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An Etsy Sunday

Sunday I seemed to develop a theme for the crafts I worked on.  This book Series about A wizard named Harry.  You may have heard of it, he’s based in Chicago…wait no I mean that other Wizard named Harry.

My favorite piece from all those that I worked on. To the tune of I must get the parts to make more are the Golden Snitch Earrings.

The wings actually move and I think the detailing on the gold beads are very close to what they should be.  The earrings are pretty small and maybe I’ll add some gold beads to the next set to make the dangle longer. But I like how simple they are.

Next Up: Harry Potter – Youngest Seeker in A century – the boy who lived.

Brass tone lightening bolts and glasses with seed beads in the Gryffindor colors

And while one is on the topic of Gryffindors one Hermione Granger.

Books and cleverness are something I can get behind, and these earrings come with both a book charm and a quill charm, with some beads for her house.

A former member of the house of the lion was also covered.

Sirius Black, Padfoot,  Snuffles. With star and dog par charms, for the Marauder.

And on the other side of  the Hogwarts coin.

Slytherin. These earrings are for just a bit of House Pride. And  when one thinks of house Pride one can’t help but t think of  the the Head of the house. Severus Snape.

The last pair of earrings I made were  inspired by watching The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End while working on all the Harry Potter themed earrings.

A pair of Handy Spare Hand.

Images all link to the etsy listing for the items.  I think my next crafty weekend will have me pulling out the polymer clay again.