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Feb. Shop Update: The Fellowship of the Ring

There are other markers in this shop update really. But there is one set that has me really excited. The Fellowship of the Ring, I made fou er three, yes three sets of these markers.


We have the nine walkers that set out from Rivendel in order;  Merry, Pippin, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimili, Legolas, and Gandalf.

Moving to seasonally appropriate markers. Love Letters.


The seasons as a collection: Each set uses slightly different beads.

IMG_8355 IMG_8359 IMG_8361

Two of the four seasons: Winter and Spring

winter4 spring5

Some new House Sock Sets:  Gambit, Gaslight, Icingdeath, Companion,  Weasley is Our King,  Nightwing, and Clockwork Heart

gambit3 gaslight5 ice4 greenfans1 weasleyking2  nightwing1clockworkheart5

And some more regular sized markers: Count em All, Hedwig, and Beacon Hills Pack.

countem1 hedwigsil1 pack23

May Update: Peredhil and More

Peredhil which means half-elven in Sindarin, is the name for the one off stitch markers that will be in the shop for now on. In a variety of colors and designs they will each have a looped end and a fixed end via lobster claw. I have made larger and smaller size. Peredhil2

mini_Peredhil2 The sizes will be separate listings.   Also in this update a little touch of summer with Mermaid earrings. mermaid2 And on the opposite side of the weather spectrum Let it Go – Frozen inspired earrings. letgo4 Stay with the cold, in a very different world we have White Walker stitch markers. walker1   A small detour to the Hogwarts Express express1   Another entry into the podcaster set this time Craftstash craftstash2   Minute Hand, Steampunk inspired earrings minutes5   Items Restocked

DSCN6221  snitch_p3  smash  thor

A small update this month but it all can be found in the shop.

So much Etsy

So this weekend I went on a fandom hopping Etsy restocking/creating spree.  I made quite a few LotR items.

Middle Earth


Baggins Stitch Markers,  the silver beads remind me of the Mithril vest both Bilbo and Frodo make use of, and the spike is a tiny Sting of course with the blue beads representing the color Sting turns when orcs are near.

Dwarven Gold Stitch Markers, and Gimili stitch markers with green interspersed with the gold as he is not your average dwarf, but has a great friendship with one Greenleaf (Legolas to some). And of course an Ax dangle.



And I wandered back to the Avengers with Dr. Banner earrings, Nick  Fury earrings, and we know what happens when we combine Dr. Banner and fury. Hulk Smash Earrings.  I will be wearing my own pair of Fury earrings as I rock out my Rule 63 (gender switched) Nick(ki) Fury at NYCC this weekend.

Doctor Who


Don’t Blink stitch markers, acrylic painted small wooden blocks, made of crumbled bits of  Weeping Angel, I mean nothing can go wrong there right?  Well if you want to be safer there are the  Cross My Hearts 11th doctor earrings.

BBC Sherlock 


Consulting Detective stitch markers and earrings. In the colors of our modern BBC take of our detective.  And a violin charm.

Harry Potter 

And finally Thestral earrings from Harry Potter.

They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard

What did you say?  Sorry, for your new earworm of the day. I think I will have to watch the trilogy again, over Thanksgiving. You know for Hobbit research…and its been almost a year since I’ve watched them. A whole year. Madness!

There are a couple reasons I’m bringing this up, I swear. And they are all Crafty! First there is the fact that when I landed in JFK I realized that my body seemed to have adjusted to being back on the east coast and the vague feelings of exhaustion I felt most of the trip were gone.  So I went to the bead shops on  6th ave. I hope to have enough supplies for getting ready for the holidays, and my first craft fair. We’ll see.

And I ended up with Mallorn Leaves Stitch Markers.


And Mallorn Leaves Earrings.

I did not stop there, and there may be some dwarven items in the near future. But I did wander into another old childhood fandom. X-men.

Our favorite Cajun mutant, Gambit it’s funny that when I picked up the charms I was thinking of making something Harley/Joker then poured them out into a basket with the strands of beads I bought, and started humming the X-men Cartoon theme.  I never  really had a chance.  And of course they are all in the Etsy shop.

Back to all things Tolkien Knit 1 Geek 2’s Hobbit A-long  has started. And I thought it would be a good time to ressurect my Lothlorien Cape. The lovely photo below is from Sunflower Designs  as mine is only the first 25-ish rows with an error in row 20 or so that I can’t decide if I should frog or not.  Or just rip back to the error. It’s the cast on 458 stitches that gets me or tinking back 458 stitches x5.

Ripping back will take ages as it is an area with YO, and frogging makes my insides curdle a bit. Hence the reason its been put aside since March.  Decisions Decisions.

Happy Birthday!

Today is the third Birthday of the blog.  Cake!

I have decided that Minas Tirith will be the cake for my 30th birthday, so the blog can hold on to it for now.  I should start figuring out how that will happen,luckily I have a few years to work that out.

So I have  finished spinning the purple yarn.  It is sparkly.

I want to ply it with the black yarn and make a black and purple something. I suppose the something will depend on what my finished yardage actually is.  Now to figure out how to ply these together, I learned the basics just hoping I remember them. To the INTERNET!  *trips on cape*


Yay Presents

“From the west she appeared sunlight and stars in her hair
In her eyes an undying memory of home a land that is magical and fair
Where her feet came to rest deep in a canopied  glade
 She lifted her face and there as she danced 
The realm of Lothlorien she made”

~ Lothlorien

If you know where that came from I have to say weren’t the Orcs amazing? If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, that was the opening of the song Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings Musical.  A show I was able to catch during the end of its run in West End way back in the summer of 2008.  I was able to get 3 or  4 tickets for £99 and treated my hosts who were also LoTR fans and willing to see what was easily going to be a silly but still fun show.  Galadriel was by far my favorite part of the show.  Golden and  regal despite the fact that  the elves of Lothlorien were all flailing around like  Circe de Soleil.

Why am I bringing this up? Well over at Sunflower Designs there is  a 12 days of Christmas gifting happening. I’ve been following the blog since I discovered there was a knitter, making LotR themed patterns.  I actually got  to the post in my RSS feed at a decent time. Just an hour after posting and it was a gift of 1 free pattern to the first 30 respondents. Crossing my fingers (which is quite the difficult way to type) I shot off a message hoping others had not beat me to the 30 cap.   The yarn my friend got for me at Rhinebeck is just under the yardage for Lothlorien so I jumped on it. This morning I opened my email and was pleased to see a pattern!

Yes I’m living a bit dangerously starting a pattern 100 yards short  with no way to get more; but what’s life without some tightrope walking? And I mean really look at this cape. Perhaps I will remove a pattern repeat….

How could I not? Well I could of chosen Argonath or Galadriel’s mirror or Balrog. I’ll just have to buy those once I get the yarn for them.  Perhaps at VKL in January.

By the power of  Greysk- youtube watch the staged  performance of Lothlorien  and/or  hear the full version of the song here  part of Legolas’ intro and the section in elvish seem cut out in the stage video.

I leave you with a bit of the end of the song, sung by Galadriel accompanied by the Elves of Lorien (the opening is sung by Legolas).

“Although storms may descend
Mountains and valley may quake
For the days that remain
This is the promise that I make
No Shadow fall across this land
Before the wind and fire I stand
And you my child will know no harm
Enfolded in My Arms