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VKLive Round Up

Another year another VKLive done. And I have to say it was great, talking to all the people who stopped by the booth and share that joy of knitting and joy of all things geeky. It’s always great meeting people and this Vogue Knitting Live, was no exception. You can be sure we’ll be back next year. And who knows, one of these years we’ll take the show on the road and go to Pasedena, Chicago, or another crafty show.  Thank you everyone who made the show great, by popping in, chatting, shopping, sharing my squee, or just enjoying the shop name.


We all know I’ve been going to Vogue Knitting Live these past five years.  And that I have been a regular damage doer in the marketplace and this year was no exception. I held out for a while, only making one purchase both Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday all bets were off.


First up was a skein of Empire from Jill Draper Makes stuff. I had somehow missed her last year at Vogue and didn’t end up going to her studio event during Rhinebeck.  1280 yards of yarn.  I think I want to make Stonecutter out of it. I talked to someone who had made the sweater out of Miss Babs and thought with their leftover I would be okay even if my size calls for 1395 yards. Fingers crossed.  I will not be  casting on a new sweater until I finish a small pile of baby things so I have time to figure it out.



Saturday I finished Bayside, and went up to Neighborhood Fiber Co. and got two skeins of  Studio North to go with the one I have at home to make myself another sweater. I also have pondered combining it with my grey skein of yowza and doing something striped.  Did I mention I spent the entire weekend staring into the Loop booth?  They were across and one over from our booth and that was fun.



So on Sunday I gave in, and went over, And after dithering between a lot of similar bumps that I have at home, I ended up with a skein totally outside of my wheelhouse. I’m really excited to spin something so different.


I also stopped at Annie and Co. and got the little red mesh bag, it will be for my mini Turtle made Turkish spindle and its fiber.  I also went to Molly Girl Yarn’s booth, they had been across from us last year and I had been planning to make a visit, and possibly sent a few friends over during the weekend.  15 minutes before the show closed on Sunday I went over, and I got the Gryffindor project bag.



I also got a braid of fiber from her, in Dancing Queen. 4.2 oz of merino.  All in all not too much damage.

Now I have tons of ideas for new markers, and just a lot of plans for the year.  A great way to wrap up the weekend.

WIPW: Stash Order

I tend to decide on new knitting projects and then grab the supplies as I’m running out the door. So I wind nearly all the yarn in my stash before I put it away.  I wind the yarn loosely, and haven’t had any issues. The one skein I ever had be an issue, was wound for me and was so tightly wound, the cake actually felt hard and it refused to be a center pull.


So after winding the yarn, I decided I to  a picture of each skein and actually add it to my Raverly Stash.  Other than fiber, finished handspun, and the occasional destash I haven’t added to my stash in years. Part of that was because I was keeping  the yarn spreadsheet, but I drifted away from that when I gave away a ton of yarn.


I had plenty of reasons, but I would have to take so many pictures, and have the yarn on hand so I could record the details, it would take all day, its not a big deal. It’s not important. Etc…Etc…

I lose yarn bands often enough that for that reason alone it should be something I do regularly. It would help me answer questions like ‘did I frog the tardis cowl and repurpose the yarn or was that another skein in a similar color.

2013-02-08 19.49.04

Also I keep thinking my stash is getting smaller, and I think its more the older yarn is getting used and recent splurge aside I have been getting better at buying yarn for specific projects, and starting the project. But some new pretty skeins are falling into the abyss. I found a skein of Mardi Gras inspired yarn I completely forgot I own. Heck where is that green skein at the top?

The plan now is to make this a steady work in progress. A few skeins here, a few there. Until all the stash is accounted for. And then I will actually see if I am using more than I bring in or if I just have different storage corners and the main stash is the only one being depleted.

A Stasher’s Life: Fiber Adventures

This seems to be the week of fiber.  I pulled out my fiber stash and when I was looking it over thought I had gotten everything. Then on Sunday I found a couple more braids, and some silk hankies.  I have a lot of fiber guys.

DSCN6430 2013-07-21 22.24.06 IMG_4427 loopcloud

Three  Loop Batts and a Loop cloud. I told myself if I didn’t buy any online and only at shows it would slow me down. That was a nice notion. 14oz of the fiber.

pairing  tribbles

As long as I don’t get any more from Gourmet Stash her fiber doesn’t last all that long in the shop.  6oz. of the fiber with 4oz slated to be my next spinning project. That’s a good sign right? Er…

smaller  aurora

Two  Into the Whirled braids  at 80z.

vamp  zombie

Two braids,  Vamp and Zombie from Spun Right Round. 8oz. of fiber.

hallockville medusa souffle

A 4oz braid from Hallockville,  4oz of Medusa fiber from Woodland Hills Alpaca , and 8oz of Souffle Girl from the Doctor Who club by Sheepy Time Knits.


greengray  cards  IMG_4428

4 oz of Jealousy from Expertly Dyed,  3oz of locks from Wishfox 40z of fiber from little barn that I got at Rhinebeck.

IMG_4434  IMG_4435

Then 40z. of  fiber, a friend dyed for me in Portland, and 1oz. of silk hankies.  I think, that’s the entire stash, other than the blue fiber  in progress and the Wednesday braid.

2013-12-07 17.35.54-2

In total I have 4 pounds of fiber that I haven’t started working with. Which wouldn’t sound like all that much until you remember that my only tools are still a drop spindle and my hands. Living dangerously, or just easily drawn in by the pretty fiber.

Let’s Get Dangerous

Summer is coming, and to me this means lots of time with friends and more knitting time. Yes more knitting time, public transportation is cold in the summer, and there are sweaters I want. I am taking a break from Nerd Wars this round, as I know the biggest project I want to be working on is my hat/scarf/glove design and there will be swatches and changes, and lots of work with little to show for it in the start. But I shall be back in the fall for T9.  I find it a great motivator for getting projects done.

Currently I am attempting to finish up  my Bloomery in Tart. I even attempted to join Madtosh May over on CraftStash. Yeah that was silly.  Maybe I can get to row 50 by then? Its not like Friday is the end of the month, or that I’m only on row 21 or something.  Or that there are right side and wrong side row instructions…



The final shawl though looks awesome. And how can I turn down something red? Even if it is 460 stitches a row. It decreases eventually…at some point.


So one must deal. Either way I want to be done with this project in the next few weeks and get going on the summer of projects.  What do I want to get done this summer you ask?


Well I have now printed a copy of the Bergen Street Cardigan  and I already have yarn chosen. So there will be swatching then knitting away.



The Tour De Fleece will be starting and I have a couple of things I could work on for that now that I have more spindles free.

il_570xN.338011823 2013-01-28 21.33.19il_570xN.434150430_mqtq il_570xN.429680957_j02u

Just a couple things. Not to mention the 80z. I just grabbed of Souffle girl from the Doctor Who club.  I have some yarn that seems to be about the same shade of red in DK and I may make some half hand spun sweater magic happen.

Of course there is also still my 12 in 2013

Oh and I have been thinking about making another Vivian. This time in black or blue.

And the last thing, I’m going cold sheep, with plans to go wild for Rhinebeck and get a small/portable spinning wheel. This likely means there will be a lot of  fiber and yarn being added to my etsy favorites. But it does mean I should do well with the Summer of Stash and with organizing my yarn a few weeks ago I have “found” tons of awesome yarns and have plans. So many plans.


*Let’s Get Dangerous 

Bead Stash: One Year Later

So last year I posted the bead stash  What a difference a year makes. It has grown just a bit. Just a bit mind you, similarly to how I have just a bit of yarn. Or just a couple of books.

Where I once had a single case holding all my beads. It has increased a bit.


I now have three matching boxes of beads. So quite the amount of growth. I’ve created quite the number of new items, and gotten stocked up to create items that were surprisingly popular so I should always be able to restock if at some point they fly out of my shop. I’ve also developed a fondness for crackle beads.

So those are around in a lot of colors, and just waiting to be used. And I ordered more. And one can’t forget the pewter, and acrylic charms I have to use as accents or parts of earrings.

The case holding those has long since been filled and now a lot of pieces are living in baggies. Currently my craft room is in a state of half destruction as we moved a bookshelf to the living room and all roaming bits of craft to the craft room. Right now it means that there is more room and a lot of mess that will have to be dealt with followed by a trip to purchase supplies, and maybe a new work table.

That work will likely be a few more weekends in the making.



The Great Stashdown of 2012

I always want to use more yarn than I buy and work my way down in the stash. I  have plenty of yarn. But there is always a moment when on a yarn diet I go on a binge. So I didn’t it was more a focused calm and working with what I had and not jumping at every pretty yarn.

Learning to spin did help settle that as well as I had a whole other plie of things to buy. I think the spreadsheet will need a new tab soon. But looking at my stash by the numbers I started 2011 with 174 skeins and around 44K yards of yarn. A few things happened that helped me bring this number down by almost half. I sold a good part of my lace weight and a couple other yarns before I went to London in  March. In one fell swoop someone bought 24 skeins of a yarn that i was going to turn into a blanket…someday since 2008.

I also knit a few large projects this year, baby blankets, sweaters, a few shawls, even the hats and fingerless mitts helped to bring the stash into order. I would still buy a skein or two here or there, but much more was going out than usually would. And there was no binge purchase of a dozen skeins at any point.

Then Hurricane Sandy happened, and a friend lost her apartment, most of her things, and 90% of her yarn. Well we couldn’t give back much of those other things, but as a group as a group we could build a stash in our sleep.  We all went through our stash, and covered my dining room table in yarn. twice over, and treated it like a yarn swap where our friend got  first dibs. I knew she was a lace knitter, and I had finally accepted that I was not, and with a few beautiful skeins, thousands upon thousands of yards vanished from my stash.

So I opened my yarn spreadsheet. Marked off the used/sold/gifted yarn and blinked. Could I have really “used” 23 thousand yards of yarn and 70 skeins?  Yes. Well  2012 that was a first. If I had another year like that this year I would not have any stash come January. Instead I will endeavor to keep using more yarn than I bring in. That sounds doable. Mostly.

Stash Bust: Sale

Well I am finally doing it. Cleaning out the yarn bins and putting some stash up for grabs. Payment and shipment info are at the bottom of the post. You can also look over on Ravelry . I will update this post as soon as I can once I have received payment confirmation. Send an email to lonelyscribe[at]gmail[dot]com for what you are interested in.

First up 3 skeins of madelinetosh Pashmina. Each for $28 at 360 yards per skein. Two in Midnight in Manhattan which is The Yarn Company’s exclusive color way. sold.

The third in the Colorway Fjord.

A skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in Ginger. 950 Yards. $22

4 Skeins of Malabrigo Lace. $7 per 470 Yard skein. 1 skein – 52 Paris Night , 1 skein 37 – Lettuce, 1 skein – 195 black, 1 skein 28 – Blue surf sold

Nine skeins of Patons SWS – Soy wool stripes in grey variagated, 6 skeins in solid blue, and 6 skeins in solid black. $4 a 110 Yard Skein.

Two skeins of Madeline Tosh Merino Light – City Lights $18 per skein.

  • I will take payment via paypal and domestic Shipping is included in listed price. International orders please PM for a shipping quote.
  • Please complete payment within 24 hours of my confirming the yarn is still available.
  • Shipment is by First Class Mail; which takes 2 – 5 days, for faster delivery PM/email me (lonelyscribe[at]gmail[dot]com) and we will work out a price
  • Yarn ships within 2 business days of payment receipt.
  • Yarn is stored in plastic bins in a cat friendly smoke free home. The cat is not very interested in yarn but I can not promise it to be completely free of stray hairs.

Stash Time: No Not that one

I’ve talked about the yarn stash a couple of times. But it is not the only stash I have. With all the Jewelry and Markers that I make I have over the years amassed quite the pile of beads.

Beads and charms and crafty things.

I tend to grab a few of a lot of things wandering the bead district and then work from there. Sometimes I have ideas, and will grab a couple things online, but roaming the bead shops, is always fun inspiring and stash enhancing. Sounds a  lot like visiting the yarn stores.

Sometimes coming up with a new design is just laying things out, and seeing what comes to mind. Which may be something interesting or nothing at all.  This pile below, was a nothing at all.

Or a pile, turns into charms for all the seven years at a very magical school.

You have, Owls and castles, Diaries stones, padfoot, and moony. That set is still in progress but you get the idea.


Fo: Mystery Medallion Shawl

So I finished the mystery Medallion shawl.

i think it came out really well for having no idea where I was going when I started.  I especially love the edging.

And I finally got a chance to block it this weekend.

I really like how it came out especially with having no idea w what it would look like in the end. I think it came out pretty well. The Summer Mystery Shawl I had to frog as there was something off in chart C that just got worse in every row.  I have finished chart A again and hope to be back on chart C by the end of the week.

It’s back at this stage of development, but hopefully not for long.

And did everybody see the post about our favorite scarf over at Geek Crafts?

Day 3: Tidy mind, tidy stitches.

Tidy mind, tidy stitches.

How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised?

Well now isn’t that the question.  If you look at this:

You might thing oh not bad,  the bins are even sorted,  Top – left overs,  acrylics, and other washables. Middle, lace and sock weight, bottom worsted and bulky.

If pretend there isn’t yarn all over the living room and in other parts of the bed room, I could even pretend to have visual organization system. Its not like I have bags of wayward balls or anything…

But I know where most of my yarn is,  yes there are 3 skeins of Lace I haven’t seen since I opened the package they came in, but they are around, somewhere. Over there.

But honestly my real organization isn’t there its here.

My knitting spreadsheet. I’m an analyst, I spend all day in Excel, yet I could not think of any other place where I would want to keep my information organized.

My first tab, Yarn – catalogs my yarn, the color, brand and yardage, to the best of my ability. There are somethings that I have had so long and lost the tag so long ago I can only guess.  Brown lace weight, worsted that might be Cascade 220, Ella Rae, Lion Brand Wool ease or some thing else entirely.

The second tab  is for new yarn, to compare my output and intake. Not that the tab has influenced me yet but I very quickly went from almost no yarn, to enough to knit a house cozy.

With the yarn sheet I know it the number of skeins I have (168) , yardage (currently my stash is resting at 42,798 yards),  what is planned for it if anything, and what is on my needles.

I find a spreadsheet easy and intuitive, and simple to tailor to my needs.  I can check the yardage on a yarn I have, when looking up a project to gauge if I have the right yarn, or need to make a change.

I know what projects I started when to get a better idea on how much I knit throughout the year.  March seems to be a bad knitting month, but a good one for other crafts.  Did I mention I keep track of  beading and Clay work there too?

I track my spending, hence the knowledge that I needed a yarn diet in January.  I have ideas for projects and their matching yarns,  I know how much Yarn I have been using and  what kind of dent I am making in the 42K. Sometimes it helps with the guilt of buying more.

Even with the yarn there, there, there, and a bit over there, I can know in a glance what I have, and if that red cashmere wool blend  is enough for a shrug without having to hunt down the ball and pray the band hasn’t wandered off. I will know that yes, you do have 2 skeins of that purple, you just have to find the other one.  And alas you did use the last of that yarn in that other project.

Needles on the other hand…

We can talk about that later right?