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November Shop Update

The November Shop update is live.  Full of holiday notions bags and some fun geeky ones like Doctor Banner.

IMG_0555 IMG_0562 IMG_0568 IMG_0572 IMG_0581 IMG_0585 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0597 IMG_0600 IMG_0577

And Stitch Markers.

It is Defended Stitch markers is a warning to many that would want to take advantage of the earth.


Some sleigh bells



A few inspirations from across the sea.


IMG_0532 IMG_0484

A very uncanny team.



Some restocking from the wizarding world.

IMG_0515 IMG_0495 IMG_0511

Some Marvelous Restocking

wolverine1 IMG_9044 IMG_0519


Ms. Frank returns.


Dec. Shop Update: Werewolves and Argents Oh My

About 90% of this update was inspired by Teen Wolf (not the 80s movie but the MTV show).  It’s fun in its own way. And has some amusing rules and mythology running through it. If you like wacky supernatural shows based around teenagers who are worried about sports, grades, werewolves, druids, significant others, hunters, and people who just won’t stay dead, give it a look see. I watched the first two seasons on Netflix and never looked back. Now on to the update.

Okay and some Harry Potter, because I never stick to one fandom completely in an update.


Always and Hogwarts Express Earrings

always2 express1

 Teen Wolf – Allison Argent Earrings and Chris Argent Earrings

allison1 argent2

Alpha Werewolf Earrings and Wolfs bane Stitch Markers

alpha3 wolfsbane2

And a couple restocked items: Swirling Leaves Stitch Markers and Tardis Earrings

swirl3  tardisc1b


Next update is up in the air a bit with some news I will share shortly.

June Etsy Update: The Ears Have It

This month’s update is heavy on the earrings. Which can be fun.  Let’s get this show on the road. Titles include links to the Etsy shop.

Vincent and The Doctor Earrings 


Last Month we had stitch markers, this time earrings, with different beads but the same theme. Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Amortentia Earrings


The most powerful love potion  in the world. Well if your world includes Hogwarts.

Green Lantern Earrings


In brightest day, In blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power Green Lantern’s light!

The second version of these earrings, the older of which had much more of a Steampunk feel.


Demeter Stitch Markers


These beads reminded me of the approach of fall and through that the story of Demeter losing Persephone. And we have Demeter Stitch markers.

Storm Earrings 


These earrings I made two pairs of, and one is for me. As they will be the earrings I wear at my attempt for my Punk Storm costume.  I’m sure I shall be chronicling my adventures in trying to get a Mohawk.

Superman Earrings 



It’s a bird, its a plane, its Superman inspired earrings.

 Nick Fury Jr. Earrings 


And a second version of the Nick Fury earrings, a more toned down version than the ones currently in the shop. Or possibly Nick Fury Jr. currently running S.H.I.E.L.D. in the 616 universe.

And the restocking of two pairs of earrings that pretty much vanished the moment I put them in. River Song, and Wonder Woman Earrings.

Spoilers Earrings 



Wonder Woman Earrings 


So much Etsy

So this weekend I went on a fandom hopping Etsy restocking/creating spree.  I made quite a few LotR items.

Middle Earth


Baggins Stitch Markers,  the silver beads remind me of the Mithril vest both Bilbo and Frodo make use of, and the spike is a tiny Sting of course with the blue beads representing the color Sting turns when orcs are near.

Dwarven Gold Stitch Markers, and Gimili stitch markers with green interspersed with the gold as he is not your average dwarf, but has a great friendship with one Greenleaf (Legolas to some). And of course an Ax dangle.



And I wandered back to the Avengers with Dr. Banner earrings, Nick  Fury earrings, and we know what happens when we combine Dr. Banner and fury. Hulk Smash Earrings.  I will be wearing my own pair of Fury earrings as I rock out my Rule 63 (gender switched) Nick(ki) Fury at NYCC this weekend.

Doctor Who


Don’t Blink stitch markers, acrylic painted small wooden blocks, made of crumbled bits of  Weeping Angel, I mean nothing can go wrong there right?  Well if you want to be safer there are the  Cross My Hearts 11th doctor earrings.

BBC Sherlock 


Consulting Detective stitch markers and earrings. In the colors of our modern BBC take of our detective.  And a violin charm.

Harry Potter 

And finally Thestral earrings from Harry Potter.

Long Weekend

This past weekend was a particularly long one. I worked from home Friday, and in between prepping for  a July of DOOOOOooooooommm in work projects, I finished all the spinning from the last post.

Saturday I had brunch with a pile of friends from High School, one of which I had just found out that Monday is expecting, due to a combination of our schedules clashing repeatedly, pretty much since the year started.  So when I wandered Michael’s to restock on craft tools, I grabbed some Acrylic yarn, because mom is a Doctor, and so is dad, I would not subject her to trying to remember even super-wash care  on a baby item.

Four skeins of almost 300 yards later and I started a baby blanket that night. Using the Constant Baby Blanket as a template  I’ve been knitting away as there are deadlines.  Mom is due sometime in August. And moving to FL in early fall, which means  I should finish this soon. Not even considering when there will be a baby shower.

Sunday rolled around and I head off to a wedding with a different group of friends I’ve know since high school. I have a few of those, I like it.

Me, rocking out in a purple dress which was the same color as the bridal party, again!  And the shawl I’m wearing, Gothic Moss  which worked great for the last wedding when I insanely put it together in a week last July.


I also took Monday off from work expecting to be tired and hungover not realizing when I took the day that the wedding started at Noon. I was home by 7 even with the hour or so drive back to the city.  So I woke up fine, around 10, and went to the craft room.  A bit of organization but mostly I played with things and restocked items. And I finally created a chain for the first of what will be a series of 7 charm bracelets. One for each year at Hogwarts. So first up Year 1.

Six charms per year, and touching on some of the major points of each year.

There are now five sets of the Tardis Markers available that should last a little longer than last time. Why am I even surprised they sold out faster than I can blink?


I finally got the beads I needed for Captain America Stitch markers. And Hawkeye, I just didn’t get a chance to make them, for the archer. Thor still eludes me.

And a surprise for me. But with the Marvel scarf, I guess they were on my mind.  I give you Fantastic Four Earrings.

Quietly geeky I would say.

This weekend is the first I think in three months or so where I don’t have plans. Other than starting the Tour de Fleece.  I plan to live in the craft room, maybe come out for Thai or something. I want to finish the Tardis Flasks  Take 2, and make some more Star Fleet Stitch Markers.

Also I started listening to the knit 1 Geek 2 podcast, and woah.  I was listening to the Avengers episode and ideas! Also just look at that layout on the site? Did you catch everything? I see Wizards, and Hammers, and screwdrivers oh my.

Stash Time: No Not that one

I’ve talked about the yarn stash a couple of times. But it is not the only stash I have. With all the Jewelry and Markers that I make I have over the years amassed quite the pile of beads.

Beads and charms and crafty things.

I tend to grab a few of a lot of things wandering the bead district and then work from there. Sometimes I have ideas, and will grab a couple things online, but roaming the bead shops, is always fun inspiring and stash enhancing. Sounds a  lot like visiting the yarn stores.

Sometimes coming up with a new design is just laying things out, and seeing what comes to mind. Which may be something interesting or nothing at all.  This pile below, was a nothing at all.

Or a pile, turns into charms for all the seven years at a very magical school.

You have, Owls and castles, Diaries stones, padfoot, and moony. That set is still in progress but you get the idea.


Dragon Con Etsy Sale

Likely by the time this post goes live, I will be on  my way to LGA or somewhere in the Delta Terminal, possibly explaining why I need 3 flasks.  But I am leaving my Etsy Store open. This does mean anything purchased Thursday will not go out until Tuesday.

To make up for the shipping delay and because I shall be going to Dragon Con once again and it is the Conventions 25th year, everything in the shop is 25% off, simply use the code DCON25 when you check out for the discount.  The sale will go on from 9/1 – 9/5.  It is on everything. And there are some new items I haven’t mentioned on the blog.


Hedwig Earrings 

Golden Snitch Pendant:

And restocking of the Tardis, Severus Snape,  and Golden Snitch Earrings.

An Etsy Sunday

Sunday I seemed to develop a theme for the crafts I worked on.  This book Series about A wizard named Harry.  You may have heard of it, he’s based in Chicago…wait no I mean that other Wizard named Harry.

My favorite piece from all those that I worked on. To the tune of I must get the parts to make more are the Golden Snitch Earrings.

The wings actually move and I think the detailing on the gold beads are very close to what they should be.  The earrings are pretty small and maybe I’ll add some gold beads to the next set to make the dangle longer. But I like how simple they are.

Next Up: Harry Potter – Youngest Seeker in A century – the boy who lived.

Brass tone lightening bolts and glasses with seed beads in the Gryffindor colors

And while one is on the topic of Gryffindors one Hermione Granger.

Books and cleverness are something I can get behind, and these earrings come with both a book charm and a quill charm, with some beads for her house.

A former member of the house of the lion was also covered.

Sirius Black, Padfoot,  Snuffles. With star and dog par charms, for the Marauder.

And on the other side of  the Hogwarts coin.

Slytherin. These earrings are for just a bit of House Pride. And  when one thinks of house Pride one can’t help but t think of  the the Head of the house. Severus Snape.

The last pair of earrings I made were  inspired by watching The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End while working on all the Harry Potter themed earrings.

A pair of Handy Spare Hand.

Images all link to the etsy listing for the items.  I think my next crafty weekend will have me pulling out the polymer clay again.


So I have finally chosen my projects and finished a few as well. In the last couple of days I’ve finished a Slytherin ribbed scarf a friend asked for. And my dad’s Christmas hat! Woot. That means that the Dalek is the only Christmas project left.

Dad’s Hat- I improvised the design based on what I remembered from someone who wrote me a pattern at Geek Knitting back in November. I have to get back to Geek Knitting.  Today I missed out because I got free screening passes for the sis and I to see The Wolfman.  I enjoyed it but I love old school horror, though I did not remember Anthony Hopkin’s character from the original. Good old fashion horror. It’s in Cascade 128 which is a chunky weight and superwash.

I did the ribbing on the train to the theater, than most of the ST in the dark during the movie. There may have been a little popcorn on the hat, but I tend to wash my gifts before handing them off as I knit on the Subway a lot and live with a cat. I should have possibly done a bit more ribbing but I am not frogging that hat ever again. It fits. Its a hat I’m done.

Now back to the Olympics. I went ahead and joined Team Tardis. Just seemed right really. So my projects are 3 things  I’ve designed but not done anything sensible like swatch. 2 sets of armwarmers. One with colorwork and cables and the other simply lace. Third is an office shrug for when I finally get employed again in a yet to be determined lace weight yarn.

And in the WIP category I’m entering the Dalek.

I could possibly also do my friend’s beret. And likely should as her birthday is 2/26. I Know I cast it on the first Beer and Knitting after the New Year so it meats the cutoff.

I finally used the only surviving camera held together by tape (I love how the two that don’t work look to be in perfect condition) to get a picture of the Dalek Ornament. I’m going knit a new one before I post on Etsy(possibly gold and black with purl bumps instead of color change or shudder bobbles)  but yeah there it is. I should likely write up a pattern for it and the Tardis at some point.

Off to watch now!

Markers and a Pair

Finished the gloves finally. Weaved in ends and everything last weds at beer and knitting.

IMG_0188 IMG_0193

And I have made a whole lot of Stitch Markers in the last week.

IMG_0176 IMG_0252


In varying colors styles and beads. I also used a different wiring technique so it is a thicker single strand instead of a thinner double loop. Which also meant that the only color is in the beads and  all the wiring is silver.


I’ve also reworked the prophecy orbs  from Order of the Phoenix and I like this set much better and they shall be making their way to my Etsy.

Also I have a new favorite set of stitch Markers. Its always the sets that I have a fixed number of beads too. This one is a set of seven and makes me think of what it would look like if you locked a bit of the Time Vortex in glass.


Or I could have been watching too much Season 3. Hums Here come the drums, Here come the drums.

In other news I have reached 43,784 in the Nano word count. I’m not sure if I will make my personal goal of 75K but barring any disasters I will at least reach 50. The story is descending down a few winding paths and I’m having a lot of fun following them.

Now Christmas is coming soon so its time for the impossible list of things I will knit by the 25 or sooner (as some have to be shipped over seas)

– Ornaments I’m thinking six, if I’m feeling adventurous maybe even in 3D
-Gloves/Arm warmer set (Strata in Knitting New Mittens and Gloves)
– Cowl Hood  in superwash lace  (no pattern yet)
-Sweater (for me so it doesn’t really have a deadline but I want to start it)
-Marvel Scarf (again for me and I’ve picked it up again Next hero up is Daredevil)
-knitting bag (though this would be a sewing project)
-Dalek Scarf
-True Blood bag (though if this is a gift or an item to sell I haven’t really decided)
-Super family of potholders though they will likely be sold separately Bizzaro is still on the needles somewhere.