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Ommegang in Progress

It’s a very slowly finishing WIP.

I’m about halfway through the first rounds of decreasing for the yoke and getting excited about finishing this sweater. I’m still on the fence about making the turtleneck but haven’t really come up with an alternative neckline yet.

You’d think after two years I’d know how to finish this sweater. Maybe a cowl neck? Things to ponder for the next week or so as I near the end of the line.

WIP Wednesday

It’s the first WIP Wednesday of the year.  I started thinking about all of my unfinished WIPS and I think a goal this year will be to work on at least one WIP a week. Since they are all in a variety of stages of done, I’m not going to say finish them, but maybe add at least a few rows.  So what do I have on the needles? Spindles?  I mean I can complete projects. Its been done before. This year even!

  • Wonder Woman shawl #3
  • Ommegang
  • Black Artichoke French
  • Stripes Gone Crazy
  • So Faded Sweater
  • Royale Sweater
  • Into the Whirled Socks
  • Asylum fibers socks
  • Headband 1
  • Headband 2
  • Mardi Gras Socks
  • Dad’s Christmas Hat
  • Hermione’s Everyday socks
  • Thrummed flip top mitts
  • Liilli Pilli
  • Wildes Meer
  • Zealana Hat
  • Supported spindle spinning
  • Turkish Spindle spinning
  • Golding Spindle Spinning
  • Loop Batt Blues
  • Loop Batt Grays
  • Loop Batt Purple and Green

I suspect this list will be updated and made longer.  I won’t add any projects that I start in 2018, but any that existed in 2017 will be added to the list as they surface.  So 22 WIPs at the moment at least.  There is a reason I got more cables for my interchangeable needles.



Approaching the Finish

Why is it when you think you are almost done with something it all of a sudden starts to drag?  Its been two weeks since I’ve been working on the first sleeve. I have finished the first, and the second.  I even pre-planned around a game of yarn chicken! Happily as I finished my 11th ball before starting the cuff of the second sleeve. I bought three more and it looks like it should be plenty.



I am working on the front of the sweater now. Rounds and rounds of garter stitch.  Then lastly the pockets which are mostly fabric (yay fabric stash). Almost there, really this time. Now I will have to start making decisions about the next sweater.

Bayside or Alta which are in two very different states, though I do want to finish both before Rhinebeck. I also keep being tempted by my other sweater quantities of yarn.

IMG_9323  IMG_7944

How’s everyone else’s Rhinebeck sweater going?

WIPW: Heatwave Pumpkin Ale

What better time to start a sweater than at the start of another heat wave? Probably any other time. But I have once again been bitten by the start something new bug. So I decided to make a Pumpkin Ale out of the blue sweater worth of yarn I purchased on Black Friday.



Partly because the office/guest/craft room remains an impenetrable fortress of heat during weather like this. The new furry member of the apartment acts more like a puppy than a cat which means the door to the room must remain shut and not share the A/C from the living room. So sewing and beading are pretty much out for the rest of the week.  Clearly this means cast on a sweater…



This is going to be an adventure as the last multiple day heat wave coincided with when I had planned to focus and finish my Bayside sweater. Granted this one is currently much smaller, and there will be no alternating skeins so much less wool to cover me.  I may come out of the other end with some progress. I also realized that I actually can have and use three Rhinebeck sweaters this year. I will be vending Friday night at the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show, so what better reason to add another sweater or two to the pile with Rhinebeck deadlines.  I think this means I should also get working on my Alta which I swatched for ages ago. But never cast on as the swatch was way way way off.


So surprise goal, or semi surprise goal I want, three new sweaters done by Oct. 15th. That’s 77 days or 11 weeks. Bayside is past the halfway point, as I did add a few more inches to the body before I decided it was much to hot to work on.  I think I am 6 inches from the edging then would need to add sleeves.


WIPW: Cold Weather Edition

It’s finally warming up here.  It even rained. So of course I am well on my way on two projects for the bitter cold, and plan on starting another sweater soon.  Just in time for spring? Assuming we don’t get another cold snap or a snow storm on April 1st.


The thrummed flip top mittens are going pretty well. I started on the second cuff and the thumb and flip top are all that is missing from the first glove.



I also cast on the Urban Forest Hat in Zealana Kauri. I won the prize from the awesome Pigskin party BostonJen ran for the NFL season. I have two skeins of the yarn, and have started on the main chart.  I went up a few needle sizes so I am making the child’s size as its around the usual number of stitches I cast on for a hat with those needles.  We’ll see if there is frogging in my future but so far it looks pretty good.



Casting on this hat, did get me to realize there are quite a few more skeins I have to add to my Raverly stash as these weren’t in there. I was starting to think I was nearly done. Silly me.

WIPW: Follow Your Arrow 2

So I have finished clue 1B. I went with the combination of the Gnome Acres  sparkle gnome, in Aurora Gnomalis  and Fiddle Knits neon yarn.  If you want to remain unspoiled for  the shawl, scroll away after the next picture.

IMG_8183I was slow going on Monday as I didn’t cast on until after 11pm.

Spoilers to follow:





IMG_8182But I got the cast on done and did a handful of rows. I like to do any unusual cast-on at home where I can poke the instructions, and am sitting on a non moving couch. Once that was done and I had all my stitch markers in place it was ready to move.

IMG_8185By Tuesday night I had just 10 rows left to complete. Which I was able to do after seeing my sister get sworn in. Who knew lawyers got sworn in!


But clue one is all done and waiting for clue 2 on Monday and I like how it is going so far.

WIPW: Third Go Around

I’m nearly done with my test knit which means its time to start looking for a new project or twelve. And I decided to pull out Bayside. One, because I might be able to finish it before winter ends and get a good wear in. Two because I really love the yarn (Neighborhood Fiber Co.) and want this sweater.


When we last saw Bayside it looked like this. But the count was off. The problem was the count was off so often I had no idea what was right. I don’t know what happened but nothing matched. The front had one less stitch than the back, one sleeve had two more stitches than the other. I decided frogging was best for my sanity and keeping the pattern straight.


So I quickly got back to three skeins.  I was ready to get started again, this time with the proper counting. It may be time to bring back a row counter, or the row counter app I had for  a while. With the pattern ready to go I cast on and did the set up row.


A few rows are knit flat before being joined in the round and that is where I am now. Now I’m just hoping to keep the three skeins straight as I alternate them, and actually finish the sweater this time. I know I can do it. I nearly did it once.  I just need to figure out a good way to keep track of which of the three skeins I am alternating to.  In frogging it was clear that I wasn’t always keeping track as well as I thought.

WIPW: WIP Decision Time

At any given moment I have a  lot of WIPs. Some are a few weeks old, some a few years old. And I think it’s time to give some of these and myself a solid kick. Finish it or Frog it.  First up is my oft neglected Hitchhiker in my Mordor handspun. I think I worked on a handful of teeth last YEAR.


This is even worse when you consider in the week I started it I did 20 or so teeth as I traveled for work.  Its more than halfway done and all signs point to there being enough or more than enough yarn to reach 42 teeth. So what’s the hold up? Every other shiny project that crosses my path.


On even worse, I’m going to go with the Lothlorien Cape cast on in 2011.  I want to finish it. I really do. But signs aren’t good.  I frogged back and fixed the error that initially plagued me then never worked on it again.

2013-12-23 22.25.11  IMG_8092

Dad’s Christmas Socks gone wrong, now my socks to never finish…
Mystery KAL from 2012 where I managed to finish around 50% of a pair of socks but do not have a single sock to show for it.  Skills!


2013-11-20 09.04.52   silkhankie DSCN5444


The fingering twin to my Chilly Podsters. The silk hankie gloves, and the mitts I started to match a Habitat hat I ended up giving away. The last have a high chance of frogging.

2014-02-12 12.13.35

Bayside… The only sweater on the list so far… Let’s keep it that way *knocks on wood*

2013-08-02 09.04.04    DSCN3798


Bloomery I’d like to believe I worked a couple rows on you…
Rock Island…first I would have to stop using those needles in every other project.

Marvel Scarf 2013-11-25 21.27.312014-10-22 11.26.02-1

The Marvel Scarf…Oh dear I even have a Shield square and an X-men square all charted out to be the right size…
The Lantern Corps Scarf with a White BG… I think I was missing green which I have long since gotten, I should finish that soon…maybe, I even have a picture of myself working on the orange square.

2013-12-23 18.24.25

So nearly 5 squares done as of  Dec 2013…

The one scarf I wondered about putting on the list, the There and Back Again Scarf in blue and white. I put this down for a couple reasons, I want smaller needles or thicker yarn. But I liked the yarn I was working with, and do have enough to ply it… Decisions like this tend to be what leaves a project languishing for a while

And one WIP I can’t find Ravelry tells me I have a tilting tardis Cowl WIP. I don’t have a finished cowl but I also seemed to have misplaced the one on the needles. I remember thinking about frogging it but I have a lot of yarn that looks like that Tardis blue. So I will explore some more. So 13/14 WIP projects to reel in.  I keep expecting another project to just appear. I just have to hope I’m wrong and there is nothing lurking in the shadows.



I think the best plan is to in June,  revisit this list. Anything I still haven’t touched will have to go to the frog pond.  Anything I knit even a couple rows on, will have a reprieve until December before it is evaluated again.

WIPW: Honey Cowl

I remember the last honey cowl I worked on taking ages to grow and be finished. And that I finished it at a point of I’m done dang it! More than it had reached the size called for in the pattern. This one is flying off the needles a bit.


This is a picture I snapped before heading off to work.  Gotta say the sun really agreed with me on this one.

2014-12-17 12.07.56

This is a shot from my cubicle.  It looks like it nearly doubled in size in just one way of the journey.  So so far a good WIPW.  What is everyone working on a week til the big day?

WIPW: Purple So Much Purple

So this week’s works in progress are both purple. Well one is a long term WIP but as I mentioned Monday I am weakly attempting to finish my Bayside for VK-Live, Jan 17/18. So how much progress was made before I put the sweater down and wandered off to knit some heavier weight sweaters?


Yeah, that’s it, and there is a good chance I will have to frog that as the stitch count seems to be off.  I have printed out a fresh copy of the pattern and will be double checking my numbers before I do anything drastic so we’ll see what happens.

On to more sensible projects.  The Snapdragon Tam is growing. I’m hoping to finish  it by the end of the week and move up to the matching honey cowl.


In other less purple news Christmas is Coming. I’ll be putting together Christmas Cards. So drop me a line with your address at 1geek2craftall [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will pop a card over to you. I will likely drop them all in the mail some time next week. So let’s say email me by Weds Dec 17th and I’ll mail everything out Thursday the 18th and yes international addresses too!