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Vacation VI: Swag

Last vacation post before we get back to knitting, and my adventures, in trying to turn some hair into a mohawk… I didn’t haul home all that much from the trip. For no real reason, but it did not stop me grabbing a few things at least. There also may have been a boozy theme.

2013-09-02 18.31.37

The Buckingham Palace shot glass to add to the collection. My dad ages ago, gave me a bunch of shot glasses from Florida, and since then I have tried to grab one or two from places I visit. I did not get anything of the kind in Paris, but I got Absinthe. That counts right?

2013-09-02 18.33.27

Right of course it counts. Sorta. The last time I was at the Tower of London I did get a shot glass, and this time I was exploring trying to figure out what to grab. I finally settled on some mixes.

2013-09-02 18.32.13


These would be mixes, for Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider, and Whiskey Toddy. Clearly at some point I will need to have a winter party  and mix all these things up into a pile of delicious drinks.  There were even things that had nothing to do with alcohol at all.

2013-09-02 18.43.54 2013-09-02 18.37.44 2013-09-02 18.32.51

Key chains, one of the Rosetta stone, and a red bus key chain. I did have a moment of sadness, that I did not get the Rosetta stone usb, but is was twenty pounds and I could not get behind that, even if it would have been very fitting.  I also got a Stonehenge snow globe, ignoring the temptation to get the mead they sold in the shop.

2013-09-02 18.49.01


And lastly I got a few geeky/crafty things. I went to Platform 9 3/4 again, though this time I did not take a picture, there was a line, and everyone was camping up their photos, so it felt like it would be a long wait with the 20 or so people in front of us. Instead we just went to the shop; where I got a magnet, and ticket to the train to Hogwarts.

2013-09-02 18.46.33

At the Imperial War Museum, i got postcards of the knitting print that caught my attention. And that was everything I bought to take home. Barely anything at all. I do keep finding maps and guides everywhere, but that happens.