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The Cast On Indecision

Travel Knitting is hard guys, you want something that is interesting to work on, compact enough to give you the most bang for your buck, but also simple enough that it won’t suffer when its put down and picked back up, in possibly unexpected moments.


My last travel project was my color affection shawl, which was great for a week wandering Europe. This is a much, much shorter trip. Just a weekend in Orlando. Some sun and  going to Hogwarts, and heading back during the superbowl.  I expect most of my knitting time to be on the plane this trip.  My first thought was to start another massive shawl, but that would likely then stay on the needles for ages when I got back. I hope to finish the baby blanket before I leave, as that takes up much too much space at its current size to be a good travel project.


I thought about starting a sweater but I would want it to be with the Empire I just wound and no. Remember that compact rule? As much as I love it, my “purse” can’t just be filled with yarn. I mean I could start a sweater with the Neighborhood Fiber Co worsted I have but I still haven’t chosen a pattern.  So much indecision on my end. The rainbow-along starts today and I have wanted to make some mitts from my rainbow handspun.  That would likely be a good pattern to travel with…you know once I choose a pattern.



Have you sensed a theme yet? Pattern choosing…Project choosing…heck even yarn choosing…it’s all hard.

WIPW: The Road to Rhinebeck

It’s that time of year again. Time for the NYS Sheep and Woo Festival. The weekend after  NY Comic Con, because all my favorites happen in October.


The weather report makes me think it will be more like my first Rhinebeck where I had gotten down to a T-shirt and my lovely cabled Vivian was around my waist.  I have an insane plan to buy nothing but another Bosworth spindle at Rhinebeck. We’ll see what actually happens, if last year was any indication… I kept to the yarn rule. The fiber one not so much.  I have yet to touch any of that fiber. Sigh.


So what am I planning exactly if not a plan of attack:

  • Car/House knitting is a must
  • What/if any spinning to bring
  • What meetups to go to
  • Okay one possible purchase (yarn for Alta)
  • Clothes to pack
  • Snacks to bake/pack – I’m hoping I can make deep fried tequila shots
  • Notebook for NaNoWriMo plotting
  • Weave in ends on Rocky Coast
  • Weave in ends on DownEast

I look forward to it.  I have an easy Rhinebeck, I know a friend putting together a spreadsheet, and another has a goal to see demonstrations. So say hi!


Vacation II: Paris

As I’m breaking this trip out of order, and grouping things together. I decided that Paris should have one post. We spent a bit under a day in Paris. We arrived just before midnight local time and were staying with one of my sister’s law school friends and her husband.

We hopped on the metro from the EuroStar stop and got to the apartment pretty fast. Which was good since, we were nearing 1am, with transferring and riding the train. First thing in the morning we got up and headed to a bistro for breakfast.

2013-08-27 08.55.47

A traditional breakfast to fortify us before we took a walk to the catacombs. We got there about half an hour before it opened and here was still quite the line. We eventually got inside and am I glad we grabbed the audio tour, as  there is little signage or description of sections. But to anyone who wants to go to the catacombs in Paris, go early, the line is slow going, and still had to wait a little over an hour, and take the audio tour, or you will be walking in silence with just a few signs across the entire distance.

2013-08-27 11.16.54

And just when you maybe forget about what else the Catacombs had in store you get to the second section of your trip, longer than the first and a reason to deploy emergency kitten when you are done. Or in my case pick up some Absinthe in the shop.

2013-08-27 11.20.22

We headed to Notre Dame from there with a stop off for lunch. There were two lines, one to go inside, which was moving quickly despite its length, and one for  climbing. After checking the status of both lines we decided we would  just go inside.

2013-08-27 14.12.23

As expected it is quite beautiful inside. Stained glass, statues, a small exhibit for the 850th anniversary.

2013-08-27 14.32.19

And we did not stop there, a friend who had been to Paris a few months ago recommended going to the Sainte-Chapelle  which was smaller, near Notre Dame and just as beautiful.  She was quite right.

2013-08-27 15.38.08

It was  a great stop before heading to the musee d’orsay who had a Van Gogh exhibit going, that I wanted to see. They had no photo signs up everywhere, so nothing to see there. We wrapped op our trip by meeting our hosts for dinner, and having savory crepes for dinner.  After stopping at a wine shop for some haul home of course.

2013-08-27 17.08.20

We had to then head back to catch the last train. All in all a good day in Paris though now I want to spend more time there, if for nothing else more eating, and drinking. Also actually going to the Louvre  which is closed on Tuesday and the Eiffel tower which was booked for the day.

Vacation I: Knitting

Surprising myself, I actually only worked on the Color Affection shawl while I was on vacation. I usually have more project ADD, but who am I to question it. I cast on as I usually did with travel knitting, in my seat waiting for the plane to take off.

2013-08-17 17.12.51


I had all three yarns ready and it wasn’t until I cast on that I actually chose the order the colors would be worked. I decided when I cast on to work  red, grey, blue. Something that looked a bit like the colors of the flags, of all the countries I visited, and the colors of the airlines I flew. Unplanned but nice.

2013-08-25 19.02.37


By the time we were in London I had quite a lot of first section of the shawl done, and a few more rows until I started working in two colors.  During the drive to Stonehenge, on Monday I finally got to the second section.  A section that grew on the train to Paris that night.

2013-08-26 19.05.19


I finished  that section on the train back from Paris on Tuesday night, when we checked into our hotel, back in London.

2013-08-28 00.09.06


Then came the third section, with the blue, when I was holed up in the hotel room getting sicker by the moment.

2013-08-29 20.33.08


I got through the first repeat before I decided sleep was a wiser choice.




2013-09-01 12.37.23


On the tube to the airport I also made quite the bit of progress. And then we had quite the wait in the airport, as I was too sick to run around with luggage, and my sister hadn’t planned anything either. So after a last breakfast with some friends, we went our separate ways just before noon, which meant we got to the airport  a little before one for a 5pm flight.  So I knit. And knit some more. We boarded our plane eventually. And by the time we landed in New York I had about 2/3 of the third section done. About where it remains now.


2013-09-01 20.15.14


My own knitting was not the only time knitting came into play during my trip. It showed itself a few times at museums. Both the Transport Museum and the Imperial War Museum  had little nods to knitting that caught my eye.

The description that caught my eye, sounded quite familiar to me.

2013-08-24 16.28.38


And its matching image made me grin. Kudos Transport Museum. Kudos.

2013-08-24 16.28.28


And the Imperial War Museum, had a poster for something I have heard  about all the time, and even seen modern versions for, but this was the first poster I had ever seen for knitting for the troops, specifically socks to boot.

2013-08-30 11.07.47

I’m Back and an Actual FO

I’m back from vacation! The shop is reopen, and I am slowly getting my act together for going back to work tomorrow, with my cold… eh. I’ll be talking about the trip over the next few days, but today was the last day of Summer of Stash Along hosted by CraftStash and Gourmet Stash. And I was not going to miss out on finishing my Bergen Street Cardigan.

I pulled out the first swatch I came across and started frogging to get more yarn.

2013-09-02 13.43.39

Meanwhile I was taunted by the amount of white yarn I had left. But so is the life of working with two colors really.

2013-09-02 15.29.04

I started knitting and things looked like they were going well. Fingers crossed.

2013-09-02 13.59.17

I got about two rows of ribbing for every row I frogged so I would be fine and possibly have some yarn to spare. That was good to know. I could do that.  And shockingly enough I did. I finished the sweater.

2013-09-02 15.13.07

That right there is a finished Bergen Street Cardigan, most likely it will be my Rhinebeck sweater, as I still do not have yarn for an Alta and I have a baby blanket to work on. And I had plenty of yarn left over. Really.

2013-09-02 15.28.47

Travel Projects

My flight takes off tomorrow night, so of course I am fully packed and ready to go . Alright I am 90% packed and still can’t find my Oyster card. But I have my knitting settled. That’s important right? Of course!

2013-08-17 17.12.51

I have settled on making Color Affection  after grabbing some Grey Madeline Tosh Pashmina Thursday at La Casita. This seems like an engaging  but not excessively difficult project to keep me going.

2012-09-19 09.50.51

I will also be bringing my long neglected Hitchhiker, to possibly finish or at least work on. In the hunt for the Oyster Card I  found my copy of whimsical little knits 3 and may grab yarn for a project or two from there.  And using my Zelana Air, on a pretty thing or on Veyla. Haven’t decided.

2013-07-23 23.32.06

Nine days 4/5 projects I should be okay. We’ll see if I can stuff one more in there. I did find about 8 inches of a tilting tardis cowl. I should finish that….

Closer and Closer to Takeoff

I had a to do list a month ago. And a week and a day from  takeoff how am I doing?


  • Booking a hotel   Hilton here we come
  • Booking a train to Paris Eurostar wee! Granted I don’t think there is an alternative…
  • Planning Paris (right now we have Louvre and food, its a short list) – We have a Guide that’s a plan right?
  • Having a vague outline of the trip  There is a google doc even
  • Gathering friends for meals/drinks  There may not be an exact schedule but we have something 
  • Picking museums  – There’s a list, a google doc even
  • Something Dr. Who has to be happening for the 50th around this time right?
  • Picking clothes and packing  – well it will be done this weekend
  • Picking travel projects
  • Do I yarn store or don’t I yarn store? Loop was very nice last time…  I think most likely not


So travel projects are still up in the air. My last trip I brought a two shawls and Velya gloves. I  think I will bring that pattern again and work on them with a couple of patterns.  I feel like I should cast something on with at leas one of the skeins of Woolmeise I picked up the last time I was in London.  But maybe a Blue/Red striped shawl would be good.

Pendulum  – is a thought or Color Affection though I would want a third color for that. Both are pretty.

© femaledragon3490
© veera


I will also be bringing my current design, which is experiencing some edits, including a yarn change, and a few different sizes. You know just a couple minor changes.

And there is the Kalimera Lace Shawl for something more traditional. I had thought about knitting it as host gift, but as I still haven’t started….yeah.

© Alina Appasova

*All photos are pattern photos from Ravelry pages.

Traveling Knitter

My sister and I have been discussing going on vacation during the summer together since the fall. On Sunday, we met and booked a flight for the last week of August. Where are we going? London with a day trip in Paris.




I have as readers may remember, been to London twice. My sister has never been and neither one of us has ever been to Paris.  So I have just over a month to figure out some off the beaten path things to do in London. Though my sister has said she would be happy spending days wandering the British Museum and The Tower of London.


So now comes the work of:

  • Booking a hotel
  • Booking a train to Paris
  • Planning Paris (right now we have Louvre and food, its a short list)
  • Having a vague outline of the trip
  • Gathering friends for meals/drinks
  • Picking museums
  • Something Dr. Who has to be happening for the 50th around this time right?
  • Picking clothes and packing
  • Picking travel projects
  • Do I yarn store or don’t I yarn store? Loop was very nice last time…


Lots of work still to be done. But we have over a month. And of course I am always looking for recommendations.  Especially on where to eat/drink, you put my sister and I together and we become massive foodies.

So, dry heat.

And I’m back from Arizona, Phoenix to be exact. Mountains, Dry Heat, 3hr time difference! All very important things. I started Hitchhiker on the 6am flight from NY to Detroit.

Not a lot of progress (8 teeth), but really I am not built for getting  up at  3:45am when I went to bed after 11. The layover was so short in Detroit I had just enough time to find Starbucks and not get any. Sigh. I was even more annoyed when  I returned to my gate, as one of the last people to board, and saw I had missed a Caribou Coffee, because I had run from gate to bathroom and it was behind me.

Once I landed in Phoenix I had 16 teeth and about 45 minutes to kill as I waited for a co-workers flight to get in. I achieved my first Pumpkin spice latte of the season which is always fun.

Then began our first day on site, with a brief introduction, lunch then work.

 I had my trusty phone, and took a few shots of the landscape as I played navigator with my GPS app and looked in horror at he Weather Channel app. 105 degrees? Eep.  When we actually were outside, I blinked, doubled checked the app, and was more perplexed. It felt hot, yes, but 105 hot, not even close. Everyone’s answer.  Dry Heat, what you are missing is that 80% humidity. That thick cloying feeling that ups the temperature by 15 degrees, so your expected 90 is 105 or so.  Interesting.


I likely wouldn’t actually do well in  dry heat, as I don’t remember to drink water 75% of the time. But for a couple days it was a nice switch, and as everywhere I turned someone was offering me bottled water, I did not dry out much.  There may have been a bottle of sake, that proved I had dried out a bit.

Miracle of miracles I had a nonstop flight back to JFK.  So I worked my way up to 23 teeth so 55% or so done with the Hitchhiker shawl. I am making about 10 teeth per color change of my yarn so that’s fun.

We’ll see if that keeps up as I go along.


Alas, this post is not about prepping for Dragon*Con, no parade, time travelers and pirates, or villains ball for me this year. I will be at home instead. Next year,  D*C, next year. I will be back! And in the Westin, because it’s my favorite.

Instead I am packing for a work trip from Sunday to Weds. And clothes I don’t blink at, but Items to keep me entertained? Now those are important. Items that go with out saying are the kindle, and iPad.  Fully charged and ready. Because I have layovers, and combined with getting to the airport early, that’s time on my hands.

1) NYC – Charlotte – Houston  5+hrs
2) Houston – Charlotte – Tampa 5+hrs
3) Tampa  – NYC  ~3hrs

Combine the layovers with the fact that I can’t sleep on planes, 99% of the time and that is a lot of time to kill.  Enter yarn.

  1. Featherweight Cardigan – takes up limited space maximizes mindless knitting when reading on my kindle.
  2. Tilting Tardis cowl – small fun, looks like an easy to memorize pattern
  3. Another Pretty Thing  cowl
  4. Adoro (but do I really want to work on beads and moving for the first time?)
  5.  To  be determined shawl
  6. To be determined glove pattern
  7. TBD Hat
  8. Lothlorien Cape

Yes I do understand that is a bit of over kill when considering I took less knitting to London.  But there is the threat of a Hurricane while in Tampa, that is also threatening the RNC… How I ended up in the same town as the the RNC and not Nerdi-Gras I have no idea.  Even if my flight is not cancelled I see a delay being possible. So more yarn, and more books!  Oh and some clothes I guess…

So it’s time to download/print patterns, find  my notions case, collect needles, and project bags (I need more of these), and decide what will be my carry on “purse” to fit the work computer and at least a couple projects. Sadly my usual bag tore on the way back from London and replacing it was low on my to do list, ‘I’m not traveling again this year I have plenty of time…’ rightttt.  Maybe if I had remember this in time to try and choose a new one and have it shipped…