.

Dragon Con and More Heroes

Move is done! Unpacking not so much.

So went to Dragon con over Labor Day weekend.  It was a blast. And of course I knit during the panels.  I knit a few hero squares. I somehow managed to find time to go to Strings and Strands, out on Roswell Rd. Lovely little shop. We got there right before closing and there was never any indication that we had to go and the owner ended up calling a cab for us to take back to downtown.  I ended up buying two skeins of 1500yd lace one in red the other in black (I do have a lot of love for those colors.)

Down to the squares knit at DragonCon. Met and Saw quite a few knitters and Crocheters. There was also a Superman Square that has been lost in the moving abyss. It was backwards (well the side that should have been correct was the reverse of the colors, blue S red BG) But I did double knit it with all three color. I’m working on another one so that should be done once I  Actually knit it.

Hero Squares

Are they potholders? Squares in a larger project? I haven’t decided. I may even felt them.


New Home

A home for my knitting and other hand crafts with a Fandom twist. Because this was only the beginning.

Justice League Scarf

Justice League Scarf

Starting from the upper left we have; Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman. All major member of the Justice League at one time or now.