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A Long Time in the Finishing

Cast on on labor day 2012  using hand spun that took three months to finish even with the Tour de Fleece right in the middle of that.  My Hitchhiker is finally done. Finally!



I ended up with about 2 grams of fiber left  after binding off.  The last time I mentioned working on it was back in August where I mention it has 23 teeth currently and the finished skein of handspun was 462 yards.  I think I added another set of teeth or two in that period. Maybe.



A garter shawl is a great project to complete in the dark, which is one of the reasons I chose it, as the Lothlorien Cape has just a bit too much detail to go wild on in the dark and why not finish a long languishing project while hearing the  story of Frodo and the Ring set to live music? We even got a speech from Howard Shore, at the end of the show on Sunday.  I actually finished the shawl on Saturday, and then began my new addiction of knitting #justonemoresquare every night.

The Start of Something Dangerous

I have finished the yarn I was spinning on the Golding spindle.  I ended up with 48 yards of a fingering weight 2ply.  It came out  quite nice and I started to wonder what I would do with it. I could turn it into earrings, but that would be a lot of pairs.

IMG_8707Along with watching the most recent episode of the MustStash Podcast where Stacie did a quick tutorial on a Turkish Spindle. I mean my spindle was right there. So I grabbed it and the tribble sample I got started and was victorious.  So that is another project going on.

So at this point you are probably wondering what could possibly be dangerous about any of this? Mini-Skiens guys. Hand spun Mini Skeins. So clearly I need a project to make with them. I have ruled out the bee keepers quilt because that would be something that would most likely end up  as “that wip the cats sit on.”

The Memory Blanket seems safer even if it will take just as long, the not having x-hundreds of puffs to join at the end appeals. And just when you thought it was safe…Hmm could I make an entire blanket out of handspun odds and ends? Some one stop me.


2014 Year of Handspun

So I said that 2014 would be the year of handspun. How did I do? Well I got distracted by a few sweaters but I did plenty of spinning and more importantly knitting of my spinning.

2014-02-26 00.15.38 IMG_6758 IMG_6887 IMG_7008 IMG_7016 2014-11-16 15.27.07

I had a mix of finished spins. And partially finished projects. 6.4 ounces on a drop spindle when you keep getting distracted by shiny takes a while, but I am more than halfway done at this point so that is a pro.  And I have moved to spinning the black in the  Halloween mystery fiber so 51% done?

IMG_7579   2014-10-19 19.51.56-1  IMG_8050

I even knit with my handspun. Woo. Two hats, and a rainbow cowl, which also covered knit with sparkle yarn as it was a sparkle handspun.

Finishing All the Cowls

I finished the Honey Cowl from the last post, and somehow cast on and finished a handspun cowl. I did cast on in the movie theater during The Battle of the Five Armies.  I will say it was likely my favorite of the three movies but  seeing how I wanted to light the Desolation of Smaug on fire and have no interest in owning any of them on DVD, I don’t think that means much.

2014-12-18 13.08.21-1

The finished cowl has already been sent off to its new home with its matching  Snapdragon Tam.  So knowing I was going to sit in a theater for a few hours, I knew I would want some knitting with me. I had wound some handspun into a cake and decided to free form a cowl.


I cast on 110 stitches knit 8 rows of garter and then then knit st until I felt I was near the end of the skein and knit 8 more rows of garter.  I ended up with about a row of yarn left which I think is pretty good.  This looks like it will be a fun bright pop of color to any outfit in the coming weeks.

Now I’m off to finish a test knit hat in a great teal color!


NYCC and an FO

I finished  the blue handspun hat, though I didn’t work on it too much during the convention which I guess shows it was a quick knit. I am casting on a second hat with the leftover yarn.


Now how was NYCC? Fun! The crowds seemed smaller this year, but that might be because there was a lot of strategy being applied when hitting the vending floor. There was also, some time daily spent in the Mary Sue lounge. And it was great, my favorite conversation happened in that room while we all worked our way around friendship bracelet making.  Seriously the ladies at the table were all fabulous.  The jokes, references, and snark few far and fast.


If my convention had ended at this table it would have been plenty fun. But there were panels, art, trips to the Waystation and cosplay. So much cosplay.


There was some slight alteration to my cosplay and I was running around as Zoe from Firefly on Sunday instead of mohawk Storm, as the Mohawk needed some glue dipping and that took about 48hrs or so to dry last year so learning that Saturday night was not going to help.

IMG_7492  IMG_7516  IMG_7545

I also totally forgot to take pictures of myself Sunday. But Thurs., Fri., and Sat. were all covered.  In other people’s cosplay, random things caught my attention, like crochet pumpkin bombs.


Because crochet props are awesome.

IMG_7565Doctors at the Waystation, Five, Six, and Seven. And my friend is Five and she did knit her vest herself, as well as sew/alter everything else. She makes me a cosplay slacker.  Now this week is to prep for Rhinebeck. Wooo…


WIPW: Handspun Hat

I haven’t cast on a sweater yet…we’ll see how long that lasts.  I do have Bayside on the needles so I could start lugging that around again, but alternating skeins means its a big project to carry around.  For the weekend I have  pulled some hat projects.

I cast on a simple 1×1 rib hat using my hand spun.


It’s pretty much going to be a free form hat as long as the yarn allows. I have about 230 yards, so it should be enough for a warm hat and a fold over brim. I also will be working on my sister’s Rikkie hat, and lastly casting on Flintshire again.  I think along with my hat adventures I should make a few more pairs of mitts. I always seem to be missing those.

2014-01-05 18.23.52

Bringing Back Some Classics

I participated in Stash Dash (complete 5k of projects between 5/23 and 8/7) this year and while I didn’t make it, it was a great motivator to getting a lot of nearly finished projects off the needles.  I got to 3822 yards between knitting and spinning.   Between Stash Dash and reorganizing the stash I pulled out a lot of wips and have been trying to get them back into the knitting queue.  I even found the Christmas socks which had been shoved in a corner.


This is a Hitchhiker that I started with some of my first finished fiber. It is a two ply of a Loop Batt and some Orange fiber that ended up 462 yards. I  cast this on over the labor day weekend in 2012 when I was traveling for work.  It had 23 teeth when I picked it up and my goal is to finish the handspun, whatever number of teeth that gives me, but I am hoping for 42.

Once that’s done I want to get back to work on the Bayside that I frogged.  While alternating skeins makes it a bit of a mess as a travel project it would be good for sitting in front of the TV after work. I’d like it to be a second Rhinebeck sweater. Now that we have a place booked and paid for we are all bouncing excitedly about going.

2014-04-28 11.18.27

Six  Knitting Geeks at Yarn-Con  for the weekend. Wee. If last year was any indication it will be a great time.

It Could be Bunnies!

This weekend there was a twitter meet up in here in NYC. I got to meet a few of the knitters I’ve been tweeting with for a bit now.  Chris, @VTknitboy,came down from Vermont, Susie, @knittingknoobie, Patricia @citysitchette  and a few others without twitter accounts by the time I had to leave, I had spent a great few hours with new people.  We started at Brooklyn General but they had a class going on and a couple regular groups on their way. With a quick walk to La Casita we relocated.

2014-02-09 13.08.04-2

We set up shop and Chris pulled out his hand spun.  and laid it out on the table and said pick, I was  stunned. He owns four rabbits, and  has to regularly comb them, and spins the fiber which he also sells on etsy on occasion.  So with my brain stuttering at the bunny, soft, amazing, yarn,  moment I decided if I had a plan it would be a bit easier to figure things out. I knew that for my 31posts, I had taken a shot of the living room stash where all the handspun lives.

2013-12-08 22.02.57

I settled on these two mini skeins. Both a little more than 90 yards. I know I want to make something using them both, and add a gift of an angora blend and I am thinking a cowl of some kind. Possible stripes?

2014-02-10 09.24.36

Both of cakes in the middle may not be  used in this project. With just one skein should be close to 300 yards. So  that should be doable. I’m leaning towards the top cake in this project, and using the bottom cake as an edging to some other lovely bit of knitting. I suppose only time will tell.


Making Monday: 2014 a Year of Spinning

Last year I did a good amount of spinning. I also did a good amount of increasing the fiber stash. While I was slightly more restrained at festivals, I also found a bunch of awesome online fiber shops and fell down a rabbit hole.

Some time in December on the TV Knitting Podcast she mentioned  making 2014 the Year of Fiber.  And as I went through my fiber stash I found so much fiber I wanted to play with. And I have enough completed yarns that I could work on quite a few projects before running out, and of course I will never just be working on a handspun project.


I have even chosen my first new project for spinning. Granted I want to work on this on my Bosworth and I likely have 3 oz of Wednesday and the witches left. Possibly more. I should really get a scale going.


Then there is my Smaller on the Outside Into the Whirled braid. It is superwash, so I’d like to get it spun up and knit myself a pair of handspun socks. A tall order since Dad’s Christmas socks are still in progress. Err… But one can hope


I also  want to get done in the year is carding and spinning these locks I won ages ago.  I bought the hand cards, now I just have to get myself to actually use them.  And of course there is the handspun.


All those skeins waiting to be turned into a project or six.  So here’s hoping this year becomes the year of spinning.



FO Friday: Handspun Hat

I have finished the hat! After spinning the yarn, just in time for Nemo. Well okay then. Snow? I have a hat for that. I weaved in the end on the subway this morning and now may wear this on my way home. Just because I can.


2013-02-08 11.11.50


I made the ribbing twice the length that the pattern called for. Trying it on, shows I did indeed get it right.   One nice and cozy Koolhaas to show for my time.

2013-02-08 11.12.32


No more cold ears. Or so I hope.  I have another 50 or so yards left of this yarn, no idea what I will be doing with it. But we shall put it aside for now.  Also I am quite tempted to make another one of these.  One can never have too many hats.

Also this does mean that my first Nerd Wars Project is done. 1/6 for Feb.