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London Day 2: Detectives, Doctors, Daleks oh my!

So on Thursday I woke bright and early, without an alarm clock. I was down to eat, by 9. I put together a very traditional English breakfast, then made my way to Baker Street. It was close enough to my hotel that I walked, especially since I had to stop at a bank and convert a 2o pound note from my last trip that was no longer legal tender.

So  off Baker Street. Or 221b Baker street to be exact.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum. Which is 221b frozen in time, with some case studies.  John’s Room, Sherlock’s Room, Mrs. Hudson’s room, Sherlock’s experiments, and even some case reenactments.


London Day 1: Planes, Gloves, and Ascot

So I’ve crossed the Atlantic and been back in the last week.  I flew Delta, and realized on my way back that I have flown Delta exclusively for the last few years, though this was my first time using them internationally.

My flight out left at 7:30pm  NY time and landed at 7am UK time. I can’t really sleep on planes, I don’t know why but I did attempt to give it my best try.  In between tossing an lying in my row of empty seats? I have an entire 3 seat row to myself I knit.  Veyla which had been on of the patterns I threw into my traveling pile just in case, which actually became very handy.


Granted I only finished one glove per flight, but had I forgone my sad attempt at sleep I may have gotten farther. I did pick up the buttons at Loop  along with some other things that will get their own post in a bit.  I also got farther on my mystery KAL where I am somewhere still on clue 1. but less than ten rows from the end as opposed to the original 40.



We landed early but there was just long enough for me to get through customs, and be a whopping 10 minutes early to my meeting in Ascot.  I have to say the grounds were really lovely, even as I kept running into ground’s keepers getting ready for spring.

The path to the spa of all things.

Nature had clearly gotten a jump on the staff in some corners.

And the owls with eyes on my welcome letter at check-in. I met friends for dinner and drinks and had a great start to my Weds, in England.




I wonder if i should be concerned that I am more worried about having enough knitting for my flight and travel than I am about what outfits to bring.  But I have settled on bringing my  Mystery Shawl and Sherilyn and my Apollo Shawl. You know just one or two things.


But I do have plenty of plans for the rest of the week in London *squee!*

–  Forbidden planet to pick up a new iPhone Case
– The British Museum
– London Transport Museum
– Loop (yarn Shop)
-221b Baker Street (no really its a museum)
– London Aquarium
-Tate Modern
– British Library
– Sir John Soanes museum

I’ll likely add things to that list or remove them, I may not go to Tate Modern again.

And lastly my nerd wars entry for scrap usage, Hoot using some of the leftover bulky yarn from all the Christmas  stockings I made way back in 2010.

In Progress: Lots

I have a lot of projects in progress. And keep casting on new ones. I don’t usually have this problem but I am enjoying it, except for the weight of my purse with so much yarn in it. 1 and 1/4 gloves. Started these during the Superbowl and am plowing through the pattern.

Welig once again, I’m always surprised at how fast a knit this pattern is.  I have another set of these to work on. And a pair of gloves to go with these in gray.

Here are the Octopus mittens once again this time two at a time on circular needles. I have just gotten to the cuff work and haven’t had any time to work on it in a few days but yay progress.


The start of rock Island, I have to repeat the same 8 rows over seventy times, I think I am at repeat 14, I am sure once that is done I will move along on this shawl much more quickly. And if you know I do more than one repeat every time I picked it up.  Speaking of not picking something up.

Lothlorien. I think I did one repeat in the last two weeks. Sigh.  And poor Vivian looks like this, still. This picture is from October.  Fail.

I need to finish things, not start new ones but its hard to tell myself that, especially when I want to knit things, to wear in March. What is happening in March?

I am going to LONDON Weee! I still have no idea what I will be doing during the time but I will be there for about a week, with some work commitments when I land then free time the rest of the week.  More awesome my trip falls the same weekend as the Doctor Who convention.  Not sure if I will actually go, unless magic happens with the conversion rate or I have a surprise cash windfall but that is amazing timing. Sadly the Doctor Who Experience will be closed before I arrive.

So I need to find things to do, I went to London in 2008 so I did a lot of things then, London Eye, The Tower, Tate Modern, The National Gallery, Imperial War Museum, Platform 9 3/4,  that I likely won’t repeat. Though somehow I didn’t get to The British Museum which will be rectified. Any ideas? I’ll be poking my native friends, so I won’t totally be at loose ends but I’d like to have a list of sorts. Case in point I had a list of 20 or so attractions, grouped by location, on my first trip and would see how many I could get to on any given day.  Then repeat the next day.  It meant that I was free to as much or as little on a day and not feel crushing guilt.  And you know any secret Yarn and Fiber havens are things I would like to know.