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Vacation III: Museums

My sister and I both love museums and we went to quite a few on this trip.  And by quite a few I mean a whole lot. There was a spreadsheet involved, it was great!


So how many museums is a lot?

  1. Science Museum
  2. Museum of Natural History
  3. Transport Museum
  4. Victoria and Albert Museum
  5. National Gallery
  6. British Museum x2
  7. Imperial War Museum
  8. Sherlock Holmes Museum
  9. Museum Of London

2013-08-24 15.24.28

Okay apparently a lot is 9. Not too bad 10 if you count Paris. And when you add in the sites and locations we visited in the next post, we were a busy pair. And we also had to get places. while the Science Museum, and the Museum of Natural history were right next to each other, Imperial War and Sherlock Holmes were farther apart but also done on the same day.

2013-08-30 14.52.50

Which were  my favorites? Well I’m always going to have a warm spot in my heart for the Transport Museum, and we didn’t just go to the British Museum twice because its so big. It’s also because it’s awesome.  The Museum of London was fun and catered to my geeky side with a Radio Times display.

2013-08-30 17.38.59-1

Granted it wasn’t the only one, when you have Rosetta stones, knitting displays, gods, monsters, dinosaurs, art, dragons, tanks, trains, and planes. There is ver y little you could do to displease me other than epic lines and, being closed.

2013-08-31 13.50.50

I had a lot of fun on the museum side of the trip and probably could spend a few more days in the British Museum and a few others that didn’t make the list.

IMG_2931   IMG_3048 IMG_3078