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Feb. Etsy Update: Rainbows, The Only Way to Travel

This Month’s update is a bit all over the place. And when one is traveling about so much its good to have a stable method of transportation and communication.  My new Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, stitch markers are ready to take you and your messages on a whirlwind tour.


The rest of the update seems to be all about the heroes,  madmen with boxes, and those that choose to run with him, angels, those that keep the family business, or those that make us need a hero in the first place. The Villains.

In Doctor Who we have Eight Doctor Stitch Markers, and The Girl Who Waited Earrings.

DSCN6519 waitede1

A seasonal addition to the shop are the 4 leaf clover earrings.


In  the realm of Comics we have me trying out a new style of marker with The Red Skull and a new design  Loki Stitch Markers V2.  The Red Skull markers are made with wire crimped on both ends, so that they will fit any size needle, except maybe 25’s.

red_skull_1  loki2b

Restocked Items:  There are a lot of items related to saving people and hunting things being restocked. I shall need to make more pie.

sam4   dean1  impalas4  cassm2

And a  mix of other items coming back.  Bifrost is back in the shop, along with the Girl Who Waited Stitch Markersamy2  bifrost3b

I also have some  Loki Earrings restocked.


That’s it for February but as, I went a little wild shopping for supplies lately. I think that things should get interesting  for March.  Next shop Update 3/14.

February Etsy Update

With, a cold that took me out for a week, reorganizing the craft room, and a power outage right when I started crafting this is going to likely be the smallest update to the shop ever.  But there are new things! And restocking of one quite popular item and a twist to another.

Pendragon Earrings

pendragon3     I read the Once and Future King the first time when I was seven. Really when the BBC started airing Merlin I was pretty much done for. The show was fun and turned things *I knew* on my ear and made me love it anyway, much like Smallville had done years before (I mean they turned me into a Lex Luthor fan). So the only thing that’s a surprise is how long it took to have the Pendragon anything in my shop. I’m sure items based on the characters will be soon to follow.  These earrings are a nod to the cloaks of the Knights, and the banners that were to be seen in Camelot.

Tardis Crochet Stitch Markers


Time and Relative Dimension in Space.  Similar to the knitting version these stitch markers are five blue Tardis markers, and one vanishing Tardis Marker. There are a few sets now up in the shop, and going forward there will be more crochet markers, of both old and new designs.

Four Leaf Clover Earrings


Four leaf clovers, lucky charms, warders off of bad luck. An all around good thing to have.  These earrings have  lightweight four leaf clover charms and crackle beads, to add a bit of luck to any outfit.

And lastly I restocked the ever popular Loki Earrings

lokie4That’s all for this time, around.  The next update lands on the Ides of March. That should be interesting.

Jewelry Update

NaNoWriMo Word count: 16,116 so far so good. Tonight is the slightly delayed  kickoff party. So there will likely be a large stitch marker update coming over the weekend. In the meanwhile let’s have some geeky earrings.


Nightwing earrings. Even with the Mullet, Dick Grayson has always been a favorite. I know he has gone though a bit of a color change in the DCnU but this is still the color scheme I think of when I think Nightwing.

Kid Loki earrings. Sometimes the horns are just a bit much. With Kid Loki, wrapping his wanderings around Journey Into Mystery, up. I thought a horns free version of the earrings were good.


Lastly we have the Baggins Earrings, with the same beads as the Baggins Stitch Markers, these are perfect for a midnight showing or two.


So, Remember when  I made Avengers Stitch Markers. The whole team got in on the action. And Loki, and the Bifrost.



No one thought that was all did they? So what else have I gotten up to? Earrings of course. I blame having gold spikes.  Loki Earrings.

And well you can’t have a villain without a hero. So first up, the First Avenger.


As usual everything is available in my Etsy shop.