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Vacation VI: Swag

Last vacation post before we get back to knitting, and my adventures, in trying to turn some hair into a mohawk… I didn’t haul home all that much from the trip. For no real reason, but it did not stop me grabbing a few things at least. There also may have been a boozy theme.

2013-09-02 18.31.37

The Buckingham Palace shot glass to add to the collection. My dad ages ago, gave me a bunch of shot glasses from Florida, and since then I have tried to grab one or two from places I visit. I did not get anything of the kind in Paris, but I got Absinthe. That counts right?

2013-09-02 18.33.27

Right of course it counts. Sorta. The last time I was at the Tower of London I did get a shot glass, and this time I was exploring trying to figure out what to grab. I finally settled on some mixes.

2013-09-02 18.32.13


These would be mixes, for Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider, and Whiskey Toddy. Clearly at some point I will need to have a winter party  and mix all these things up into a pile of delicious drinks.  There were even things that had nothing to do with alcohol at all.

2013-09-02 18.43.54 2013-09-02 18.37.44 2013-09-02 18.32.51

Key chains, one of the Rosetta stone, and a red bus key chain. I did have a moment of sadness, that I did not get the Rosetta stone usb, but is was twenty pounds and I could not get behind that, even if it would have been very fitting.  I also got a Stonehenge snow globe, ignoring the temptation to get the mead they sold in the shop.

2013-09-02 18.49.01


And lastly I got a few geeky/crafty things. I went to Platform 9 3/4 again, though this time I did not take a picture, there was a line, and everyone was camping up their photos, so it felt like it would be a long wait with the 20 or so people in front of us. Instead we just went to the shop; where I got a magnet, and ticket to the train to Hogwarts.

2013-09-02 18.46.33

At the Imperial War Museum, i got postcards of the knitting print that caught my attention. And that was everything I bought to take home. Barely anything at all. I do keep finding maps and guides everywhere, but that happens.


Vacation II: Paris

As I’m breaking this trip out of order, and grouping things together. I decided that Paris should have one post. We spent a bit under a day in Paris. We arrived just before midnight local time and were staying with one of my sister’s law school friends and her husband.

We hopped on the metro from the EuroStar stop and got to the apartment pretty fast. Which was good since, we were nearing 1am, with transferring and riding the train. First thing in the morning we got up and headed to a bistro for breakfast.

2013-08-27 08.55.47

A traditional breakfast to fortify us before we took a walk to the catacombs. We got there about half an hour before it opened and here was still quite the line. We eventually got inside and am I glad we grabbed the audio tour, as  there is little signage or description of sections. But to anyone who wants to go to the catacombs in Paris, go early, the line is slow going, and still had to wait a little over an hour, and take the audio tour, or you will be walking in silence with just a few signs across the entire distance.

2013-08-27 11.16.54

And just when you maybe forget about what else the Catacombs had in store you get to the second section of your trip, longer than the first and a reason to deploy emergency kitten when you are done. Or in my case pick up some Absinthe in the shop.

2013-08-27 11.20.22

We headed to Notre Dame from there with a stop off for lunch. There were two lines, one to go inside, which was moving quickly despite its length, and one for  climbing. After checking the status of both lines we decided we would  just go inside.

2013-08-27 14.12.23

As expected it is quite beautiful inside. Stained glass, statues, a small exhibit for the 850th anniversary.

2013-08-27 14.32.19

And we did not stop there, a friend who had been to Paris a few months ago recommended going to the Sainte-Chapelle  which was smaller, near Notre Dame and just as beautiful.  She was quite right.

2013-08-27 15.38.08

It was  a great stop before heading to the musee d’orsay who had a Van Gogh exhibit going, that I wanted to see. They had no photo signs up everywhere, so nothing to see there. We wrapped op our trip by meeting our hosts for dinner, and having savory crepes for dinner.  After stopping at a wine shop for some haul home of course.

2013-08-27 17.08.20

We had to then head back to catch the last train. All in all a good day in Paris though now I want to spend more time there, if for nothing else more eating, and drinking. Also actually going to the Louvre  which is closed on Tuesday and the Eiffel tower which was booked for the day.

Traveling Knitter

My sister and I have been discussing going on vacation during the summer together since the fall. On Sunday, we met and booked a flight for the last week of August. Where are we going? London with a day trip in Paris.




I have as readers may remember, been to London twice. My sister has never been and neither one of us has ever been to Paris.  So I have just over a month to figure out some off the beaten path things to do in London. Though my sister has said she would be happy spending days wandering the British Museum and The Tower of London.


So now comes the work of:

  • Booking a hotel
  • Booking a train to Paris
  • Planning Paris (right now we have Louvre and food, its a short list)
  • Having a vague outline of the trip
  • Gathering friends for meals/drinks
  • Picking museums
  • Something Dr. Who has to be happening for the 50th around this time right?
  • Picking clothes and packing
  • Picking travel projects
  • Do I yarn store or don’t I yarn store? Loop was very nice last time…


Lots of work still to be done. But we have over a month. And of course I am always looking for recommendations.  Especially on where to eat/drink, you put my sister and I together and we become massive foodies.