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Let’s Get Dangerous

Summer is coming, and to me this means lots of time with friends and more knitting time. Yes more knitting time, public transportation is cold in the summer, and there are sweaters I want. I am taking a break from Nerd Wars this round, as I know the biggest project I want to be working on is my hat/scarf/glove design and there will be swatches and changes, and lots of work with little to show for it in the start. But I shall be back in the fall for T9.  I find it a great motivator for getting projects done.

Currently I am attempting to finish up  my Bloomery in Tart. I even attempted to join Madtosh May over on CraftStash. Yeah that was silly.  Maybe I can get to row 50 by then? Its not like Friday is the end of the month, or that I’m only on row 21 or something.  Or that there are right side and wrong side row instructions…



The final shawl though looks awesome. And how can I turn down something red? Even if it is 460 stitches a row. It decreases eventually…at some point.


So one must deal. Either way I want to be done with this project in the next few weeks and get going on the summer of projects.  What do I want to get done this summer you ask?


Well I have now printed a copy of the Bergen Street Cardigan  and I already have yarn chosen. So there will be swatching then knitting away.



The Tour De Fleece will be starting and I have a couple of things I could work on for that now that I have more spindles free.

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Just a couple things. Not to mention the 80z. I just grabbed of Souffle girl from the Doctor Who club.  I have some yarn that seems to be about the same shade of red in DK and I may make some half hand spun sweater magic happen.

Of course there is also still my 12 in 2013

Oh and I have been thinking about making another Vivian. This time in black or blue.

And the last thing, I’m going cold sheep, with plans to go wild for Rhinebeck and get a small/portable spinning wheel. This likely means there will be a lot of  fiber and yarn being added to my etsy favorites. But it does mean I should do well with the Summer of Stash and with organizing my yarn a few weeks ago I have “found” tons of awesome yarns and have plans. So many plans.


*Let’s Get Dangerous