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Making Monday: Racing to the Finish

So T10 of Nerd Wars ends on the 28th. Seven days from now. I’m trucking  along as best I can. I’ve added  decreases to the back to give it some more waist shaping as I was ending up with quite the excess fabric in the back.

2014-04-15 12.52.24

This was the back of the sweat last week.  Around 4/5 excess inches in the back. The pattern calls for increases at the point I was at but that clearly wasn’t happening if I wanted a sweater I liked. With some backup from the girls at Knit Night and on Instagram I decided to do 3 decreases across the back.  And with such great yarn and a pattern I loved I should end up with a sweater I wear all the time.

2014-04-21 11.24.04

A much better fitted sweater another inch and I will be starting the increases for the hips. Hopefully on my way home tonight. The rest of the week will be all Bayside all the time. In the hopes that I have something to show for this month. And keep up my streak of always finishing a dissertation.

WIPW: Bayside Grows

Well with the 50% mark check in two days away it better be growing. I think I’m in the 40-45% mark and once I start waist decreases should be at 50%. I have finished the first ball of yarn and have started on the second.

2014-03-26 11.45.29

Two balls remaining  I also have about a little under 200 yards extra yardage, so I may go for a longer sweater which would mean finishing the sleeves before I finished the body. Not too much of a hardship.  I can’t wait to cast on  Artichoke French so I may work on that in the off month between t10 and  t11. Though I have been thinking T11 would be a break period for me.

2014-03-25 23.48.19

Polar vortexes aside I want more sweaters, and Nerd Wars seems to be a great way to challenge myself to do that. Maybe I can slip in a sweater in my off season.  Though I have had the thought be it T11 or T12 that there would be more of a focus on spinning.

Here Comes November

November is a busy month for me.  It’s the second month of of T9. It’s  Nanowrimo and  I will be working on other projects and things.  I’ve secured a test knitter for the Lantern Corp Scarf and so I have started working on a new one to make sure the written instructions make sense (and are all written). I’ve even made progress since last time.

2013-11-01 14.53.37

Three of the eight symbols mostly done,  five of eight symbols fully written and 8 of 8 fully charted. So we are getting there with this.  I am making it with white as the background color this time, and so far it seems to be working pretty well.  Next up is red/hate.  I also wound up the yarn for my dad’s socks, grabbed the needles at my LYS on Tuesday but still have not cast on.

2013-10-27 16.18.25-2These were originally going to be my Nerd Wars dissertation, but I didn’t find the yarn til after the deadline. And Nerd Wars wise October was a bit of bust. I have one project from the list I posted last month and it was just something in the back of my mind that I should do. A baby hat to go with the blanket I finished for the Going Stratosphere challenge.

2013-10-28 22.57.26-2

I will go through the challenges this weekend and hope for a much better turn out than 1 of 6 projects but we’ll see.  I do have a novel to write as well, and a lot of Doctor  Who work to do in the craft room.  I’m heading to a write in tonight and  have a couple hundred words of my novel so far. As is the strange usual for me the main character doesn’t have a name but the dog, does.  Eh.

Nerd Warriors Come Out and Play

Tournament 9 has begun. I  will be throwing in my needles for Team Mythology, as well as blogging for them once again. I have a few post ideas I shall be working on in the next few months.

Now then, for those who don’t know,  Nerd Wars is three month friendly challenge competition.  Each month there are five themes where you have from the 1st – 28th to knit something that not only fits the theme, but also can be tied back to your team. The teams come from all directions, Browncoat, Impala, Mythology, Bite Me, Pineapple, Fraggle, Writer, Shady Cells, 221B, Precious, Tardis, and so much more.  I took a break from T8 but have been participating since T5.

For example, there was one month where there was a state of water theme, solid, liquid, and gas. I knit Adoro my first beaded shawl.

2013-03-23 18.11.38The beads were chips of ice in the blue water of the shawl, and the lace, was where the air of water would pass through. How  did I tie it to Mythology? Selkies, water dwelling creatures with multiple forms.  So there are a variety of ways to make Nerd Wars work for you and fun.

This month’s challenges, are up and I have some ideas for each challenge.

  • Flex Challenge (WIP challenge – the only challenge where you do not have to start on the 1st) – Wear Something Gaudy
    – I’m thinking I should finish my Color Affection, while not majorly gaudy, three colors is a lot for me. And there is way more than 2 hours of knitting left so I should be able to finish that off in the next week or two.
  • Encyclopedia (real-world language, history, and culture) Volume Z zoo
    –  I think Maybe I will knit a Demi Octopus and throw it on a tote that I have that is otherwise pretty plain.
  • Discovery (discoveries, innovations, breakthroughs, and inventions)– Going Stratosphere
    – No idea yet
  • Nerdology (about being nerdy/geeky once called Geek Pride)  What the Heck is a LARP?
    – No idea yet
  • Giving Geeks (Acts of Charity, Volunteering)  – Fear has its use.
    – No idea yet
  • Dissertation (three moth long challenge that you define and get approval for)
    – I want to make my dad a pair of socks for Christmas. I have yet to finish a pair of wearable socks. So maybe this is possible.

Any other Nerd Warriors planning out their October?

The Same Thing We Do Every Night…

So I’ve been trying to take over the world. It’s a nightly process, I’ll get to it. In the mean time I am slowly working my way through a  few other places.  I have masks, I will be cleverly disguised.

2013-02-09 21.15.02

But to be a tad bit serious, I’ve started blogging at a couple locations Once a week for each right now but that may grow. Well I have wanted to write more, I just thought it would be in Scrivener not WordPress  You all have already seen my posts over at the Nerd Wars blog for Mythological Mondays.  The other place I shall be posting is GeekCrafts. So far I have an introduction post and some time to find a fun nerdy tutorial, or something for my next Friday post.  So feel  free to point to me anything you think would be handy.

Also there’s still some time to win some Aquaman in your life in the blog birthday post.

WIPW: Allegheny Sweater Dress

I have cast on the Allegheny Sweater dress with the hopes of having it finished by the 28th of April. Well I have the collar done, I made it a bit larger, then decreased back down to start shaping the body. I’m a whopping three rows into the body chart.

2013-02-13 11.41.59

So not a ton of progress to show but pretty good for having cast on, on Monday. Here’s hoping I can get to the sleeve divisions pretty fast then have a pattern that is manageable for working on the bus and train. I also have a couple other projects I want to start, and that poor honey cowl needs to be finished. And I want to finish my socks. What socks?


Those socks. I thought I found my way around second sock syndrome, instead I have 75% of a pair of socks. I’ve turned the heel on one, and have most of the leg on the other. Sigh.

WIPW: Nerd Wars T7

Nerd Wars has begun.  Which meant the second the first rolled around I started casting on. It also helped that Friday was a bit of a Knitters, night in, at my apartment and everyone was working on a project and 3/4 of the knitters were fellow Nerd Warriors.

So I cast on Koolhaas  on Friday. And have made quite a bit of progress. 16 more rows until the crown decrease. Very straight forward pattern, and while I don’t have it memorized, I tend to just need to know what the first iteration of the pattern is and I’m fine.

2013-02-06 10.28.12


I’m using my hand spun Alpaca, and its coming along quite well. It is also one of my 12 in 2013 patterns. The yarn originally set aside for it has already instead been used on my chilly podsters.

I also cast on my T7 Dissertation  Allegheny during the Superbowl. Not nearly as much progress as the hat. But it too grows.

2013-02-06 10.28.34


Part of the reason I haven’t continued is that, I hate turtle necks, and am trying to decide if I need to cast on more stitches to make more of a draped neck, or if this will be fine. I’m leaning towards more stitches.

Also, I shall be blogging at the Nerd Wars blog every Monday on various topics in Mythology. You can read the posts here and today I will be posting my introduction along with my fellow team blogger.

Adventures in Blocking

So a fellow Geek knitter took up the call to help and brought the Spidy blanket to block somewhere cat free.

Two things happened, It blocked out HUGE. That is half the conference table at my office. A table that seats 10.  That tiny looking square is my iPhone. I put it on as a cape when it was brought over. So it should last the kid a while right? She’ll be loving her new blanket forever. It will be on that crappy futon in her first apartment after college.

That is the blanket pre-blocking, you may notice that there was webbing on this second photo. It  had to be pulled out and put back on, I hit four spokes on the bus this morning while drinking my latte, and reading A Feast For Crows. So if I focus I will likely be done soon.

Done by Geek Knitting on Thursday? One can hope.

And I finally started and my first project for Nerd Wars.

The 75 yard Malabrigo gloves, left over from T4 Nerd Wars. Added to the pile of someone will get these eventually gifts. Now I have to swatch by Thursday for my Dissertation submission, a beaded lace shawl, Adoro.  All while trying to work out a couple new designs.

Ares and Aphrodite, seem to want to go hand in hand. Perhaps I’ll throw in Hephaestus for a knitted love triangle. We’ll see what comes out. And I really want this Work + Shelter  yarn for Apollo V2.


I wonder if i should be concerned that I am more worried about having enough knitting for my flight and travel than I am about what outfits to bring.  But I have settled on bringing my  Mystery Shawl and Sherilyn and my Apollo Shawl. You know just one or two things.


But I do have plenty of plans for the rest of the week in London *squee!*

–  Forbidden planet to pick up a new iPhone Case
– The British Museum
– London Transport Museum
– Loop (yarn Shop)
-221b Baker Street (no really its a museum)
– London Aquarium
-Tate Modern
– British Library
– Sir John Soanes museum

I’ll likely add things to that list or remove them, I may not go to Tate Modern again.

And lastly my nerd wars entry for scrap usage, Hoot using some of the leftover bulky yarn from all the Christmas  stockings I made way back in 2010.