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TDF 2013 Finished

Another Tour de Fleece ends and it is amazing to see my progress. Especially considering this might be my last tour without a wheel to do at least some spinning.  I spun everyday, even if it was for only a few drunken moments a couple of times. But when compared to last year  where  I finished a loop batt but did not get any plying done.

2013-07-16 23.57.01


This year I did much better on that front as can be seen.  The Tribbles were spun up with the Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend from Hampton Artistic Yarn, and some undyed wool by expertly dyed. Four ounces spun and plied together, into 347 yards.  Just that would have been more than last year but that is just the start.

2013-07-13 20.06.20

I kept to my plan of trying new things this tour. I spun my first punis. Luck of the Fryrish and a sampler of 50 shades of gray. I actually spun the fiber in a friend’s living room, having a silly gathering, and it was perfect. each puni

2013-07-21 22.25.46


I’ve already ordered a set of 50 shades of grey to finish this out. It will be quite the cunning and ambitious yarn. But I have nothing against showing a bit of Slytherin pride. If the tribbles are anything to go by, there should be at least 100 yards. The green was a sampler, and  half and ounce, and the gray 1/8 of an ounce.

2013-07-21 22.21.00

I finished about half of my Into the Whirled braid. The spinning of which was the first time I worked with a merino tencel blend.  I also plied on the fly  for the first time. I have gotten better at it faster than expected, but I still have moments where I get thick thin oddness. I wondered if it was the new fiber and started attempting the same with the loop braid.  And very quickly learned no. It’s a new technique. I will have odd moments.

2013-07-21 22.24.06

 So final round up? Just under 7 ounces spun up and one finished yarn. Not bad at all, an almost double increase from the last tour. Shall I aim for a pound next tour? Possibly on my wheel? A sweater’s worth? One will have to wait and see.

2013-07-16 23.58.08

Making Monday: Yarn!

The Tour de Fleece continues on and I continue to spin on. I finished plying the tribbles and my undyed wool.  My best guess is it is 4 oz. of fiber in total; 2oz. of tribble, 1oz. of cashmere silk merino, and approx. 1oz. of undyed wool.

2013-07-13 15.27.41


All done, and ready to wash. It turned out once I got the yarn off the spindle it, was a total of 347 yards not too shabby. And it means I have a finished item, and still more tour time to keep working.

2013-07-14 23.16.20


I decided to pull out the Luck  of the Fryrish punis sampler I had purchased, and fell a bit in love. It was a great spinning process and I flew through the sample set and have half an ounce waiting to ply. Most likely with a grey.

2013-07-14 23.42.00


With another week left, this is my best tour yet. Spinning everyday and making a lot of progress.  I have actually at least started to work with all the fiber I thought I would this tour.

2013-07-14 23.15.07 2013-07-14 23.15.34

Both the Loop batt and the Into The Whirled braid I have started chain plying. I will be focusing on the braid for the next few days. but so much progress.

Spinning One Week Down TDF 2013

One week and a day or two have passed and I’m doing much better than this time last year.  I have spun a little over three ounces of fiber. And have already plyed more than half of that.

2013-07-08 00.31.32


Look at that giant tuft of yarn. Now to spin some more yarn to ply with it…well I figured that would happen and based on how I spun the tribbles this is part way into the first one. So we’ll call it half an ounce of fiber left. I also think I got much more yardage then I initially thought. But that is for whenever I actually get to washing.

2013-07-06 17.06.22

I also started working on Into the Whirled, The ‘Verse braid. And started to ply on fly. It’s messy but I am still getting what is a pretty standard, fingering weight yarn.  It’s also my first time working with a Merino/Tencel  blend.

2013-07-06 17.58.48


We’re getting there. And getting to making that look like yarn. I’m looking forward to what it will look like once I’m done. Even as I wrap I feel like I can see the fiber becoming more uniform and neat. I’ll get there.

Tour De Fleece Day 3: Spinning along

I  have made a good amount of progress on my first couple days on the tour.  Day one saw me pulling out my tribbles. Two ounces of fiber from Gourmet Stash.

2013-06-29 23.35.40


This was the day I got the least amount of spinning done. Assuming each of the tribbles is .5 oz. I probably spun about half of that on the first day. Can I blame the bourbon? I had a lot of bourbon.  Day two I did much better, I finished off the first tribble, worked a second, and when I realized I wasn’t even a bit tired started on the third.

2013-06-30 23.07.29


That is all of my remaining tribbles. I also devised a plan of what to do with this once it was spun up. I will be plying it with the cashmere merino silk blend I picked up at the Long Island Fiber Festival. I only have an ounce of that fiber and I think together they will make something great for a cowl.  I even gave the fiber a little test spin.

2013-06-30 22.15.48-2


I’m hoping/guessing I will finish the tribbles tonight as I watch teenage werewolves, and people foolishly wander into alleys after hearing a strange noise…  Then I can work on the C/M/S fiber and ply ply ply. Then it will be possibly the Into the Whirled braid.

Tour De Fleece Prep

TDF 2013 is nearly upon us and I have begun prepping to spin, spin, spin away. I’ve gone through my fiber for the most likely contenders for spinning and have quite a few options. As my spinning stash has grown, then grown some more.

2013-06-26 08.50.08   2013-06-26 08.49.09   2013-06-26 08.48.43  2013-04-21 22.11.50


These four fibers are the ones that I think that I will be attempting to work with. Though I doubt that I will finish work with all of them but a few should be possible. I am on team Gourmet Stash  and likely will work on the Tribbles and Punis first.

2013-06-26 08.47.42


Look at that ball of fluff. It also matches one of my remaining loop batts so it seemed like a good idea to get that going as well. 2013-06-26 08.47.58


And lastly mostly just because I wanted to work on some new fiber combinations as well, I pulled out my Into the Whirled  blend I picked up ages ago.

2013-06-26 08.48.13


That is more than enough to keep me busy, here’s hopping I finish at least some of it as well. What are everyone’s TDF plans?