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November Shop Update

There was a lot of restocking in this update, lots of stitch markers out of hibernation. Also there seems to have been a lot of new Doctor Who designs. You take a show off the air for a year and I get all nostalgic.

IMG_1316  IMG_9673 IMG_0526 greyjoy_sm1 IMG_1526  IMG_9800

Holiday Notions bags are back.

IMG_0592 IMG_0590 IMG_0585 IMG_0572 IMG_0600 IMG_0568


And now for the new designs-

In Doctor Who we have; A Good Man Goes to War, Dalek,  Tenth Doctor, Doctor…Who… and Cyberman.

img_1765 img_1773 img_1776 img_1787 img_1799

In a few different fandoms, and life we have; I Drink and I know things, Unicorn Party,  Decorative Gourd Season, the Winter Solider,  and Pantsuit Nation wrap up this update.

img_1792 img_1806 img_1780 img_1796 img_1768


The next update will be Saturday December 10th which should just make the shipping cut offs.

Nov. Etsy Update II: With Bells On

It’s the second shop update for the month.  In a hope to makes sure holiday items get into the shop with enough time before Christmas. If you wader into the shop the code Gobble will get you 10% off until Friday, December 5th.

Carol of the Bells Stitch Markers – with actual bells


Tis the Season Earrings and Snow Queen Earrings

Season5  snow_queen2

Christmas Stocking Earrings


And on a much greener side of things  Kryptonite Earrings and Slytherin Earrings

krypto3 slytherin5

Blue had its moment too-  Knitters Ear Blue and Cthulhu Blue Earrings

knitter4 squid4


Everything is up in the shop and my goal is to have, one more update for the year on December 19th.  Until then enjoy!

April Etsy Update: Can’t Take the Sky From Me

This month’s update is full of a group of people who are fans of Brown coats or something.  Also a couple of changes/additions to the shop. You can now order all earrings as clip on should you so desire.

I’m also increasing my stash of Crochet Stitch Markers. So tell me what you want to see as a set of Crochet Markers.  This update has Earrings, Knitting Stitch Markers, Crochet Stitch Markers, and the debut of my new camera and light box.

As the title says, let’s start with the Firefly Themed items.

Kaylee’s Parasol Earrings 


Kalyee Stitch Markers 


Captain Tightpants Stitch Markers


A Very Cunning Hat Stitch Markers 


A Very Cunning Hat Earrings


Crochet Bifrost Markers


Morsmordre Stitch Markers


Crochet Impala Stitch Markers

impalacrochet2Celtic Love Earrings


Harley Quinn Earrings


Poison Ivy II Earrings


True Blood Earrings


Restocked Items:

botism1   tardismarkers1

November Etsy Update: Timelords

Tomorrow night is the premiere of the 50th anniversary  special.  And I have been doing a lot of Doctor Who crafting. If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw many of the drafts as stitch markers and the final set Weds. night.

11 doctors

As I mentioned most of these are for a special order, but that did not keep me from making more doctor and companion related items, for the shop. And a few things that just needed restocking.

Earrings: Second Doctor,  Classic Sonic Screwdriver (Third Doctor), Fifth Doctor,  Sixth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Dr. Martha Jones,  and Jurassic Park because why not?

 seconddoce2  sonice3 fifthdoce5 sixthdoce1 8th doctor  ninthdoce2 marthae3  JP5

Stitch Markers: Dr. Martha Jones , Ninth Doctor

martha3  ninthdoc4

Items Restocked:

 tardismarkers1 bifrost3b  rumple1  il_570xN.346583639

So take a gander at the shop update.  The goal is to have another before the Christmas shipping window closes. We’ll see.

October Etsy Update: Companions and Gifts

As the 50th approaches, and all through the year I’ll be slipping in more and more Doctor Who related items.  This will be the smallest of the updates but the shop will have, companions, monsters, doctors and more.   The Doctors are already in progress.

2013-09-29 19.11.43

 Right now we have the first companion of the new series.  Rose Tyler.


And a few members of the Addams Family have come to join the stitch marker clan. Lurch and Grandmama.

 lurch1  grandmm2

And for a complete change of season New Christmas Items:


New Christmas Items added back to the shop:

xmasmini2  tis3  stock1  present2  snow2

May Etsy Update

Here we are for May’s Update.  This time its, full of superheroes, gods, angels, wizards, and fairytale Characters. As usual everything can be found in the Etsy Shop.

Wonder Woman Stitch Markers 



I had a lot of fun making these Wonder Woman stitch markers but quickly wondered why I had not added a star to the markers. The answer becomes clear in the next item created.

Wonder Woman Earrings 



Stars are awesome aren’t they? You know who else has stars? Captain America.

 Captain America Stitch Markers 


These are the new Captain America Stitch markers  now with extra star power!

 Vincent and The Doctor Stitch Markers



Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Rumpelstiltskin Earrings



Spinning straw into gold might be asking a bit much, but yarn. I can do yarn. These earrings were inspired by the old fairytale and the gold beads represent the impossible feat. How about some alpaca?

Rowena Ravenclaw Earrings 



These Ravenclaw house earrings are full of house pride. Complete with Eagle Charms.


True Blood Stitch Markers 

blood1Tru Blood let the vamps out of the closet, these stitch markers will help keep your knitting in place.

Castiel Stitch Markers


Our favorite angel of the lord is not just in earrings any more.

Poseidon Stitch Markers


I’ll be bringing the mythology back into the shop, starting with the god of the seas, horses, and earthquakes.

April Etsy Update

It’s that time again,  an update, and restocking of a few items that have been gone for too long.

Coming back from the abyss Hulk Stitch Markers which have been out of the shop for a few months. Though they now have silver rings.




New Items include Impala Stitch Markers 



River Song Spoilers Earrings 



Lantern Corps Stitch Markers 



Iron Avengers Stitch Markers 



She-Hulk Stitch Markers 



That’s all Folks.  I’ll see you all in May. The date is pending as I will have a guest right around update time and that means they will be in the craft room. We’ll see.