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June Update: Spinning

Regular Stitch Markers – The Hulk, Master of Disguise, Dark Side of the Rainbow and Green Marble

IMG_9410 IMG_9401 IMG_9390 IMG_9376


Earrings –  Drop Spindle Earrings



Crochet Stitch Markers –  Dark side of the Rainbow and Hulk

IMG_9375 IMG_9396


Restocked   River Song Collection, The Verse, Hulk, The Fastest Man Alive,  Riddler, CountEm, Thor Earrings

river1 versecrochet4 hshulk3 flash1 riddle5 countem1 thor  lokie4

May Update: Skeins, Neon Skeins, and Skeins

This shop update isn’t just yarn skein earrings, and markers. But it does feel like it is. So lets start with the earrings.  First up the neon set.  Yellow, Green, Pink, and blue.



These are the variegated sets, of Koigu yarn.


A couple sets with gold findings. Red and Gold.

IMG_9249 IMG_9253

Then we have yarn skein markers in House Sock, Crochet, and standard



Two new collections: Hogwarts Year one and Two


Type 40 Tardis


Year of the Sheep – Currently available in black and white


Stitches South – Kinda

Alas no I am not at Stitches South right now.  I feel I would be much more bouncy if I was.  I will get to a Stitches eventually The loss of Stitches East just makes it a bit more complicated.  While I shall not be there my stitch markers shall. SewFlo will be participating in the Stitch Marker Swap at  Stitches South and she will have my markers.

IMG_8976She will be in Booth 130 and is partnering with a couple other shops as well.  The markers you will be able to grab are, Hogwarts Pride, Wonder Woman and a twist on my usual Tardis markers that will be in the shop in May likely called Type 40 Tardis.

April Shop Update: Spring-ish

Spring is here. In theory. It has at least gotten warmer since my pictures from the first day of spring.

IMG_6661While not the last time in snowed for us, it was the last time it stuck, at least in NYC. So This did get me thinking about spring and playing with colors. So this update is quite colorful.

Earrings – To Boldly Go with the three TOS uniform colors, Science, Leadership and Engineering. And the Skein Earrings are coming back in a variety of categories. There will be sparkle yarn in the next update. This time, we are adding neon!

IMG_9003  IMG_9000

Stitch Markers –  Spring Showers, Hogwarts House Pride, Vera & Jayne,  Wonder Woman, Agent Carter, and To Hogwarts!

IMG_9045  IMG_9043 IMG_9046 IMG_9011 IMG_9044  IMG_9032

Restocking – Fourth Doctor Earrings, Single Skein Earrings,

fourth_doctor2  IMG_8096

March Shop Update: Space Cowboys

This is a bit of an eclectic shop update. The Supernatural, Fairy Tales, Browncoats, Archeologists, Princesses, and more. The two collections this month though are both about sharp shooting, space adventurers.

Collections: Firefly and Dr. River Song

Firefly2 river1

Regular Stitch Markers Mermaids, Poisoned Apple, Wine and Chocolate, Impala


mermaid3 IMG_8957 IMG_8939 IMG_8944

Half Elven Markers: Union Jack



Feb. Shop Update: The Fellowship of the Ring

There are other markers in this shop update really. But there is one set that has me really excited. The Fellowship of the Ring, I made fou er three, yes three sets of these markers.


We have the nine walkers that set out from Rivendel in order;  Merry, Pippin, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimili, Legolas, and Gandalf.

Moving to seasonally appropriate markers. Love Letters.


The seasons as a collection: Each set uses slightly different beads.

IMG_8355 IMG_8359 IMG_8361

Two of the four seasons: Winter and Spring

winter4 spring5

Some new House Sock Sets:  Gambit, Gaslight, Icingdeath, Companion,  Weasley is Our King,  Nightwing, and Clockwork Heart

gambit3 gaslight5 ice4 greenfans1 weasleyking2  nightwing1clockworkheart5

And some more regular sized markers: Count em All, Hedwig, and Beacon Hills Pack.

countem1 hedwigsil1 pack23

Shop Update Part II

Here are some more markers, and even earrings this time for today’s shop update.

Mardi Gras Earrings


House Sock Stitch Markers

 Prince Loki of Asgard; Athena Markers; She Hulk; Hulk; Singing In the Rain, Rainbow

princeloki1 athena1  hsshehulk3 hshulk3 hsrain2 hsrainbow3



Full Sized Markers

Singing In the Rain Markers; Yarn Skein  Markers; Fifth Doctor Markers; Wolverine Markers

singinrain4  yellowskein1 orangeskein1 fifthdoc2wolverine1

Crochet Stitch Markers

The Verse Markers; Neptune Markers; Celtic Love Markers, Fairy Ring

versecrochet4 neptune_crochet4 celticcrochet3 fairyring4

Also introducing Collections. Varying sized sets that are around a theme. Like the incarnations of the Doctor, or the modern companions. Right now all collections are in the standard size, to fit US11 (8mm) needles.

The Doctors 12 Markers


Big Bads – Villains of Buffy The Vampire Slayer


The Companions





Blue and Pink  Hot Air Balloons

bluespiked1 pinkspiked2

Peredhil Single Markers

Hot air Balloon, Amperstand, Cash

bluepinkhalf andpere


Next update: Friday Feb. 13th.

Snowy Shop Update

So begins, the very very large shop update. Let’s start with the pretty colors. Ombre markers, in  Flame, Ice, and Love.

flameomb4 IMG_8287 IMG_8292


Spider-Man in House Sock and regular sized markers.

spiderman1 IMG_8247


Wonder Woman Crochet Stitch Markers




Rainbow Crochet Stitch Markers



Neptune Stitch Markers in House Sock




Ares Stitch Markers in Knit and Crochet

ares_knit2  ares_crochet5






Upcoming Shop Updates

There will be a few shop updates in the coming weeks.  The first is today! It will be the smallest of the bunch, the next will be Sunday 1/25 and again Friday 1/30.   Part of the reason is that I have a lot of markers to add! But the other is like after spending any weekend surrounded by crafty people I have IDEAS.  So there will be new items cranked out even as I photograph and describe the new ones I have already.


For today’s update, its oldies but goodies back in the shop.

bifrost4   mithrilsting1  consultm2

iris1  kalyees2  tardismarkers1

knotwork_silver2  knotwork_gold1   10.5ph5

boostergold4   hawkeyekb5  tardiscsm4

See you Sunday!



Making Monday: VKLive Prep

So today its back to the  daily grind, or actually it was Friday, but I worked from home so I had cats for co workers.  While on vacation, in between friends, family, and celebration I crafted. And boy did I craft. If you follow me on Instagram you saw some of the items as they came out of the craft room.  Stitch makers, earrings, the usual just in a much higher quantity.


There are stitch markers galore here. A few experiments, a few oldies but goodies, some totally new ideas. All to be sure I have something everyone can like. I have more House Sock sized markers, and more crochet markers.


A tiny yarn skein on a stitch marker because why not really? Why just stop at skein earrings? There will be a few colors of these available at Vogue Knitting but they will be coming to the shop after that.



And something I have been planning on doing in the shop for ages, Collections.  This one is called ‘You Can’t Take the Sky From Me’ possibly shorted to Firefly. We have Wash, Zoe, Mal, Inara, Jayne, River, Simon, and Kaylee.  Other collections include the Doctors, The  Companions, Big Bads (BtVS), Westeros, and more that I am likely forgetting but you get the idea.  One more weekend of crafting and what time i can find in between the day job.