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Pattern: Bowties are Cool Fingerless Gloves

I am very happy to share with you my first pattern for 2013, and my first Doctor Who inspired work. I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Bowties are Cool


Bowties are cool. So are Stetsons. Fezzes? Fezzes will be shot on sight. Bowties in a tweed red yarn, clearly these gloves are for 11. He just doesn’t know it yet. Spoilers Sweetie.


These mitts are knit, in the round with a worked in thumb gusset.  The bowties are a quite easy to create and these gloves can easily be whipped up rather quickly.


Size 5 (3.5 mm) dpns or circular needles
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers


Fingering Weight – Roman Hills -Dr. Who #3 – I’m a Sagittarius. Probably.
~120- 140 yards


5 stitches and 8 rows per inch

Pattern: Poseidon Cowl

Poseidon is my latest release to keep up with the Ancient Greek themed pattern family. As the weather just starts to cool over here its a great simple pattern to whip up for fall before the heavy scarves need to be pulled out. Or to make as a gift or two.  The pattern is both written and charted so you can follow the instructions you prefer.

Poseidon Cowl

Poseidon is best known as god of the seas, and when I saw this Hand Maiden yarn I could think of nothing else but the ocean. The same thought occurred to me with the grey Malabrigo as many of the stories I know of Poseidon, he is angry and calling forth storms and the grey reminds me of the darkness of being on a stormy sea. The lace pattern reminded me of horses as well, another thing Poseidon is god of.  Combined with a motif that looks like seaweed, this fall cowl is a perfect quiet reminder of the sea god.



Size 6 (4.0 mm) 24” circular needles
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers



Fingering Weight – Shown in Hand Maiden Casbah sock yarn and Malabrigo Sock
Approx: 125-150 yards.


5 stitches and 7 rows per inch


Skills Needed

Lace knitting Yo, SSK, K2tog, sk2p


The pattern is available for purchase for $3.50. Click the link below to get your own copy.

Girl on Fire Cowl

The first completed project of the Ravellenic Games and the first  project made of my handspun. This yarn came out mostly as a heavy worsted, and I wanted some cables to show it off.

The yarn goes from a mustard like color, to yellow, orange, and ends at red. and with cables that move along the  looking  like flickering  flames we had a winner.  It was a very quick knit, with only 2 rows of cables.

Casting on during the airing of the opening ceremony of the Olympics it was a very simple pattern that gave me a chance to play with my new charting software.  I think this picture is also truest to the color.


For this cowl I would recommend a heavy worsted weight yarn, as the majority of my handspun hit that level.  This patter is a pretty snug but still comfortable fit, so if you want something looser I would say cast on a larger multiple of 12.

Yarn – Heavy Worsted approx 110 yards 4 stitches per inch.
Cable Needle
Size 9 (5.5mm) 24″ Circular needle or DPN’s
Stitch marker


C6f – slip 3 to cable needle and hold to front knit 3 than knit 3 from from cable needle.
C6b – slip 3 to cable needle and hold to back knit 3 than knit 3 from from cable needle.

On size 9 (5.5mm) Needles Cast on 84 stitches. Join in the round being careful not to twist, place marker.

Row 1 purl
Row 2 – 4 knit
Row 5  *c6f, k6* repeat * to *
row 6 – 9 Knit
row 10: * K6, c6b , *  repeat *to*

Repeat rows 2 – 11 seve times
Next row purl
Next round bind off loosely

Block lightly and enjoy the quick knit.

Below is the chart for the pattern if that is more your cup of tea followed by the chart’s key.


PDF available here Free Patterns

Pattern: Greek Key Cowl

After two knits, one that is roaming the wilds of the NYC subway the Greek Key Cowl pattern is available for purchase.

The PDF is available on Ravelry for $3.00. The pattern includes both charts and written instructions. The cowl is double knit, so is complelty reversible. You will needed between 23o and 250 yards of a Bulky Weight Wool. The two cowls are were made from 2 skeins of  Cascade Eco+ Wool (478 yards).


Size 8 (5.0mm) circular 60” needles
Size 10 ½ (6.0mm) 60” circular needles for cast on

Other supplies

Stitch Markers
Tapestry Needle to weave in ends

Finished Measurements
L:  56 inches (142.2cm)
H:  6.5 inches (16.5cm)

10 sts/22 rows = 4″ in stockinet stitch

Skills Needed

Double Knitting

NerdWars: Bifrost & Apollo

Submitted my first item for NerdWars. Bifrost gloves, for the technical challenge on mnemonic devices. I settled on Roy G. Biv.

It was a very simple pattern I cam up with and knit during a meeting on Sunday on size 3 DPN’s.

With  red CO 32, K3 p1 for 8 rows
Change to Orange Knit 8 rows in ST
Change to Yellow Knit 8 rows in ST
Change to Green Knit 8 rows in ST
Change to Blue Knit 1 rows in ST
Knit 12 cast off eight stitches knit to end of the round
Knit 12 Cast on eight stitches and continue knitting in ST for 5 rows
Change to Indigo Knit 8 rows in ST
Change to Purple  Knit 8 rows in ST

Bind off

And I created the swatch for what I hope to be my dissertation.  The soon to be knit Apollo shawl.

And I have once again cast on for the Greek Key Cowl.  I will find out if you can make two  with two skeins of eco wool, or if there will be screaming near the end of the project.

Yay Presents

“From the west she appeared sunlight and stars in her hair
In her eyes an undying memory of home a land that is magical and fair
Where her feet came to rest deep in a canopied  glade
 She lifted her face and there as she danced 
The realm of Lothlorien she made”

~ Lothlorien

If you know where that came from I have to say weren’t the Orcs amazing? If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, that was the opening of the song Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings Musical.  A show I was able to catch during the end of its run in West End way back in the summer of 2008.  I was able to get 3 or  4 tickets for £99 and treated my hosts who were also LoTR fans and willing to see what was easily going to be a silly but still fun show.  Galadriel was by far my favorite part of the show.  Golden and  regal despite the fact that  the elves of Lothlorien were all flailing around like  Circe de Soleil.

Why am I bringing this up? Well over at Sunflower Designs there is  a 12 days of Christmas gifting happening. I’ve been following the blog since I discovered there was a knitter, making LotR themed patterns.  I actually got  to the post in my RSS feed at a decent time. Just an hour after posting and it was a gift of 1 free pattern to the first 30 respondents. Crossing my fingers (which is quite the difficult way to type) I shot off a message hoping others had not beat me to the 30 cap.   The yarn my friend got for me at Rhinebeck is just under the yardage for Lothlorien so I jumped on it. This morning I opened my email and was pleased to see a pattern!

Yes I’m living a bit dangerously starting a pattern 100 yards short  with no way to get more; but what’s life without some tightrope walking? And I mean really look at this cape. Perhaps I will remove a pattern repeat….

How could I not? Well I could of chosen Argonath or Galadriel’s mirror or Balrog. I’ll just have to buy those once I get the yarn for them.  Perhaps at VKL in January.

By the power of  Greysk- youtube watch the staged  performance of Lothlorien  and/or  hear the full version of the song here  part of Legolas’ intro and the section in elvish seem cut out in the stage video.

I leave you with a bit of the end of the song, sung by Galadriel accompanied by the Elves of Lorien (the opening is sung by Legolas).

“Although storms may descend
Mountains and valley may quake
For the days that remain
This is the promise that I make
No Shadow fall across this land
Before the wind and fire I stand
And you my child will know no harm
Enfolded in My Arms

A very different Christmas Prep

I’ve gotten some fun feedback on the month of posting on Twitter and on Ravelry.  To the point where I think the hardship will be narrowing it down to 31 posts. But of all the problems to have I think that is a good one. I hope this means there will be interesting things to talk about all January.

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree, and we had long since decided a home with two knitters should not have a pipe cleaner star thrown together when you realize you don’t have a topper.

This year I knit an angel free hand I had a notion on what I wanted from looking at other patterns, available in books, that would not appear in my hand or in my kindle right that minute.

Now that was done I knit some wings out of yellow yarn and then I just had to stiffen them. I soaked them in a Mod Podge mix.  I would say it was a 50/50 mix but I just thew in water and podge until it was the color of the podge but the consistency of water.

You can see the wings blocking as well.

Knit presents have pretty much been a no go this year. And I have to say other than a few moments of twitching when I read on the train and bus instead of knit, then remembered I had no obscene deadlines I’m okay with that. Now I just need to remedy the lack of Christmas cards.



Plotting on the Bus

For some reason that I can’t fathom the bus ride seems to be getting longer. On Monday I was on the bus so long that I was a couple of rows from finishing a fingerless mit, which I finished but for the thumb on the subway.

The on on the right, it started as a way to see if I could get an Iron Man inspired glove going and at some  point turned into that. But as I looked at I couldn’t help but think it looks more Flash than IM. What can I say? I had just spent the weekend at New York Comic Con.  Heroes are on the brain. I mean NYCC is to blame for this and this and that poor marvel scarf if it ever happens.

And it wasn’t as if I wasn’t wrapped in this when I got chilly. I find NYCC to be a mecca of nerdy inspiration. You may have noticed that WIP on the left.  Working on making of glove of big blue.  Seeing this guy walk around (I did a double take) you can’t help but have supes on the brain. I may redo the cuff in red. But these are just ideas I am spewing out on the universe.  I also have green and gold yarn calling out to be Loki.

Yes  I was at the Javits center all weekend, I figured it was safer there for the wallet. But I did send my friends who did head up to Rhinebeck  off with a mission to bring me something nice.  They delivered quite well.

Three skeins of yarn in red, black, and a red orange colorway.

The largest of the skeins being 1120 yards of  a fingering weight yarn.  That will be fun to play with. Possibly a sweater of some kind. My friends are awesome.


Jaunty little cap

So the first sock became a hat, its a very Christmas-y hat what with the with the ribbed brim and the bright red body. And did you notice the bobble on top? funnily enough the hat fits just fine though i have no idea what I will do with it.  Wear it? Gift it? who knows.

Despite what I thought was the small size it fits me just fine if not a tad bit short.

Yes that is a bobble on top. The hat is wool/mohair – brim/bobble Lamb’s Pride Bulky and the main hat is actually a really shiny skein of Mondial red cotton I had lying around.

And there was barely any pattern, but I know if I don’t write it down I will forget.

CO60 K2P2 rib for about an inch. Switch to red, K in ST for 3 inches or so.SSK every eight stitches  knit next round
SSK every seven stitches knit next round
Continue in this way until you are at SSK  every 1 stitch.

Next round SSK all around Repeat until there is only one  stitch left. Switch to white create bobble.  I did a pretty large bobble of Kfb 8 times into single stitch,   turn sl 1 P7,  turn sl1 k7, turn P2tog, turn  K2tog, K2tog bind off, pull through top of hat and use excess yarn to help stiffen the bobble.

But after my little adventure in hat land I have returned to the original plan.  Stockings, it doesn’t help that I also suddenly want to knit dozens of other gifts.  But I’m making progress.

This morning I added a couple more inches on the subway and bus despite falling asleep on the bus for a little while.  I think I will be turning my first heel on the ride into the city or, at Beer and Knitting tonight.

I do seem to be getting extra shed on the red Lamb’s Pride, I have no idea why, but i may avoid it for further socks, but we shall see after blocking.

I’m free handing this first stocking pattern but we’ll see how it goes. Since this is the most traditional sock.  I mean some of my other color schemes include:

1. Purples
2. Slytherin + Celtic cables
3. R2D2
4. Tardis
5.  Guinness
6. Batman

Did I mention the plan is to make 13/14 of these? Technically that’s only 7 pairs of socks in  2 1/2 months. Doable right? *fingers crossed* Its not like I have any large time consuming things in November like National Novel Writing Month or anything.

Maybe I should invest in some super bulky yarn at Geek Knitting on Thursday.

Here is the stitch pattern on the sock:


1.  K3, p1, *k4 p1* *repeat til  last stitch k1
2. k2, p1, *k4 p1* *repeat til  last 2  stitches  k2
3.  K1, p1, *k4 p1* *repeat til  last 3  stitches k3
4.  p1, *k4 p1* *repeat til  last 4  stitches k4
5.  Purl entire round

Repeat rows 1-5

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PDF Update

[nocrosspost]I have uploaded the update to the Justice League Scarf PDF it is available on the Free Pattern’s page Here and on Ravelry Here

An update notice should have gone out to everyone on Ravelry.

The changes include

Superman (instructions & chart) , Hawkman (instructions),  Flash (instructions- for clarity)

To keep things clear the update lists 2010 in the header as opposed to 2009.