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The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I was knitting on the baby blanket following a pattern I have used and altered before. It was slow going, I didn’t like the look of the increases and then I remembered I was working in acrylic and not superwash and blocking would do so very little.  I searched around and settled on the pattern for A little Old Fashioned.


This pattern actually calls for knitting the star and then sewing it into place; so I am working on the the center circle which is going very quickly and more importantly much neater than the other pattern.


Just look at the difference in progress. I only pulled the DPNs out so I could work on the start of the blue circle and quickly made my way to a much larger circle in much less time.  I have about 3 more increase rounds before I get to the first color change.  I know I will eventually have hundreds of stitches per row, but if it keeps going this fast I may be able to add a sweater to the gifts for this little one before I move on to the next baby project.

November Shop Update

The November Shop update is live.  Full of holiday notions bags and some fun geeky ones like Doctor Banner.

IMG_0555 IMG_0562 IMG_0568 IMG_0572 IMG_0581 IMG_0585 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0597 IMG_0600 IMG_0577

And Stitch Markers.

It is Defended Stitch markers is a warning to many that would want to take advantage of the earth.


Some sleigh bells



A few inspirations from across the sea.


IMG_0532 IMG_0484

A very uncanny team.



Some restocking from the wizarding world.

IMG_0515 IMG_0495 IMG_0511

Some Marvelous Restocking

wolverine1 IMG_9044 IMG_0519


Ms. Frank returns.


Agent Training, Crab and More

There were Birthday fun times this past weekend. Starting with Japanese BBQ on  Friday and ending with diner goodness on Saturday, full of whiskey in between.  After lunch we started at the Avengers Station at Discovery NY in Times Square. You can see sis and I taking our last civilian photo.

2014-08-08 20.31.14

The station is fun, with costumes, armor, science, descriptions, even a few fitness test, even if I couldn’t get the weight machine to figure out I am WAY taller than 5’1″.  It was full of Avengers footage, props, and effects you could poke.I may have spent way too long at the Iron Man gauntlet. There were a couple things you could do for each avenger but Hawkeye and Black Widow. Though the Iron Man items were the only ones with epic lines.

2014-08-08 15.06.33

The only sad part came after everything, when my sister and I could not find a single item we wanted to purchase in Women’s sizing. They had a great red Cap hoodie that the smallest size was Men’s XL… I think the only items in women’s sizing were the Station shirts that the staff also wore, and an Avengers shirt with the ‘A’ that had it been a Shield logo or a more classic avengers logo, I would have been all over. Sigh. Better for my wallet I guess.


Saturday started with lunch in Red Hook, where a few friends and I attempted to eat our weight in crab.  We walked over to a small park where there was a great view.


We hung out and chatted until the sun got the better of all of us. Then it was off to the evening version of events. I again went to a great bar in my neighborhood. Tooker Alley and had whiskey wonderfulness.

2014-08-09 19.20.54-2So many good drinks, so many good friends, so far ringing in 30 has been great.

2014-08-09 20.05.20

June Etsy Update: The Ears Have It

This month’s update is heavy on the earrings. Which can be fun.  Let’s get this show on the road. Titles include links to the Etsy shop.

Vincent and The Doctor Earrings 


Last Month we had stitch markers, this time earrings, with different beads but the same theme. Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Amortentia Earrings


The most powerful love potion  in the world. Well if your world includes Hogwarts.

Green Lantern Earrings


In brightest day, In blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power Green Lantern’s light!

The second version of these earrings, the older of which had much more of a Steampunk feel.


Demeter Stitch Markers


These beads reminded me of the approach of fall and through that the story of Demeter losing Persephone. And we have Demeter Stitch markers.

Storm Earrings 


These earrings I made two pairs of, and one is for me. As they will be the earrings I wear at my attempt for my Punk Storm costume.  I’m sure I shall be chronicling my adventures in trying to get a Mohawk.

Superman Earrings 



It’s a bird, its a plane, its Superman inspired earrings.

 Nick Fury Jr. Earrings 


And a second version of the Nick Fury earrings, a more toned down version than the ones currently in the shop. Or possibly Nick Fury Jr. currently running S.H.I.E.L.D. in the 616 universe.

And the restocking of two pairs of earrings that pretty much vanished the moment I put them in. River Song, and Wonder Woman Earrings.

Spoilers Earrings 



Wonder Woman Earrings 


Avengers Assemble: Knitter’s style

So I finally saw avengers this weekend. I know what you’re thinking, it’s only been out one week. I tend to be a midnight showing kind of gal. So a whole week after the release, after the UK got it a week before that I was getting twitchy. The movie was excellent. Go see it.  If you haven’t there really is nothing more spoiler-y than you have seen in the trailers in this post.

Then I got home, and Saturday and Sunday I had goals, in between bacholorette party events. Take new photos of items in my etsy shop, the craft office in sunlight is fantastic, I never realized how dark the others rooms were. Restock items that had sold, and make whatever new items came to mind. I think some may notice a theme on what came to mind…
Bifrost stitch markers. While the rainbow bridge was not actually in the Avengers, what happened to it in Thor had a lot to do with the arc of this movie.

Hulk Stitch Markers. Oh Hulk you stole this movie and ran away with it every time you were on screen. Good job sir. Good job.

Billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist. And then there’s the suit. Never change Tony, never change.

And the one who ran  this movie. Seriously that scene in the trailer is just the beginning. Black Widow. Competent, brilliant, kick ass, and mostly fearless.  Go ahead, try to underestimate her.  I’m sure we’ll find your pieces eventually.


I am still working on an Avengers, set, and just need to grab a couple more colors in beads, and that should be ready to go. They are all available in the etsy shop  along with the restocking of these fun items.


And then there were 3

The next square is done.

Soon to be followed by X – men and the Avengers? Only time will tell.

Now if only this was travel knitting, but straight needles and my desire to work until the last possible moment make this a bad idea and messy.  Which reminds me I have to start picking projects for my flight Tuesday. London here I come!

Back from the Depths

A couple weeks ago I cleaned and reorganized my room.  The same day I had the stash bust sale. Selling about 32 skeins of yarn. I wish I could say it made a bigger dent in my stash than it did. But there is more room, and that is the important part right? Nods.

But with cleaning and moving all the yarn around, the poor Marvel Scarf surfaced again. I posted during 2KCBW (which should be coming up again I believe)  how it had been languishing for a year. On my way home on the train, I was reading when I could not stop thinking about the scarf. I got home and I sketched out a design on graph paper while I made dinner and I pulled out the scarf.  There is now another square in the making!

That my dear friends is a 4, for the Fantastic Four. It’s been ages since I read the comic and I know their team layout and color scheme is on the fritz, but this is mostly what I think of, blue white, with a four just off center. I always liked that the FF had the same Uniform as best as could be done for Ben. Marvel’s First Family, was fun, I was even entertained by that cartoon, oh the 90’s.

So that brings me up to three squares. At the pace I am going I’ll have a full scarf by 2020 if I am lucky. Let’s hope I start to move faster. I think the next square will be the X men, then maybe  Thor , Spiderman,  Ms. Marvel (who actually has a sketch),  and a Phoenix or two.  Apparently my plot of hanging it from a clear plastic bag, that I passed everyday woke some shame, and  I actually got to work.

If I keep this up I may have to make a comic blanket of epic geek.

Plotting on the Bus

For some reason that I can’t fathom the bus ride seems to be getting longer. On Monday I was on the bus so long that I was a couple of rows from finishing a fingerless mit, which I finished but for the thumb on the subway.

The on on the right, it started as a way to see if I could get an Iron Man inspired glove going and at some  point turned into that. But as I looked at I couldn’t help but think it looks more Flash than IM. What can I say? I had just spent the weekend at New York Comic Con.  Heroes are on the brain. I mean NYCC is to blame for this and this and that poor marvel scarf if it ever happens.

And it wasn’t as if I wasn’t wrapped in this when I got chilly. I find NYCC to be a mecca of nerdy inspiration. You may have noticed that WIP on the left.  Working on making of glove of big blue.  Seeing this guy walk around (I did a double take) you can’t help but have supes on the brain. I may redo the cuff in red. But these are just ideas I am spewing out on the universe.  I also have green and gold yarn calling out to be Loki.

Yes  I was at the Javits center all weekend, I figured it was safer there for the wallet. But I did send my friends who did head up to Rhinebeck  off with a mission to bring me something nice.  They delivered quite well.

Three skeins of yarn in red, black, and a red orange colorway.

The largest of the skeins being 1120 yards of  a fingering weight yarn.  That will be fun to play with. Possibly a sweater of some kind. My friends are awesome.


Day 4: Where are they now?

Whatever happened to your __________?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

I have so many projects in so many places, both known and unknown.  The Dalek I dropped at some point at Dragon Con, which I like to believe is exterminating with wooly goodness somewhere.

It’s possible,  mostly I hope whoever grabbed it knew what it was and it’s not lamenting in a trash dump somewhere.

Though the project that really comes to mind I know exactly where it is. The WIP box on my desk at home.

The Marvel Scarf.  Oh the  Marvel Scarf.

When it comes to  comics, really I’m a marvel girl at heart. Even if I can argue why Batman is way better then Superman, at the end of the day Spider-man holds my heart in a way they never will.  Don’t get me started on that “Musical”.  X-men, The Hulk, Iron-Man,  the Avengers, all things I’ve been known to geek out about.

But the one thing I will always Give DC over Marvel are the Logos. I designed and knit this scarf in under a month to wear to Comic Con.  Who doesn’t know the bat symbol? Superman’s S (yes yes I know not an S, point still stands).  Wonder Woman, or Aquaman may give you pause but the theme becomes clear.

Justice League Scarf

Its battered, and has seen better days now, but I knit another version for a friend.

This scarf has been knit as potholders, pattern has been put up, it has been knit for the boyfriend by another knitter. This  scarf is going far and wide.

The Marvel scarf on the other hand  is still 2 squares, with some drawings and sketches of what will  come next but it has been in the box for the better part of a year. I stole the needles out of it at one point. Sigh.

Maybe by 3KCBW I will  have another square? A whole Scarf?

Version 1

Haven’t been around for a bit, but I have been knitting away. Most recently I’ve been working on a Captain America Shield Pie Shawl attempt.

It took about two weeks,  I worked on it a lot while at dragon con and on the flights, though I suspect less obviously nerdy then the hero squares I worked on last year.

I used the same pattern that was from the baby blanket then modified on a whim as I worked on it.

There a few changes I’ve decided to make. One thing I realized pretty quickly was that this one would be much too small. Its more like a shawlett at least when I fold it in half.

Its about 33″ in diameter  and I’d likely want to double that the next time around.  I also need to work a different kind of increase or at least switch to a KFB sooner than i did.

As you can see at the end of the blocking which took ages and a few tries to get right, the star wasn’t as sharp as i wanted it and nothing was quite as round as I had been hoping. I’m sure there’s a way to get that star done with the blue. I may go back to the old plan of a provisional cast on.

Though this update will have to wait a while. I’m working on a new Justice League scarf for a friend, and while its going quickly the train was actually so crowded this morning that I wasn’t able to work n it in the morning.

I’ve been writing on the bus so most of my knitting is done on the subway.

The amazing thing about this picture is that its of the first scarf but I am at the same point.  Or possibly a row shorter.  I still wonder if the pattern is as easy to read as I think it is. I had a couple knitters look it over, but I don’t think any of them actually worked on a square.

There is at least 1 person who is working on one but they haven’t uploaded any pictures so I’m still waiting to see what theirs looks like.

Once I finish that which I hope to do by next week I plan, to start Christmas/winter knitting.

I have a plan to make a bunch of stockings and get smaller stocking stuffers and gift that. As I still haven’t made a pair of socks it will be interesting. I also haven’t actually chosen a pattern just yet.  I’m sure they will be in a variety of colors to match my friends, my stash, and even traditional Christmas colors.

But I think if I start in October, I’ll know how doable it is by Nano and will be able to go, and re think gifts and possibly just do ornaments.

Anyone else already thinking about holiday knits? Been thinking about them for month.