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Week 1 Done

It’s possible the Batman scarf is in a corner again.  For some reason the black yarn I’m using is full of breaks, and at some point during the Amazing Spider-Man I got irritated shoved it deep into my bag and ate more popcorn then I likely have in 5 years.

And back to the Tour de Fleece. I have set up shop in a corner of the living room. I spun Thursday but on missed 7/4 due to bbq adventures.

Thursday’s progress was small as I was working from home, and had plenty of work to do.

Friday even with seeing Spider-Man I got some spinning in.

Saturday I got distracted with Avengers Markers to round out the set so now I have Loki, Thor, and Hawkeye.


All up in the Etsy shop. Speaking of the Etsy shop, my Facebook page has reached 100 likes. So I have a 10% off coupon in my shop until Sunday, just use the code Facebook100 when you check out.

Sunday I worked on an old project that will get it’s own post but there are some parts that needed hours to dry and I wandered off to spin and then there was  True Blood.  I’m still working on getting it bigger on the inside.


I’ve gotten to the second of the four colors  the brown and it makes me wonder more about plying as there is much more of these colors,  then the later reds, and I don’t want a giant swatch of brown on brown. I’m wondering if I should ply it with something else. I’m leaning towards an orange or gold, I mean Mordor. There needs to be more volcanic colors.

Adventures in Blocking

So a fellow Geek knitter took up the call to help and brought the Spidy blanket to block somewhere cat free.

Two things happened, It blocked out HUGE. That is half the conference table at my office. A table that seats 10.  That tiny looking square is my iPhone. I put it on as a cape when it was brought over. So it should last the kid a while right? She’ll be loving her new blanket forever. It will be on that crappy futon in her first apartment after college.

That is the blanket pre-blocking, you may notice that there was webbing on this second photo. It  had to be pulled out and put back on, I hit four spokes on the bus this morning while drinking my latte, and reading A Feast For Crows. So if I focus I will likely be done soon.

Done by Geek Knitting on Thursday? One can hope.

And I finally started and my first project for Nerd Wars.

The 75 yard Malabrigo gloves, left over from T4 Nerd Wars. Added to the pile of someone will get these eventually gifts. Now I have to swatch by Thursday for my Dissertation submission, a beaded lace shawl, Adoro.  All while trying to work out a couple new designs.

Ares and Aphrodite, seem to want to go hand in hand. Perhaps I’ll throw in Hephaestus for a knitted love triangle. We’ll see what comes out. And I really want this Work + Shelter  yarn for Apollo V2.

Spidy Baby

…Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. 

So I have some friends who are geeks. Shocking I know.  As they have gone off to be fruitful and multiply we agreed there was only one baby blanket for them. Even more so as pastels were vetoed.

The baby blanket pre-blocking, where shall I  be blocking this monster? I have no idea. Extra fun fact? The mother is allergic to cats. Why does this matter?  Oh no reason.


No reason at all. This is going to be interesting, as the rooms I can easily lock her out of don’t have enough room to block…

WIP/FOs and Fiber

It’s been a while since I updated what I have been up to in the wide world of crafting I live in.


I’m hoping to get a  fingering yarn once I ply it with some green I have not yet started to spin.

I have also been pondering grabbing some black yarn and creating my first three ply yarn, with green, purple, and black. Seems my mind is on a Clown Prince of Crime. Or you know people who lose control and turn into giant green rage monsters (I’m not excited for the Avengers, not at all).


I had someone ask me a question on etsy just as I started pondering the same. Why don’t I have any Tardis stitch markers?

And the answer to that is I do now! Also I am a bit in love at how well this picture came out. Sunlight in the still in progress craft office is a wonder.  And while I was working on those I pulled out these beads that once upon a time would have become a pandorica. Instead they became Pandora’s  box.

And of course. Knitting:

I finished my dissertation. At around 10pm on the 30th for Nerd Wars. I have about a dozen things I want to change, From yarn to pattern repeats. But I have the start of a pattern and I shall work from there.  And you know blocking… that does mean I have 2 complete shawls for 2012. 12 in 2012? Not sure yet.

The Spider-man baby blanket has grown a lot. And of course I’m carrying the blanket around in a Spiderman tote bag. What else would I carry it in?

I have joined in Rock & Purl’s sock KAL  and have donated a prize. A set of stitch markers. Now I just have to find more than 1 dpn in the right size and I will even be able to cast on.  Whistles.  Go join!

Also I have cast on Bigger on the Inside  Of course I have. A tardis shawl? Done. The fact that I had the right yarn in my stash is extra amusing. Though there is a chance I will run short as I made gloves from that yarn as well.

I should wander off to find all the other’s knitting this shawl as well, and see how badly I may run out of yarn. But, I had to start this and there was nothing to do but jump in and shout Geronimo!

Finally Blocking

So I finally finished the Mystery Shawl now called the Belle Haven Shawl  and got it blocked right before I headed out  Sunday afternoon.


Isn’t it pretty? Though it does point out that I may need more blocking mats. To Knit Picks Batman!  The picture below shows a more true to color shot of the yarn, but I may have to see if I can find a time to run outside with it while the weather is in the 80s and take some bright sunny pictures, there are bursts of orange that are my favorite part of the yarn and aren’t really showing up.

This makes shawl 1 of 12 for 12 shawls in 2012, that are actually completed. I have three more on the needles… *whistles. I am nearly done with my Apollo shawl, mark I.

One of the biggest changes I want to make on that is a different yarn. There is nothing wrong with the yarn I am using but the lack of band complicates things.  I also think I want to start the lace sooner.

Since I cast off one project, I started a new one. That’s how it works right?

Spider-man baby blanket.


Well the next double knitting scarf will have to wait until I get the rest of the yarn colors I need. But for now I’ve stared on a more inspired project. I blame USM 21: War of the Symbiote.

So the beginnings of the carnage scarf. Braided cables and my favorite colors how could I not do it?

Carnage Scarf

Carnage Scarf