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It’s not all WIPs some of it is plots.

2017 wasn’t just a massive inability to finish projects there were also lots of life changes. Jobs lost, jobs gained, adventures had and fun things.

I dyed yarn a few times. I plan to make Ink  with the dyed red and grey and make a three color shawl of some kind of the green and orange.  We’ll see what happens. With the other sparea green? Who knows. Maybe I should go for some socks, since I will once again attempt box’o Sox this year.


Brooklyn got a new fun LYS  String Thing Studio and I even started to work there, and gained another regular knit night. Days surrounded by yarn are always good days.  I vended at FlameCon for the first time and was one of the winners of the costume contest. So that was a first.

Though now I’m all about thinking what costume I should make next,  Witch King of Angmar? White Dragon Armor Vex?  Another Storm incarnation?

Blog Neglect

Ooof – the last post was in April, not a good sign, but the day job had been eating a lot of my time.  Well that is over at least, and now its time to get back into the blogging groove.  There are plenty of things going on that should get me back into blogging.

So there will be a shop update Saturday at 10am. It’s June so its heavily pride filled, also Wonder Woman because that movie was awesome.  There will also be project bags. And larger Faux leather bottom sweater bags. I’ve been using my protype to carry my Ommegang. So three 400 yard skeins of worsted weight Neighborhood Fiber Co.


I added a strap to the bag but otherwise it hasn’t changed much in design.

There are plenty of things coming up on my end.

I’m in a wedding in July so I should really pick up the pace on the shawl I’m knitting since I’m making two!   17 rows in, on the  plus side it does get smaller every other row. It’s Frangipani by Kitman Figuora.


So here’s hoping I get my posting act back together in the coming weeks.


As most readers know I live in Brooklyn and commute to work in NJ. So in a way Sandy has struck twice. I am lucky enough to both live in an area where we are on top of hills, and there was minimum damage.  The winds sounded terrifying and we wondered why anyone who didn’t have to be was out side. We are looking at you Jet-Ski guy.  We kept power and internet throughout though there were some flickers and wifi drops.

Now the recovery starts,  and at least some things are still happening. My sister suddenly lost power a couple hours ago. Work has also come mostly to a standstill, we all for the most part can work from home, until our office building loses power and the server goes down.  Which happened sometime last night. I’m lucky enough that everyone I know is safe and even those I know without power (most people I know in Manhattan) are fine.

My saving grace has been yarn and fiber and crafting. I have finished a pair of gloves for a friend, worked on a couple of swatches for new designs, and even sketched some new ones. I’m plotting my NaNoWriMo, novel and cleaning. Things are open in the neighborhood, including the ice cream shop and the chinese takeout place. We have food, we have hot water, we have heat.

Now comes the waiting game of how long are we home? Once the subways are back will NJ Transit be as well? I know co-workers most of whom live in NJ are without power, two have generators, one went to family and another is dealing as best they can. This is the reality as some people I know head back to work via the buses that have started running. I don’t expect to go anywhere before next week at the earliest but I suppose I just will have to wait and see.  Stay safe and stay in touch.

Simple Pleasures

I don’t think I’ve mentioned  Blogstars 2012 happening over at Rock & Purl. 52 weeks and 52 posts, my own will be going out in October.  This week’s guest post  was all about the simple pleasures in life and taking time out to take part in them.  As someone who has been spending the last few days scheduling everything i can around me this made me pause.

I did come to the conclusion that I will have to take a couple days off from the job job once this major project is over both to wind down, and take time to engage in my crafty pursuits in a way weekends have not been enough for lately. Mostly due to exhaustion from the crazy project.  Back to simple pleasures.

Brandy is a drink that I don’t have any strong feelings or ideas about, but tonight I shall be heading to a Brandy tasting with a friend. The same bar that is hosting this even has has series of Whiskey and Beer & Cheese tastings that I have gone to before,  and come out with new favorites,  understandings, and recommendations.

As I add more and more things to the life list, spinning, the gym,writing, sewing,  long term Christmas knitting, blogging, etc… I just have to remember to make sure that things like this keep happening.  And I don’t become a work, work, work, person turning what used to be fun into a second career, and slowly carving out the pleasures in life.


The Good news.  I finished the shawl! In time for the wedding.

I had a lot of moments when grafting when I was sure I was getting the knit purl sequence wrong, or pulled off too many stitches,  but as I have to look to find the line where the two sides were grafted, so  all turned out well there.

Now getting to the wedding? Well… I don’t think I could make up this story if I tried.  It took us close to 5 hours to do what should have been an 1 1/2 to 2 hour trip. Why?  What follows is one of those stories that I wish I had made up. Because it’s just insane, that all of this should happen in sequence.

The morning of the wedding, we all met to get our nails done then divided into two groups to drive to the hotel. Group 1 made it just fine, if not with loads of traffic.  Our group on the other hand began an epic journey. 3 blocks from where we stopped for lunch got side swiped by a cab.  The driver, was smiling and laughing, before knowing if everyone was alright, or even how much damage he had done. Ever want to punch a person in the face repeatedly?  While everyone was fine, we still have to wait for the police.

The police arrive, and it turns out in on of those only in NYC things, that because the accident happened on the other side of Broadway we were out of their jurisdiction and had to wait for officers from the other station to arrive.  Two of us had our outfits in the trunk and wandered up to the Strand bathroom to change.  We did our makeup in the car, as well while waiting.

At this point the driver is rightfully ticked we haven’t seen hide nor hair of these other officers (its been at leas half an hour and an hour and a half since we left lunch) and Cabbie McDouche is reading a paper glancing at us occasionally and smirking. She calls her insurance company to get options, and we all  end up giving our information, she collects, what is CLEARLY wrong information about the make and model of the cab from the driver, based on what we could see sitting BEHIND the thing the last two hours. But we are finally on our way.

We drive towards the Queens Midtown tunnel and the traffic there is so bad we move maybe a block every 20 minutes.  We get out of that area, and make our way to the Triborough  Bridge (Now the RFK? surrrre). We are rolling along until the car stalled in our Lane.  Mutter.

We get to Queens, drop off the member of our party that was not heading to the wedding.  And drive off to get the belonging of the other two in the car, so we can head to said wedding.  So we head into the driver’s building and into the elevator. Can you guess what happened next? If you think, hmm they pressed the button for the 5th floor and then got trapped in the elevator because it went below the basement? You win!

Yes that would be right, trapped in an elevator.  It was one of the old type elevators with the safety door on the outside that only unlocks when the elevator is in the proper place which we were so not. We were about a foot or so below where the elevator should have stopped.  We were lucky enough that someone heard the alarm.  And had been trapped the night before, she told us what had worked for her (didn’t work) then went off to find the super.

Meanwhile our friend in the elevator is a ninja. Poking, prodding, wishing she knew more about elevator construction to get us the hell out.  The super shows up a little while later and we take the stairs. The remaining pair, get dress and  prepped, and we head back down to the car.

At this point I partially expected the car to have exploded, been whisked away by fairies, or something else. In which case we would have walked to the LIRR  because we were getting to that wedding. In retrospect, its amusing that at no point did we think, oh we should just give up.

We pile into the car, which was as we left it, and drove straight to the venue.   One of the tensest drives ever, every sound, every speeding car, had us jumping out of our seats. Our nerves were frayed and we wanted a large drink or 12. At one point, in the last mile or so of the trip, fire trucks and emergency things fly past us.

“Well at least it wasn’t us this time.”

“Don’t joke, knowing our luck the reception hall is burning down.”   There was a moment of silence in the car, when we all considered the very real likelihood of this.  Before laughing because if we didn’t laugh at this point we’d be sobbing. After some lies the GPS told us we get to the venue which is still standing, and make our way to the right wedding.

We arrive having missed the entire ceremony and are greeted by the bride’s father who has been kept abreast of what’s been happening to us, via the Maid of Honor, my reading went to an uncle, and everyone is glad we’re safe, and have made it.  We are reminded that this is just the cocktail  hour and not to get stuffed on the tons of food making the rounds. Then we head to the bar. Because we deserve drinks. A lot of drinks.

We see friends, including Group 1 who we share our tale with,  in person as we were texting with members of the group most of the day. The bride and groom arrive eventually and are just happy we actually made it.

“Well it will make a great story at least.”

Later in the evening the groom pointed out. “I mean if the worst thing that happened today was that you were late, well that’s everyday, you’re always late.”

I suppose the universe wanted to keep things in balance. Great day for the bride and groom, put some guests through the wringer.  I remember way back on Friday afternoon when my biggest concern was grafting two halves of the shawl…