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2018 Knitting


Last year,  was a banner year for knitting sweaters. A friend I attempted 12 sweaters in 2018.  I did not get to 12. More like 5 completed sweaters, including a NaKniSweMo sweater with a couple days to spare, unlike NaNoWriMo which was abandoned after a couple days. 80% of another sweater  and started a few more.


And I have to say, the sweater bug has not passed.  I really want to finish up my Storm Tracker (5th photo) just the rest of the last sleeve  and my Crazyheart 4th photo and my poor oft languished Royale (2nd photo).

The finished sweaters from the bottom up are Ommegang, So Faded, Zweig, Sipila, and Tarian.  And I think after finishing some of the sweaters in progress I will be looking to knit more sweaters this year. I still have an abundance of sweater quantities of yarn.

I may not aim for 12 sweaters this year just because it felt like I wasn’t allowed to knit other things, so maybe just some sweaters. I also like knitting small things, like I’d like another pair of actual gloves, rather than flip tops, as there are times where I really don’t need the flips.  Its a small thing, but a project that took away sweater time always made me pause.

So this year the sweater adventure is more vague. I want something else with all over cables, another yolked sweater, and maybe a cardigan.

A Good Problem

So I have a problem, its a good one but still a problem. One that will grow if I keep up the year of the sweater plan. I have run out of space to keep my hand knits.  I had a dresser drawer and a closet shelf. The drawer is full of scarves, shawls, hats, and left gloves apparently and the shelf had to let go after a handknit sweater was lost due to the joys of cat ownership. High flying little fur balls.


I have made a lot of sweaters in the last couple of years and am planning on making more. So my question is where does one keep all these sweaters in an NYC apartment, when space is always an issue and at  least during the winter months long term storage falls apart. I mean I can seal them and put them in above my closet where I need a ladder (which I don’t have) to reach. But when I am wearing them daily that’s less than helpful.


Currently they live atop my stash in states of, wearing, worn, to be washed, blocked, or repaired, and just ‘well where else is it going to go?’ So thoughts, ideas? Should I just head to the container store/Ikea and go wild? Where do I put all these sweaters, as it’s clear I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Year of the Sweater

Turning 2016 into the year of the sweater will take some planning.  My stash has the beginnings of this project ready to go. I have the skeins in worsted, DK, and fingering that I can put together into some sweaters. I have a few patterns in my queue, about six pages worth.

IMG_0801 IMG_0804 IMG_0802 IMG_0806 IMG_0811 IMG_0805  IMG_9315


Some of the patterns have been chosen in theory.

1. Cabeladabra
2. Another Artichoke French
3. Tourist Sweater
4. Catherine
5. Sliversmith Hoodie 
6. Baby Sweater
7. Vertex
8. Stonecutter
9. Pippin

This list is hardly strict, but I think its a good place to start. And is clearly more than six sweaters.I’m tempted to make the tourist sweater in black as my first sweater, but I also am planning to look around VKL for a sweater’s worth or two. There are a few vendors I will be  looking at.

Now I just have to finish the last two sweaters of 2o15. Bayside, the sleeves and collar and Featherweight the sleeves, and border. Than this mad plan can get underway.

Making Monday: More Sweaters

I’m still working on my friend’s Purple Snapdragon Tam and haven’t even thought about starting her Honey Cowl. But  sometime during the holiday weekend/Black Friday sales I fell down the hole that was the Knitpicks holiday sale.  It was Friday or Saturday, I had a LOT of fun with my guests, the mornings blend.


So I immediately added the Gloss DK I have been meaning to buy to make Alta in my cart. Then I paused and like every time one shops on Knit picks…its only $xx until free shipping. I could maybe get another sweaters worth in Wool of the Andes. It went a little over,  but two sweaters worth of yarn, one a silk/wool blend for around $60 is awesome.


So now I have two sweaters worth of yarn and one pattern.  But I have ideas. I used  Trimmings to guess my yardage. I now have 1,210 yards of yarn waiting for a sweater pattern to call its name.  I’m in a pullover mindset so that narrows it down a bit but I’m still trying to decide between:

So I have a couple of options to think through. I also want to finish Bayside, and may be wondering if  I can finish it by VKL – NY (you know mid January) when I haven’t frogged it and gotten  started again yet.  But I did take the week between Christmas and New Years off. So I’ll have time to knit an entire fingering weight sweater? Maybe? I had the fleeting thought this morning so feel free to tell me it was the lack of caffeine talking.


Sweaters, All the Sweaters

So this weekend I came down with a mild something. It didn’t keep me from going to Maker Faire and teaching spinning, though I was full of cold meds, and mostly had a scratchy throat at that point. Sunday I slept til noon-ish, roused myself to eat and finished my Rocky Coast very slowly through the day.

IMG_7410 IMG_7408 IMG_7406

The other thing I worked on was pulling out all my sweaters worth of yarns  and figure out exactly what I have. And lo,  have the yarn to make 5 more sweaters without buying anything. I’m planning to cast on Down East  next in purple.  Followed by finishing my  Bayside before I cast on another sock weight sweater. So currently my knitting plots have a theme.

IMG_7411 IMG_7412 2014-04-26 22.39.10-2

  1. Down East (one of the purples)
  2. Finish Bayside
  3. Stripes Gone Crazy (red/grey and maybe blue)
  4. Eco Wool Sweater   (red/black)
  5.  Sock weight Sweater (dark red 10 skeins)
  6. Anything but a  sweater with the remaining purple ( Down East and Dark And Stormy will be close enough in color that a third sweater will be a bit much)

There is no real schedule for these.  Perhaps I will attempt to slip on in for NaKniSweMo while working on NaNoWriMo. But that may be asking for trouble. Especially since I want to cast on the quick knit sweater yesterday.

Let’sTalk About Sweaters

In 2012 I finished 2 sweaters, both of which I started work on intensely mostly in the fall. Which to me means I likely could do 4 sweaters in a year. While I don’t have a lot sweater quantities of yarn, I do have some. 3 skeins of cascade Eco Wool, 6 skeins of cascade 220, 9 skeins (1100 yards) of a sock weigh yarn.  So I have the yarn.

Also it turns out via a quick gander at Ravelry there are 143 sweaters in my queue.  Well. Okay, clearly there exist an overabundance of sweaters I would like to knit. I am planning on starting  Allegheny for T7 of Nerd Wars as my dissertation come February. If I can find it I may make off with a green yarn instead. Or at least a couple sweater quantities.

I have decided this will be the year of the sweater. Especially as for most of this winter I have been pulling out sweaters, and more or less re wearing the half dozen or so warmest sweaters in the set.  So clearly I need to make a few more. I’m sure the sweater portion of my queue will be growing.

Yarn Check
Patterns Check
Narrowing down list….we’ll get there.

One Down, One to Go

I happily finished Vivian and wore it sans zipper to Rhinebeck. I still have not found the zipper I bought, but have been wearing it to work all week. On my way to Rhinebeck I cast Dark and Stormy and have been working on it on an off this week. It is my Nerd Wars dissertation so I have until Dec 28 to hopefully finish it.

I’m currently at five inches of sweater. Which is pretty good as I worked on it to/from/at Rhinebeck and some last night at knit night. Though I only got a few rows done as I had brought in 85% of my stitch markers? I missed a box or it would have been all 100% and I am now selling my markers at La Casita  in Brooklyn our regular Thursday night knit spot.

That’s one of the owners Jen’s hand holding them for a shaky iPhone shot. They got a few different sets and I’ve been asked to make a couple crochet sets as well. There was also a trunk show happening that night  Toby Roxane Designs  and she made off with two sets of markers before  they were even in the computer system.

Also her logo was on sugar cookies on display around the store.

A chandelier with yarn dangling from it.  She had a few shawl designs that I was fondling and I was pleased that they were all available on Ravelry and would be available in store.  All in all a good Thursday night.