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K1G2 CanCon KAL

The Knit 1 Geek 2 podcast is hosting a CanCon (Canadian Content) KAL, knit a Canadian designers pattern and/or use a Canadian based yarn.  You can read the full details here.  I’ve decided to start Royale and get going at my attempt at six sweaters this year. The pattern actually has you knit the sleeves of the sweater first, but for some reason every time I put the project down, I made another error. So I decided to start the body.


We’ll see if that was a terrible plan. But so far it is going well.  I’m hoping that once I get used to the charts it will be easier to go back to the sleeves. Not to mention alternating three skeins is a lot less painful across 190 stitches than across 40 or so.  So my first sweater this year is in Neighborhood Fiber Co. Worsted in Studio North.



I also seem to be in bit a of a red mood. I am  knitting the Wildes Meer shawl in some Hedghog Fibers in Sin.  Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns is hosting a knit along.


One and a Half Clues Down

I’m making progress on catching up on my Follow Your Arrow 2 KAL.  I have finished clue 3A.  Which I decided to do in all black. I had pondered stranding but there would have been really long floats for a few few rows and that seemed like asking for trouble.


I started on clue 4A  during the Oscars and made it through the first 14 rows. I kept getting detoured by things like dinner, cake, and the cat. Not a bad bit of progress for one night.

IMG_8863I also settled on what I shall be doing for clue 5. I will be working on clue 5B with in red the last couple rows and bind off in black.  A plan of action, now I just have to stick to it.

Bringing Back Some Classics

I participated in Stash Dash (complete 5k of projects between 5/23 and 8/7) this year and while I didn’t make it, it was a great motivator to getting a lot of nearly finished projects off the needles.  I got to 3822 yards between knitting and spinning.   Between Stash Dash and reorganizing the stash I pulled out a lot of wips and have been trying to get them back into the knitting queue.  I even found the Christmas socks which had been shoved in a corner.


This is a Hitchhiker that I started with some of my first finished fiber. It is a two ply of a Loop Batt and some Orange fiber that ended up 462 yards. I  cast this on over the labor day weekend in 2012 when I was traveling for work.  It had 23 teeth when I picked it up and my goal is to finish the handspun, whatever number of teeth that gives me, but I am hoping for 42.

Once that’s done I want to get back to work on the Bayside that I frogged.  While alternating skeins makes it a bit of a mess as a travel project it would be good for sitting in front of the TV after work. I’d like it to be a second Rhinebeck sweater. Now that we have a place booked and paid for we are all bouncing excitedly about going.

2014-04-28 11.18.27

Six  Knitting Geeks at Yarn-Con  for the weekend. Wee. If last year was any indication it will be a great time.

One Finished Color Affection

Apparently the way to finish my Color Affection was to go on a road trip. Six hours in a car with fellow knitters meant packing a project or six. The first up was my color affection.


It turned out I was one row from starting the blue edging. So  as we rode between multiple states, just to go back into the one we started in (NY, NJ, PA, NY). I doubt very much that I am going to block it out.

IMG_6875Another finished object I will be putting away for a few months. At least I am making good progress in Stash Dash 2014.

FO: Peacock Shawlette

So last Tuesday I had to frog the shawl. And well losing close to half my time with nothing to show for it may have motivated me strongly.

IMG_0593Wednesday morning I had just a couple of the 50 rows of lace and was planning on cutting it short since I had cast on 201 stitches instead of the 273.  I actually finished the shawl by Friday night, while out with friends.

2014-06-20 23.31.12-2Surprising, well I already know I work better under pressure but that was a bit of a surprise. I’ll go with it. So Saturday morning I got ready to block and even had keen eye observing the process.


It turns out she had ulterior motives.  Blocking shawls with a cat is always an adventure.  But the shawl is done, dry and unpinned a week early even!





WIPW: I Was Not Expecting This

So I was really expecting to show off finished lace, and working my way up through the ST section of the body. I was moving ahead of the 9 rows a day schedule. But the skein kept looking dangerously light. When I got home last night I decided to check it out.


Six grams of yarn left. Even with the planned adjustment of doubling up the decreases I would have had to somehow knit 38 rows with six grams of yarn…uh no. Then I took the shawl off the needles and it all made sense.

2014-06-17 22.29.47-2

It was about twice as long as I was expecting about 40″ when not folded in half. I tend to knit shawls on short needles, so I hadn’t noticed just how much it was scrunched up. It looked so nice before  I started frogging too.


Now I have frogged, and cast back on. I have this time cast on 201 stitches as oppose to 273. I have made it to row 11 so far. In theory I am working  89 rows and I’m thinking of possibly stopping at 25 rows of lace but we will see how that looks. I may aim for closer to 40.  With all the adjustments I actually would need to work 9.75 rows daily. Not counting the ten already completed.


There is still a chance. And tomorrow night is knit night so that is always extra knitting time.

Making Monday: Deadlines and Rainbows

This past Friday I finished spinning the Zauberzeug fiber. I still need to ply it, but it is ready to be chain plyed.  A nice rainbow ball that I wound off the drop spindle. I am planning to finish this soon but it has been put aside for a surprise project.


I’m making a shawl I have to finish by next Thursday. So far so good. I am using a new to me yarn Sylph by Jade Sapphire.  It is a Cashmere, Linen blend and having felt it worked up and washed softens like a dream. I am making the Peacock Shawlette  which a made before for my 11 shawls in 2011 so I know its a quick knit and its a bottom up shawl perfect for keeping the momentum going.


I did the math and I have to knit 9 rows a day to still have some time to block. As of last night I was on row 33, and 49 is the last lace row. So I am about 5 rows ahead of schedule with no Monday knitting yet counted.  We will see the status on weds. There are 9 rows of lace left so 18 total.  Completely doable.

Blocking Fun

In between getting everything together for Friday’s update I also finally had a chance this weekend to block my Follow Your Arrow KAL shawl.  The shawl has been finished since the first or the second, and I’m glad to finally get it spread out on the floor and blocking.

2014-03-11 11.03.40

I really like how the colors worked together and how everything came out on this shawl.  When blocking this out I realized just how long it had been since I blocked anything, as I couldn’t find my T-pins to save my life.  I finally gave up and grabbed my pin cushion, blocking wires  and got to blocking.  One day I will even remember to order more blocking mats.

2014-03-10 09.24.46

It was drying along nicely and as per usual had a friend to help it along. One day I may understand the cat’s fascination with drying shawls. WIPs, spinning, yarn, even finished knits she cares nothing about. But a blocking shawl is a siren call to her butt it would seem.

2014-03-10 09.24.51

I suppose it wouldn’t be shawl blocking without Molly to help.


I’m Done!

With the Follow Your Arrow KAL. I had planned on finishing it on the 28th, but didn’t get around to knitting more than one repeat before bed. On Sunday, I was heading over to see some friends, and while I rode in the car and chatted I started to put a dent in the project.

2014-03-02 11.01.38

My needles had once again gotten to the point where they were longer  than the project.  The end was in sight  And as I worked I got closer and closer to the end. By the time I was back home, I was on the final 4 repeats. With the Oscars on the screen I planned not to leave my couch until it was done. Except for snacks of course.  And I was victorious.

2014-03-02 22.42.06-2

That is one finished Follow Your Arrow Shawl (1A, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5B), I still have to block it, but that’s a minor final step. It’s Done!

WIPW: Shawl Time

I’m still “working”  on my color affection. Working in the sense I carry it around with me everywhere, and it’s taking up a lot of space in my purse. That counts as working right? I’ve worked on it some since I got back but I know I would be more along if I kept working. Minor detail right? Right.

2013-09-11 11.24.32

I also want to do the Sherylin KAL as it was the other shawl I had brought with me on the trip and ended up not casting on. So I took a KAL that started this Monday as a sign. I’m all set to go with my pandorica yarn.

2013-09-06 15.03.35-2

I just have to do the minor thing of casting on. I’ll get there.

Right after:

  • finish swatching a design
  • start/finish a baby blanket due at the end of Sept. (I plan to cast on tomorrow, and if the last baby blanket is an indication I will be done, in a week or so…with dedicated knitting…uh…)
  • get the Etsy update photographed
  • do all the regular day to day things like work, sleep, eat.