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Quarterly Update

April is nearly over, and so the first part of the year has wrapped up, How am I  doing on goals so far?

Knitting Goals 

  • Finishing all the WIPS from the last year (Did you see yesterday’s post…I may have a problem)
  • Knitting more sweaters (always a goal) – I mean I was able to cast on 6 last year…
    • On Sweaters, I’ve finished the Honey Pullover and am working on the body of Ommegang. With the sleeves done its just lots and lots of cables right now. I’ve also cast on  Stripes Gone Crazy and am planning to make the Oh So Faded Sweater. So  more sweaters are starting to happen.

  • More socks (Box O’sox 2017) Well there are two pairs completely done and two more that are on the needles.  And one that just needs the heels. So many socks done, for me at least.
  • Ornaments for me and gifting I need to go on a shopping bing at Lexicorp

Spinning Goals 

img_1861 img_2349 img_1856

  • Enchanted Mesa out of handspun Loop Batts.
  • Just finish some of the *cough* number more than six *cough* spinning projects in process
  • Make those handspun socks – Well I found the fiber

Sewing Goals 

  • Having fun with making bags so more accessory projects
    • DPN Holders! 
  • Actually make a garment perhaps a skirt, with pockets
  • Building my Split cosplay for Flamecon – It may be serger time
    • It may be time to start buying supplies.

A bit of a shorter list this year but, most of these items are multipart.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope however you chose to wrap up your 2016 you had the kind of night you wanted. I think burning the ashes of the past year may become a regular tradition.


Though I am also pondering some positive version of this.  But as the new year starts, new ideas are forming. I would love to do less frogging next year. But I have a cake to bake, Happy New Year everyone!



The Cast On Indecision

Travel Knitting is hard guys, you want something that is interesting to work on, compact enough to give you the most bang for your buck, but also simple enough that it won’t suffer when its put down and picked back up, in possibly unexpected moments.


My last travel project was my color affection shawl, which was great for a week wandering Europe. This is a much, much shorter trip. Just a weekend in Orlando. Some sun and  going to Hogwarts, and heading back during the superbowl.  I expect most of my knitting time to be on the plane this trip.  My first thought was to start another massive shawl, but that would likely then stay on the needles for ages when I got back. I hope to finish the baby blanket before I leave, as that takes up much too much space at its current size to be a good travel project.


I thought about starting a sweater but I would want it to be with the Empire I just wound and no. Remember that compact rule? As much as I love it, my “purse” can’t just be filled with yarn. I mean I could start a sweater with the Neighborhood Fiber Co worsted I have but I still haven’t chosen a pattern.  So much indecision on my end. The rainbow-along starts today and I have wanted to make some mitts from my rainbow handspun.  That would likely be a good pattern to travel with…you know once I choose a pattern.



Have you sensed a theme yet? Pattern choosing…Project choosing…heck even yarn choosing…it’s all hard.

Making All The Things

I’m currently working on two very different projects. Or to be realistic, I am working on many, many, different projects but right at this moment, I am putting together a menu for Thanksgiving  and the other project? Looking at all the pullover sweaters.


There are 138 sweaters in my queue. So between deciding if I should have regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or both. I’m going through the list. This also clearly means I need to pick up, frog, and restart Bayside once more.  I lost track of what row I am on, as the notes on the pattern are for 2 rounds of knitting the sweater already and I either missed or did extra increases because the count makes no sense.  I will be printing a clean version of the pattern and going again.


Let’s not discuss the fact that with the start of fall like every fall I want all new accessories. I should just make Flintshire at least.

WIPW: Rounding Out Q3

How goes the progress on 12 in 2o14?  And the Goals for 2014? Pretty darn good.

1. I frogged the Flintshire since I had no idea what row I was working on. Seemed like the best plan of action. The yarn is waiting, and since I have decided to either make sweaters or hats, its a good time to pick  it back up.

2. IMG_0531 Artichoke French

3. Alta I have been working on sweaters I have the yarn for. So this has been put to the back burner until I buy the yarn for it. I have five sweaters worth of yarn not on the needles and none would work (sock weight, bulky) But – Rocky Coast and Down East means progress right?

4. A project with sparkle yarn

5. Handspun Socks – Still spinning

6. Pendulum Shawl

7.  2014-04-16 18.27.06  Bowties are cool

8. A pair of socks ….

9. IMG_6871 Finish Color Affection

10.  Finish Bloomery er…

11. Wurm

12. IMG_7016 Finish Spinning Blue Fiber


Bonus: Knit items from books I own:

  1. Artichoke French

Sub bonus? Knit from patterns I own:

  1. Rocky Coast  (also 2013 goal!)
  2. Bayside



  1. More Festivals/Shows/Conventions (Last year was, Rhinebeck, Hallockville, VKL (NYC), & NYCC) I’d like to do all those again and add MDSW, and maybe Stitches East as a day trip.  No Maryland but maybe Stitches East will still happen. So Stitches East is the same weekend as NYCC, The Kings Fiber Festival, and the New York Yarn Crawl. Geez.
  2. More SweatersTwo done two on the needles
  3. More Designing –
  4. More SpindlesMay have a Rhinebeck plot….
  5. More Spinning Year of Handspun
  6. Knitting with Handspun. Um…I’m planning to make a hat or two?
  7. More pattern releases (I have so many half done design projects I need to start sharing)
    I’ve been doing a lot more submissions so I’m working towards that
  8. Vacation –  There is talk about doing a weekend in DC.  We got a cottage, I’m counting Rhinebeck. 😀 Plus I have a bunch of long weekends in October.
  9. Do the holiday knitting for the shop throughout the year – well I am signed up for Christmas in July, even donated a prize. I just need to cast on 
  10. Collaboration   If you went to Knit Dizzney I was in the gift bag. I’m one of the sponsors for the New York Yarn Crawl and have a few prizes out for KAL’s  Who’s doing the Pigskin Party?  I have prizes there.  Not exactly what I had in mind but all fun.

Sweaters, All the Sweaters

So this weekend I came down with a mild something. It didn’t keep me from going to Maker Faire and teaching spinning, though I was full of cold meds, and mostly had a scratchy throat at that point. Sunday I slept til noon-ish, roused myself to eat and finished my Rocky Coast very slowly through the day.

IMG_7410 IMG_7408 IMG_7406

The other thing I worked on was pulling out all my sweaters worth of yarns  and figure out exactly what I have. And lo,  have the yarn to make 5 more sweaters without buying anything. I’m planning to cast on Down East  next in purple.  Followed by finishing my  Bayside before I cast on another sock weight sweater. So currently my knitting plots have a theme.

IMG_7411 IMG_7412 2014-04-26 22.39.10-2

  1. Down East (one of the purples)
  2. Finish Bayside
  3. Stripes Gone Crazy (red/grey and maybe blue)
  4. Eco Wool Sweater   (red/black)
  5.  Sock weight Sweater (dark red 10 skeins)
  6. Anything but a  sweater with the remaining purple ( Down East and Dark And Stormy will be close enough in color that a third sweater will be a bit much)

There is no real schedule for these.  Perhaps I will attempt to slip on in for NaKniSweMo while working on NaNoWriMo. But that may be asking for trouble. Especially since I want to cast on the quick knit sweater yesterday.

Friday Ponderings

It’s the Friday before a long weekend, so of course I’m considering things like, casting on two more sweaters, starting a Halloween themed spinning project, and also reorganizing the craft room and my bedroom. Because you know one extra day means cramming a week worth of work into it.

What sweaters do I want to make?  Pumpkin Ale and Rocky Coast Cardigan The thing is I do have two sweaters worth of yarn.


Six balls of cascade 220 that I think would  work for the Rocky Coast.


And a giant skein of Dark purple yarn for  Pumpkin Ale.  Its a darker yarn than the one I used for Dark and Stormy but the same brand.

I want more sweaters always, and I keep working a row or two on Bayside and putting it down for a week. Not the most conducive to have  a finished product.  For those of you who have a long weekend, what are you planning for the Labor Day weekend?


Also the Birthday Giveaway closes Sunday. Go enter.

Knit All The Gifts

My last couple of projects have been gifts, and each has flown off the needles. Apparently I just need to make gifts for everyone. And the Just One More Row Podcast is hosting a Christmas in July Knit Along.  So I have a list of items to make.


  • A Christmas Stocking for a friend whose stocking was beset by moths
  • A new tree topper
  • A knit string of lights
  • Knit ornaments  (Sweaters, balls, mini stockings) ‘
  • Gifts – I have one hat I plan on making a friend and while technically a Christmas present she would love it for NYCC.
  • I have a couple hats/scarves/mitts I want to make and just put aside for whoever comes to mind later in the year.

Tour De Fleece Prep

TDF 2013 is nearly upon us and I have begun prepping to spin, spin, spin away. I’ve gone through my fiber for the most likely contenders for spinning and have quite a few options. As my spinning stash has grown, then grown some more.

2013-06-26 08.50.08   2013-06-26 08.49.09   2013-06-26 08.48.43  2013-04-21 22.11.50


These four fibers are the ones that I think that I will be attempting to work with. Though I doubt that I will finish work with all of them but a few should be possible. I am on team Gourmet Stash  and likely will work on the Tribbles and Punis first.

2013-06-26 08.47.42


Look at that ball of fluff. It also matches one of my remaining loop batts so it seemed like a good idea to get that going as well. 2013-06-26 08.47.58


And lastly mostly just because I wanted to work on some new fiber combinations as well, I pulled out my Into the Whirled  blend I picked up ages ago.

2013-06-26 08.48.13


That is more than enough to keep me busy, here’s hopping I finish at least some of it as well. What are everyone’s TDF plans?

Let’s Get Dangerous

Summer is coming, and to me this means lots of time with friends and more knitting time. Yes more knitting time, public transportation is cold in the summer, and there are sweaters I want. I am taking a break from Nerd Wars this round, as I know the biggest project I want to be working on is my hat/scarf/glove design and there will be swatches and changes, and lots of work with little to show for it in the start. But I shall be back in the fall for T9.  I find it a great motivator for getting projects done.

Currently I am attempting to finish up  my Bloomery in Tart. I even attempted to join Madtosh May over on CraftStash. Yeah that was silly.  Maybe I can get to row 50 by then? Its not like Friday is the end of the month, or that I’m only on row 21 or something.  Or that there are right side and wrong side row instructions…



The final shawl though looks awesome. And how can I turn down something red? Even if it is 460 stitches a row. It decreases eventually…at some point.


So one must deal. Either way I want to be done with this project in the next few weeks and get going on the summer of projects.  What do I want to get done this summer you ask?


Well I have now printed a copy of the Bergen Street Cardigan  and I already have yarn chosen. So there will be swatching then knitting away.



The Tour De Fleece will be starting and I have a couple of things I could work on for that now that I have more spindles free.

il_570xN.338011823 2013-01-28 21.33.19il_570xN.434150430_mqtq il_570xN.429680957_j02u

Just a couple things. Not to mention the 80z. I just grabbed of Souffle girl from the Doctor Who club.  I have some yarn that seems to be about the same shade of red in DK and I may make some half hand spun sweater magic happen.

Of course there is also still my 12 in 2013

Oh and I have been thinking about making another Vivian. This time in black or blue.

And the last thing, I’m going cold sheep, with plans to go wild for Rhinebeck and get a small/portable spinning wheel. This likely means there will be a lot of  fiber and yarn being added to my etsy favorites. But it does mean I should do well with the Summer of Stash and with organizing my yarn a few weeks ago I have “found” tons of awesome yarns and have plans. So many plans.


*Let’s Get Dangerous