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Happy New Year!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? *looks at last post date* *winces* So I’m back, I have some ideas and we’ll see where this blog goes in the next few weeks/months.

But first Happy New Year!

Heres hoping for a great 2019 for everyone!

2013: New Year, A Quick Look Back

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope everyone rang in the  New Year in a  way that made them happy.  I hope everyone is ready to join me on this month long posting adventure.

Some if the topics I will cover were mentioned in this post.  So let’s get started with a  brief recap of 2012. Quite a few things happened for me there and a lot will be covered in a lot more detail in the month to come or have been well blogged about when they happened.

  •  I finished two sweaters Vivian, Dark and Stormy
  • Three patterns out for your consumption: Greek Key, Poseidon, Girl on Fire
  • I Learned to spin and made items with my hand spun
  • I went to Rhinebeck
  • I went back to London
  • I went to the Kings Fiber Festival
  • 35% (47%) of my stash skeins (yardage) were used/sold/gifted
  • I started a Facebook Page and a Ravelry Group
  • I now have a fiber stash
  • My Etsy shop has doubled in size
  • My stitch markers are available at La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe

Not to shabby for 2012. Now to start working towards making 2o13 just as awesome.

New Year and New Plots

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a good time ringing in 2010. I was at a Steampunk Bar with a TARDIS (Yes it was bigger on the inside)  to the Bathroom and Absinthe  shots at Midnight I had fun.  So I mentioned before my friend’s idea for a stash bust. Well I figure I should keep track of it somewhere. And keep track of my progress or lack there of. And also keep track of any new yarn I buy, which is not allowed until I am employed (fingers crossed on sticking to that).

So  a list of sorts. First up projects started but not finished in 2009. Not sure how I will deal with projects that will used 25yds or less of something like Cascade 220 in a variety of colors but as the months progress I’m sure I’ll think of something. Then a list of all the yarn that I think I would actually use in 2010. So none of my acrylic or odder novelty yarns are on this list.  Sadly my ravelry stash needs an overhaul, so it will likely not be updated at least not right now.

In better news I remembered that I had emailed my Justice League Scarf Pattern around so there should be a PDF in the next couple of days now that the pattern won’t have to be rewritten again (my flash drive killed itself) . I may add a few more files on my version of Double Knitting once I AGAIN get a new camera.

Projects- Cast on ’09

Blanket 2/24 skeins used
Marvel Scarf/ JLA scarf 2 – 1/10 Skeins used
True Blood bag- 2/4 skeins used
Twilight Bag – 2/4 skeins used

Projects Planned

Office Shawl II
Knotty or Nice Hat
Green Lantern Bag
JLA scarf 2
Batman Scarf
Sock Weight Sweater
Cascade 22o Sweater
Dalek Kahn
Purple gloves
Cabled hat/scarf/glove set
Spiderman Scarf
Dark-Mark bag


Skeins Likely to Use: 137
Total Yards: 25, 558

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 4


Projects –
Skeins –

Below is a list of all the yarn and number of skeins.