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My Hand Slipped…

So remember when I mentioned the Honey KAL? And wanting to start it once I finished Ommegang….

Do we know where this is going?  Yep, I cast on… I’m currently working on US4 (3.5mm) HiyaHiya sharps, because those are my new favorite needles.  I think I will be getting the interchangeable set of those at some point.

So yeah that means, 3 sweaters on the needles right now. Ommegang, Royale, and now Honey. I think that means no more casting on for a while, But I feel like I talked at my ability for restraint yesterday.


Ommegang Progress

I’ve been slowly progressing on Ommegang.  One sleeve done, and half of the next sleeve done. I had a dream of finishing the sweater and wearing it to VKLive.  But somehow I don’t think I will finish a sleeve and the entire cabled body by Friday.


I do love working in this yarn, and am planning on visiting Neighborhood Fiber Co. during a quick vending break and getting another sweater’s worth. Maybe in green or purple. Or whatever catches my eye when I get there. Dupont Circle and Clintonvile are the two colors  I am pondering.

Miracles do Happen!



Look at that, knitting right at right field at Yankees Stadium.  Now the miracle wasn’t the game (the Yankees lost) but what I was knitting. That right there was a  sock.  the Favorite Sock pattern by Voolenvine. It is a basic sock pattern, that I chose as I was planning to knit while watching Civil War.



I have finished the first sock. Other than Christmas stockings and that one failed way too too big, Christmas sock for my dad, I actually haven’t finished a sock ever! Yep, 8 years as a knitter but socks are what are beyond me! I’ve started the second sock and I have the bus ride tomorrow to the LIFFF so I have a few hours of sock knitting to and from the fair.



So it looks like I will have my first pair of socks! Maybe, We’ll see what happens when Sunday arrives but I am quite hopeful! I may finally conquer socks.

A Little of This A Little of That

I’m still slowly working crafting back into my day to day schedule. It means that along with wondering when to fit things in, I have no idea how long some things will take. I have frogged and cast on this baby blanket  three times since the first. So I can call last night the new start date, but I’m just not sure when the end date will be.


I think I am ready to go on it this time, I have already altered the pattern a bit and will be doing more altering the pattern from a star shape to a central star, and then a round outline in other colors.

2014-08-08 15.06.33

Something like that. ;). I also want to see if I can do a sweater or two before the shower.  I have about a month and a few days to finish. Here’s hoping I can do it without for hours of available knit time every weekday.


Another thing I worked on a bit is spinning. I decided to put my Draco fiber in my new Gryffindor bag, and got back into the swing of spinning it. I feel like I actually can see progress on this.  As per usual I have no plan for what to do with this when it is done, though I am thinking about making a worsted 3 ply once I see how the spinning turns out, but plans for fiber are always iffy for me.

Piles in Progress

I am planning to do the Clean Slate challenge hosted by the Just One More Row podcast.  I have done it before though I didn’t last year I don’t think. There are some needles I want back, and there are some projects that are just too close to being done or just SHOULD be done by now.

First up, I have seven days to finish Bayside by my deadline. I have likely 6″ of the first sleeve left. Knit night tonight’s goal is to finish the sleeve and maybe start the next. I want to wear this on the 16th for VKL. But I will be working the day job right until that, so I have one more weekend to work on it other than after work time.



Next up is Featherweight, mostly because I don’t want to put it aside for ages. So I want to pick it back up soon.  Just the sleeves and border left, and I have found my DPNs. Granted they are in Bayside now but it means they will be free soon.



Those are the only projects that I have even the vaguest plan of order.  Next up in no particular order.  My thrummed mittens, Hermione’s Everyday socks,  a cowl design that shall be ripped and reworked with more stitches, my Follow Your Arrow 2 shawl, and the long unfinished Bloomery.

IMG_0839  IMG_0838  IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0848


There are some other WIPs that are floating around the apartment, those oft ignored christmas socks, those other socks (from 2011), and things I’m sure I’ll keep forgetting until I see them.

2015 in Spinning

My 2015 in spinning could likely be summed up as In Progress. For whatever reason I have a lot of started spinning projects but other than samples much fewer finished spinning projects.


The loop batt was my biggest completed spinning project since I had finished the loop bat for my Hitchhiker a few years ago. Perhaps I’m overdue for a spinning wheel. Okay I know I’m overdue, I even decided what kind of wheel I want ages ago. We’ll see what what the year brings I guess.



So the first is the spinning project i started in January last year is right there on the right. The spindle you may notice does not have red fiber on it? Yeah… I started spinning the Paco Vicuna that I got at Rhinebeck to be part of the luxury handspun hat. I’m spinning, it as fine of humanly possibly, and I had just filled the spindle so I switched it over.  I really have no spinning loyalty, Sigh.


I also have started spinning my Draco fiber from Hobbledehoy on my TurtleMade spindle,you can see i have gotten very far.


And we have some of the ice dyed fiber from Gourmet Stash. And as per usual there are a couple of spindles that I know are holding fiber but I don’t know where they are. Like I think my Aaron’s Make Stuff spindle has a project on it. And my Mini Turtle Made.

IMG_9661 IMG_8972 IMG_8707

So along with spinning down the fiber stash, I think finishing the spinning projects I am working on would be good!

Body Done

Bayside is getting there. Perhaps my plan to wear it to VKLive is not too off. The body is done and I have started working on the first sleeve.  So I think I can do it but there is a lot of other crafting that will be happening this week so we will see how things go.  The body is a good fit and the perfect length.



Fingers crossed that  everything continues in order.

All The Red Sweaters

Sweater season is fast approaching. I would say its here now but since the weather the last couple days has been in the 70s, we’ll go with fast approaching. I’ll enjoy the out of character warmth for as long as it lasts. We know how cold winters have been getting. And even if winter is my preferred season there are limits.  So that means of course knitting sweaters.  After finishing the sweaters for Rhinebeck, I didn’t really take a sweater break. While at the house I started, a featherweight cardigan.


This past weekend I spent a lot of time in a car, including, 5 hours where we never made it past Harlem (Our goal was Yonkers) due to all the rerouting of traffic for the NYC Marathon. Who thought that journey was a good idea? Sadly no one in the car. Who could put an end to that journey? Again, sadly no one in the car. The joy of some part time work where there is I strict hierarchy I suppose. But it did mean I was able to put  a massive dent in the Featherweight. I have separated the sleeves and am working on the body. As the picture shows I want to finish it off with a couple of colors. I’m thinking orange for the last few inches than maybe just an inch of yellow at the end. A bit of a flame color block.


My original plan to use the single of fingering I had spun from my loop batt fell through as I realized that the rainbow only repeated for a small portion of red and the sleeves would be an interesting adventure. The current plan for that yarn is to spin some singles in black and make the rainbow accent colors, in the yolk and edgings. It’s a ways away as the fiber has not been spun yet.  But the Featherweight is not my only sweater. A friend was wearing Francis Revisited at Rhinebeck and I really liked the sweater and I know I had some red and black Eco Wool in my stash I had been planning to make a sweater out of at some point.


This was another fast knit, done on size 9 needles its also a dense sweater but I’m sure it will come in handy when the weather cools down once again. I decided to make it in blocks of color instead of just red and black stripes. I’m still trying to decide how to finish the sweater, I have had thoughts of a two color edging so right now every part of the sweater is on the needles as I try to work out how much yarn there is left and if I can do a two color finish and the collar.

It’s a fun adventure in sweater knitting and I hope to finish it in the next few days as it has been over a week since I worked on it at all. I’ve made enough alterations to the pattern and am about 90% sure that I had used at least part of the black skein of eco wool that there will have to be a modest game of yarn chicken. The goal is to finish the sweater without needing to buy any more yarn. We’ll see how that goes.

Approaching the Finish

Why is it when you think you are almost done with something it all of a sudden starts to drag?  Its been two weeks since I’ve been working on the first sleeve. I have finished the first, and the second.  I even pre-planned around a game of yarn chicken! Happily as I finished my 11th ball before starting the cuff of the second sleeve. I bought three more and it looks like it should be plenty.



I am working on the front of the sweater now. Rounds and rounds of garter stitch.  Then lastly the pockets which are mostly fabric (yay fabric stash). Almost there, really this time. Now I will have to start making decisions about the next sweater.

Bayside or Alta which are in two very different states, though I do want to finish both before Rhinebeck. I also keep being tempted by my other sweater quantities of yarn.

IMG_9323  IMG_7944

How’s everyone else’s Rhinebeck sweater going?

Looking Forward

The Pumpkin Ale Sweater is going well.  I am currently working on the left side panel and hope to be done with the sweater in another week or two.  I’m also keeping an eye on my yarn levels as some notes mention that you tend to need a ball more than the pattern call for. I still have five balls untouched so I think *knocks on wood* that I should be fine.


So of course I am thinking about my next sweater. I have a few options. I do still plan on finishing Bayside. I have the yarn chosen for Alta. I just have to swatch again. I have sweater worth’s of yarn in grey, black, red, and black again. So the next step is to finish this sweater and cast on the next.  I think I will attempt to be sensible and cast on Alta. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring.