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London Day 3: Rosetta Stone


This was a very good moment.  Made me giddy, and remember the kid who decided to try and teach herself coptic. Something that would not have been possible if not for this baby.

My Friday got off to a later start than I had originally planned. I had breakfast, and checked out by a little after 12 instead of 10 for example. Then headed over to my friend J’s  place who was thankfully working from home.  We met for lunch, and I dropped off my backpack. Met his pet bear (some would call it a dog), he was amazingly friendly so all was well.

Here’s a very fuzzy picture of said bear.

He tended to flop down at the bottom of the stairs, which left a lot of balancing and stepping over him. After getting settled I headed back out to the museum.  Below is the actual stone behind glass and things, the other is just a touchable model.

So my friend M met me  together we started a whirlwind tour. While we were at the museum and much like like a recent visit to the Met we went back and forth playing tour guide with each other and discussing childhood dreams of being Indy, learning foreign languages, and the like.  We had plans to meet friends a little after 5 so he and I did a quick tour.  I’m sure  over two hours in the Museum is long enough for some but it was a fun go around. And I likely would have stayed ages even with the crowds, oh the crowds.

We were very happy when we reached the room with all the clocks they were staggered, and only one went off two minutes later when it was actually5.

And you know things like an entire temple in the museum and the sheer volume of, things countries want back that were in the museum.  So many artifacts so little time.  There was even a display of the medals for the upcoming Olympic Games.

The British Museum is clearly a place I will have to visit a few dozen more times. I suppose that means going back to London… such a hardship really.


London Day 2: Detectives, Doctors, Daleks oh my!

So on Thursday I woke bright and early, without an alarm clock. I was down to eat, by 9. I put together a very traditional English breakfast, then made my way to Baker Street. It was close enough to my hotel that I walked, especially since I had to stop at a bank and convert a 2o pound note from my last trip that was no longer legal tender.

So  off Baker Street. Or 221b Baker street to be exact.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum. Which is 221b frozen in time, with some case studies.  John’s Room, Sherlock’s Room, Mrs. Hudson’s room, Sherlock’s experiments, and even some case reenactments.