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April Shop Update

A smaller update this month but there are some new notions pouches for your shopping pleasure.  Pac Man, Doctor Banner, Spider Man and Star Trek TOS.

IMG_1228  IMG_1223 IMG_1231 IMG_1219


So if you want to carry some notions in geeky style there are a few more options waiting for you.

In stitch markers we have the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in stitch markers.

IMG_1265 IMG_1276 IMG_1260 IMG_1251


And two sets that are tied together. Whose side are you on.  Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

IMG_1239   IMG_1243

Nov. Etsy Update II: With Bells On

It’s the second shop update for the month.  In a hope to makes sure holiday items get into the shop with enough time before Christmas. If you wader into the shop the code Gobble will get you 10% off until Friday, December 5th.

Carol of the Bells Stitch Markers – with actual bells


Tis the Season Earrings and Snow Queen Earrings

Season5  snow_queen2

Christmas Stocking Earrings


And on a much greener side of things  Kryptonite Earrings and Slytherin Earrings

krypto3 slytherin5

Blue had its moment too-  Knitters Ear Blue and Cthulhu Blue Earrings

knitter4 squid4


Everything is up in the shop and my goal is to have, one more update for the year on December 19th.  Until then enjoy!

September Etsy Update: Creepy and Kooky

So this update was supposed to be lightly Halloween and Fall themed. Then inspiration smacked me in the head and one of my  favorite families decided to join in on the update fun. As always everything can be found in the Etsy shop.

Addams Family Stitch Markers

2013-09-17 23.03.28-2

Above is the whole set combined into the one happy family.   There are still a couple of members missing, but I’m sure they will be joining us in the next update. First up home.  0001 Cemetery Lane stitch markers.  There is no place like home when you are an Addams and especially when you are not.

 Next up, Gomez Addams. Father, husband, madman. You know the usual. A deft hand with a blade. The markers of course are handily bladed.  And when one thinks of Gomez who does not think of Morticia  Addams. Mother, wife, knitter, a modern woman who wants it all.

Wednesday Friday Addams. Eldest daughter of the family always with a weapon at hand. These markers are a nod to her usual dress with white collar. Lastly we have  Thing T. Thing. The T stands for Thing of course. These stitch markers are for the handy (sorry) assistant to the Addams family and the square beads, the many boxes he would exit from in the older TV show.


Halloween and Fall Items

I have a few Fall and Halloween items in this update as well. Halloween earrings, Neon Orange Halloween Stitch markers, Swirling Leaves, Halloween, and Fallen Leaves Stitch Markers.  Just you know one or two things.

halloween1 spook5  green4 spook6

Two new Doctor Who items in the shop this update . These are the Bigger on the inside Earrings and Stitch markers.

botie5 botism1


Back in the Shop

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