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The show is over and its totally time for bed. Awesome people, awesome yarn, hopefully a good time was had by all.  The markers are back, there will be a shop update tomorrow, and the remaining markers will be added.

Look a Booth 

The first day of VKLive wrapped up pretty well. The Hamilton Markers vanished instantly. I’m actually using supplies to make the last three sets possible until I order more charms. 

After that those who want a set will have to…wait for it… 

This was actually the first year I did setup on Friday and not Thursday night after work. It takes a couple hours to set up the booth so I need a much smaller window than some as I’m not building anything, just unfolding a couple tables.

Every year the layout changes a bit even as some things stay the same. I’ve started using risers so the the table has layers. 

I think once I have a larger volume of project bags I will also get something to stack or hang to the side of the table to display them. I had such grand plans for VKL but the day job became especially busy the last few weeks. 

Tomorrow will be a full day of vending with hopefully a few breaks for food and shopping, or possibly Sunday. I walked the floor today and have a few stops in mind. Also I’m across from Into the Whirled so…

Almost show time

Tomorrow I shall be setting up my booth For VKlive.  Right now I’m trying to wrap up at the day job and start packing everything for the show. It’s slow gong but I am nearly done with work so that’s a win!  I thought  a little preview of what would be available would be nice. Anything that doesn’t sell, except for the show exclusive, will be available in the shop on Monday.


Lots of markers are being restocked, lots of new designs are being released. It should be a fun weekend catching up with people and vending. And getting my hands on just a little yarn and fiber before I go on a small yarn Hiatus.  More motivation to get the sweaters done I guess!

One very new thing that I am vending for the first time is a set of stitch markers made with actual pearls. They have a mermaid charm and are dyed pearls. So we’ll see how that goes.  Also I took a little trip into the upsidedown…


One Week to VKL

Vogue Knitting Live is fast approaching. I’ll be there once again in booth #416.


I have a single sleeve and a cuff of Ommegang so that’s not likely to happen in a week when I am also making markers and sewing bags in my free time.  So alas no new sweater for the show but I will have lots of new makers including the VKL exclusive marker set.



VKLive Round Up

Another year another VKLive done. And I have to say it was great, talking to all the people who stopped by the booth and share that joy of knitting and joy of all things geeky. It’s always great meeting people and this Vogue Knitting Live, was no exception. You can be sure we’ll be back next year. And who knows, one of these years we’ll take the show on the road and go to Pasedena, Chicago, or another crafty show.  Thank you everyone who made the show great, by popping in, chatting, shopping, sharing my squee, or just enjoying the shop name.


We all know I’ve been going to Vogue Knitting Live these past five years.  And that I have been a regular damage doer in the marketplace and this year was no exception. I held out for a while, only making one purchase both Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday all bets were off.


First up was a skein of Empire from Jill Draper Makes stuff. I had somehow missed her last year at Vogue and didn’t end up going to her studio event during Rhinebeck.  1280 yards of yarn.  I think I want to make Stonecutter out of it. I talked to someone who had made the sweater out of Miss Babs and thought with their leftover I would be okay even if my size calls for 1395 yards. Fingers crossed.  I will not be  casting on a new sweater until I finish a small pile of baby things so I have time to figure it out.



Saturday I finished Bayside, and went up to Neighborhood Fiber Co. and got two skeins of  Studio North to go with the one I have at home to make myself another sweater. I also have pondered combining it with my grey skein of yowza and doing something striped.  Did I mention I spent the entire weekend staring into the Loop booth?  They were across and one over from our booth and that was fun.



So on Sunday I gave in, and went over, And after dithering between a lot of similar bumps that I have at home, I ended up with a skein totally outside of my wheelhouse. I’m really excited to spin something so different.


I also stopped at Annie and Co. and got the little red mesh bag, it will be for my mini Turtle made Turkish spindle and its fiber.  I also went to Molly Girl Yarn’s booth, they had been across from us last year and I had been planning to make a visit, and possibly sent a few friends over during the weekend.  15 minutes before the show closed on Sunday I went over, and I got the Gryffindor project bag.



I also got a braid of fiber from her, in Dancing Queen. 4.2 oz of merino.  All in all not too much damage.

Now I have tons of ideas for new markers, and just a lot of plans for the year.  A great way to wrap up the weekend.

I Don’t Need to Learn to Needle Felt

If I keep saying it, it will be true. The problem is there was some amazing art on the sixth floor. And really I need it in my life.



Guys, its Going Gnome, An Unexpected Journey. Guys, its the needle felted company and the Smaug.



Look at Bilbo,  look at how awesome he is. They are all well made, and easy to identify.  Last year this same booth,  had the giant chess set.


The house of Durin hanging out. I mean I know how needle felting works in theory, but to get that kind of detail, needed for something like this. I don’t think that that would be anything but a few months of learning and practice.  I suppose until then I will just admire Going Gnome’s work and I will not need to needle felt.

We have a Booth

Last night after work, we loaded up a zipcar and made our way to Times Square.  Which is a phrase to make any New Yorker twitchy. Other than GPS playing games with us, we made in one piece, with just a tiny bit of rode rage. Just a bit. The pro of being on the 5th floor, is that you have some set up time on Thursday, until 10pm.  Which we put to good use right up to the last minute.



The batman table cloth is back and there are the superkits, from Lexicorp out too. Anyone coming to the marketplace, should come say hi. We will be in booth #413, on the 5th floor. There will be the usual geeky and fun stitch markers and earrings, and notions pouches.  I’m really looking forward to this weekend so come say hi if you are in the city.

Packing and 2/3 of a Sleeve

In a couple hours I will be off to set up my booth for VKLive. The pro of doing a show in your hometown even one this big, is that I can totally schedule things for after work and get all I need done. Almost all I need done.



I still have two thirds of a sleeve I need to get done before I can wear this Saturday. I’m not giving up hope. I mean the progress I made yesterday was most of a third of a sleeve and I didn’t knit a stitch before 10pm.  Its not like there’s a ton of stuff between me and that.

IMG_0882 IMG_0883

Just that small pile of stuff I have to turn into a booth. A minor thing really…

This is a Week. But I will Knit a sleeve.

Bayside looks the same as it did the last time I posted about it. Which is an interesting issue because I still plan to wear it Saturday. I have three days, its just a sleeve. Work has calmed enough that I’m not working all hours, but I have turned that time into last minute crafting time.



So tonight shall be a night of wild knitting.  Why wasn’t I doing this while watching the State of the Union last night?  I blame 10 and 11.


They now  exist in stitch marker form. The 10th doctor even has some Tea! For reasons.  I’m starting to get the the point where I wonder if I have enough room to display all of this but, living dangerously is fun. I will find out tomorrow night when I set up the booth. I think the table is longer than last year’s so that’s a good sign right?