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FO: Snapdragon Tam

Well its Monday, but the tam is done.  So I’m mostly on track to get my last few projects of the year done.


A cowl,  a stocking, a test knit hat, oh and the sweater I want to pick back up at some point soon. You know just a couple things. But hey I’ve started the Honey Cowl in the same yarn, and its heavy worsted, it will go faster this time…. Or something.


I even found a giant tupperware lid to block the hat out on. It was interesting working on a project that was one of my early complicated projects. The last time I did this project back in 2011 and I know I pretty much only followed the written instructions. The chart was an oddly shaped pile of hieroglyphics. This time I barely looked at the written instructions.

This also makes the seventh hat since I started the Hat Season for all my lonely single skeins. Though now I wonder if I have enough skeins in the same color/weight family to make a fun striped sweater, the one in every ad everywhere right now. My coworker is wearing this one and I really like it in person:

Holiday stripe wool sweater - multi stripe

That and I keep looking at  Folie à deux and try and figure out what colors I want to make it in.  Another project to add to the pile but it might be a great things to do with some of the remaining single skeins.  I know I have orange, green, purple, red, black, and blue in solids. Add variegated yarns and we can have a party.  It may be time to go through the stash again and make a plan of action.  I think I would like it in jewel tones.

FO Friday: Viking Hat

Its been a while since I actually had a finished object on a Friday but after making the horns at knitting last night, I  finished the hat, with some assistance from a wig form, and bright red wig.


I had some ‘moments’  with this project. The yarn skein was from a destash, so not only did I have no idea what it was (though it was the perfect color) of course I came up short. Which meant the crown decreases happened really fast.  As in 100 stitches to 8 in about 10 rows.  I had enough yarn left in my hand that I could have maybe done 11 rows to decrease…


It’s mostly a fun silly hat to wear around the bar. I am pondering redoing the horns when I get home tonight, of course the hat is due tomorrow.  But once taken off the form the horns flap around, even stuffed with pipe cleaner, perhaps I will crochet them instead to give them a more horny structure… You can see the ‘official’ hat below.