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Ommegang Progress

My Ommegang continues to grow. I have finally started the yolk decreases.

I’m starting to get really close to a sweater here! 2 yoke decreases down 16 to go. I really want to wear this sweater this winter. I also really want to cast on Zweig soon so that’s another layer of motivation.

Though this sweater has long gone past the subway knitting phase. I need to sit down with it for a few hours and follow that cable chart.

Look! A tiny bit of progress

I’ve made about an inch of progress on my Ommegang sweater this week. Since attaching the sleeves sometime in November. I am a couple rows away from the decrease and actually finish this sweater which I seem to have started sometime in 2016.

Though the purchase of an additional skein was clearly necessary as that tiny ball is clearly not finishing the sweater and turtle neck. I really want to finish this sweater and wear it this winter. Fingers crossed I can actually do that.  I have a few months left, maybe more.



Some Progress

Alright, A couple other things did happen this weekend but I also made some progress on Ommegang.  I have gotten to the body cables . Starting to look like a sweater.  and that totally is more than the bit of ribbing I had on Friday.

So sleeves, and an ever growing body.  Not too bad for where I was Friday, along with cleaning, marching, cooking, and the usual weekend task.

Not too shabby for


Ommegang Progress

I’ve been slowly progressing on Ommegang.  One sleeve done, and half of the next sleeve done. I had a dream of finishing the sweater and wearing it to VKLive.  But somehow I don’t think I will finish a sleeve and the entire cabled body by Friday.


I do love working in this yarn, and am planning on visiting Neighborhood Fiber Co. during a quick vending break and getting another sweater’s worth. Maybe in green or purple. Or whatever catches my eye when I get there. Dupont Circle and Clintonvile are the two colors  I am pondering.