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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Knitting

I spent a long time considering if I was going to go to the march for the variety of reasons, starting with the fact that there were emails from the day job this morning, and getting more than 4 hours of sleep has seemed like a pipe dream these last few weeks.


Though I think I needed this. Here are just a couple shots I got off my phone.  Though I guess the work phone should be thanked as my iPhone was acting wacky.  Hence barely, any social media posts during all the standing around and waiting, and there was a lot of standing around and waiting.  I think I crashed Instagram a few dozen times attempting to post.

I wonder if it could have been the volume or some something ;). Sometimes running into your sister makes, all the difference in how your day goes.

Project Bag Adventure

So I’ve wanted to make myself a project bag for a while. For a few reasons; I want more project bags, I keep buying fabric, I want to sew more… See just a few reasons. But I got some very NYC themed fabric and decided to go for it.  The city skyline, and the ceiling of Grand Central Station.



So I got to cutting, ironing, sewing, and all the steps in between to make a good project  bag. And as tends to be the way with a new project I got some good ideas on what worked, what didn’t and what I need to do in the next round.


The finished bag was quite roomy it could hold the the sock I was working on in Witch Candy Yarn, a finished sock, one of my notions pouches, a pen, and a bottle of Aleve that also got tossed in there. I felt like I could fit a second skein in there for a two color project. My newest project is also living in the bag.


Yep another pair of socks!