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So, I took back the Apocalypse

The title of this post was a phrase I said many a time during a NaNoWriMo a few years ago. As Nano is no place for backspace, instead it was all a dream/vision. Which is quite a thing to realize 20,000 words in. I went with it, eventually deleted the whole apocalypse post NaNo.  Why am I discussing the  Apocalypse? Because I avoided a sweater one.

That is my unique Vivian blocking on some towels on my futon. One of the things that is also a worry with any project I have to do a large amount of frogging is that I hit a wall of do I? don’t I? or I frog and then don’t want anything more to do with the project. Sigh.  Case in point I think I am going to frog my Featherweight cardigan as I just don’t like the drape in the yarn I was using.  It’s been a few days since I touched that project and it was to take the needles as I snapped one of my acrylic 5’s while working on Vivian.


As I checked on the sweater this morning it was drying nicely and I was presented with Molly keeping an eye on things in between naps. Now I just have to attach the zipper. Yeah, who thinks I can find the zipper I bought for this sweater over a year ago without screaming, “Where is it damn it?” and throwing crafting supplies around in a rage? Not I. Assuming the zipper I bought is actually long enough…

So if you see me wandering Rhinebeck on Saturday holding my sweater closed with DPN’s or mysteriously lacking anything to close it.  It’s a temporary   fashion statement. Yes…that’s it. Fashion.

Quandary: Cables

Look it’s Vivian, with me about two rows into a seed stitch collar when I noticed something. Cables. Sleeve cables.


It turns out my “memorizing” of the pattern had forgotten one thing, the cables every 4 regular repeats cross out into 2 sets of cables before crossing back into a single center cable. On the body I missed one near the top. I could live without fixing it. The Sleeves though, the sleeves.

That long stretch of center cable should be broken up by two cable crosses like the ones  below.


As you can see from the back of the sweater, both the crosses and right where I stopped doing them as I focused on all the other steps in the pattern and “in pattern” wasn’t quite what it should be. The back is missing one cross as well. And like the front I could live with it but the sleeves keep getting me.


The problem is that all the decreases and changes that were happening to the sleeve for the shoulder saddle mean I will have to rip back that section. It took a couple hours to do so I could make up the time. The question then becomes do I rip back the entire shoulder saddle? Not too bad, or do I rip back to fix all the cables? And can I get this done by Saturday? Yep.  Or really Friday when we pile into the car and head to Rhinebeck?

At this point I am really deciding how much frogging and knitting I will be doing while watching the debate tonight. I can always block the sweater on Sunday right? And who needs a zipper, its been unseasonably warm…right? Opinions?

Tune in next time for As the Cable Turns 

Until then I leave you with  “River Song” taking care of “Eleven’s”  fez at the Doctor Who photo shoot at NYCC.

7 Days Later

So it’s been a week since I tasked myself with finishing Vivian. In that time I went to Maker Fair, taught adults & children, to knit, crochet, and spin.  Wandered around, met the awesome dyer, Lisa,  from Roman Hills and made off with two skeins of new colorways! A red tweed (Doctor Who inspired)  and, a black sparkle. Really someone stop letting me near the sparkle yarn.

Now the sweater is doing very well for not having worked on it for three days.

  • Finish the right LEFT sleeve
  •  Make the left Finish the RIGHT sleeve
  • Attach sleeves to body and continue working
  • Make hood
  • Block
  • Attach zipper


The right sleeve is attached to the body, the only reason that the  left is not currently attached is that I have to put it back on DPNs  and even I can’t do that in the ten seconds I had between  putting the stitches for the underarm on waste yarn and getting off the bus. As tonight is geek knitting I expect to get lots done tonight.

Looks like the 19th may be possible as I am seriously considering not adding a hood so the sweater seems more work friendly. Note the small ball of yarn remaining on the sweater? Well halfway through the sleeve on Friday, I decided to wind the second skein. The reds seemed different but I thought, maybe it’s the light, maybe its just because it’s a skein and not a cake, they will look more similar when they are done.

No.  I actually had the tags for both yarns.


The bands were not the same color, let alone the yarn. So I had a moment of panic, finished my Apple Martini and said I would deal with it in the morning since it was after midnight.  In the morning, I looked up the yarn, and realized Jimmy Bean’s Wool  had the  right yarn in stock. My yarn arrived on Monday, because they clearly have a yarn Tardis.

That may be a Lego Tardis that was on Display at Maker Faire as well as a team, one needs to Assemble.

Well that was quick

So I had a list of things I needed to do to finish the sweater.  I have already made progress on part of the list seems I only had 30 or so rounds left on the sleeve.

  • Finish the right LEFT sleeve
  •  Make the left Finish the RIGHT sleeve
  • Attach sleeves to body and continue working
  • Make hood
  • Block
  • Attach zipper

That is a completed Left sleeve. Which I realized when I went to cast on the next sleeve. So I am working on the right sleeve now.  And have most of the cuff done.  Now I just have to find/wind the next skein of this sweater. I believe I bought 3 and wound 2 but I haven’t seen the second wound skein around but I have seen the unwound one. I know what I may be doing tonight. As I plan to bring the whole thing body included down to Maker Faire in the off chance I get done with the sleeve during my train ride into Queens and back.

So things are looking less impossible if I can keep up this pace. Yay.


Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Or one slightly impossible thing in a few parts.  Some of you may have heard of Rhinebeck. In the last few years I have…lost my job the day before, had it overlap with NYCC when I already had NYCC tickets and plans, and another year I may have come down with a plague and been going alone via public transport and decided against it.  So Rhinebeck and I have never happened.  So far the stars seem to be aligning for this year. I will likely not buy much but at least I will be able to show my face.

So it had me pondering a Rhinebeck sweater. And while I am not foolish enough to think I could cast something on and finish it in two weeks finishing 1/3 or so of a sweater that is a fast knit once I get a groove going seems like a good plan.  It’s not like I’m volunteering at  Maker Faire, finishing costumes for NYCC, going to the Brooklyn Fiber Festival and still have a full time job or anything.

  So I pulled out my Vivian sweater once again. most of the body is done as is part of one arm. I believe I can if I focus make the arms and have the sweater done by 10/19.  Possibly. I believe.  I mean I just have to:

  • Finish the right sleeve
  •  Make the left sleeve
  • Attach sleeves to body and continue working
  • Make hood
  • Block
  • Attach zipper

Just a few steps left…at least the sweater is worked in one piece. Let’s not discuss that I have to also get a swatch done for my Nerd wars dissertation, where I will be attempting to make Baby Cocktails Dark and Stormy sweater,  the Lothlorien cape, and finally put up another Olympian pattern design.  I just had to wait until 9/26 to decide such a thing.  Anyone else pushing the crazy deadline envelope?  Why do I have visions of me in a car heading north frantically adding a zipper to a damp sweater?


Cough Cough…

Yesterday I took a sick day, I maybe should have taken today as well, but I’m pretty much ah ‘I’m fine, it’s just a flesh wound’ kind of gal.  Or I should say I was told I was taking a sick day, no reason to argue with the boss I suppose. The fact that I actually did no knitting and spent most of the day curled up in bed or on the couch with the cat likely shows that I was actually sick.

Also I missed a cable cross about 20 rows back in two sections of Vivian and I’m trying to decide if I should frog the twenty rows or do what I did with the Seed Stitch error and just frog the section down.

I would be less worried if I wasn’t concerned about putting the cable crossings in the wrong place and having to do it on two sides and keep the symmetry.  I think I will frog down the section, and see how it goes. If it fails miserably I shall just have to rip back to 20 rows and knit again.

In the meanwhile I have started knitting on A Pretty Thing by the Yarn Harlot, in the Qiviut I picked up at Vogue Knitting Live back in January.

I’ve done a few rows but it seems like a good project to make a few of and throw at people for the holidays.  For Socktober, I think I will make mini stockings with all my left over yarn and throw them in Christmas cards for everyone.  As I mailed out over 30 cards last year, that would be a lot of stockings.  But it would be fun and I know I can pump out a few in a couple hours.


Vivian Progress

Vivian has been trucking along, and after my adventure in ripping back and knitting back up.

You can see the finished piece on the top and the K1 P1 error on the bottom half. After that fun evening  I resumed knitting an created a spreadsheet for the pattern.

And after that initial fun moment I don’t seem to have had any more problems with the pattern.

Over the weekend I  headed to  a friend’s housewarming and decided to try my hand at the SnapDragon Mits once again.

I made a hand at Dragon*Con during panels and it was much too big for me and not really in a universal color.  These done in sock weight instead of DK seem to be coming out pretty well, and I’m about 30 rows in.

Eventually I will start Christmas Knitting. Until then…well I have a Zoe from Firefly costume to put together for Halloween.

Adventures in Sweater Knitting

So I started knitting on Vivian and have been doing a lot of knitting on the bus as traffic has been a nightmare in New Jersey lately.  So I have been moving along pretty quickly and started wondering if I would finish the sweater in a couple of week instead of the month I had mentally assumed.

It was going well. Except for those two spots. Why was that spot not seed stitch? Looks at picture of Sweater. Hmm I can’t see that bit, continues.  This morning I sat and stared at the section of the pattern I had kept wondering about. A section of 8 stitches that was k1, p1 ribbing on both sides of the sweater.

That just doesn’t seem right. Goes back to chart. Reads slowly. Reads again. Right, I forgot that whole,   K on RS,  P on WS, and that the markings alternated. So do I frog 25 rows of perfectly fine kitting for 16 stitches? Once upon a time I may have, if it was lace I would have had to.  This time?

Instead I took a deep breath, put away the pattern, and ripped out two rows.  Using the DPNs I had in my bag for gloves, I started slowly knitting back up as the bus rocked it way to my office.   I had to pull back a few times as I sometimes skipped a row on one stitch leaving yarn dangling.

While it may be a bit of slow going its not nearly as slow as knitting the whole thing from scratch.  And I’m sure once I get to the other side I’ll be an old pro.