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The baby blanket is done. And it is massive.  It has been gifted to the parents along with a matching onesie because really why not? I’m quite proud of not running out of yarn at any point!  Near the end there I started to worry. The plan to make a matching sweater was put aside due to time and, yarn constraints.  Though this was finished way before my last baby blanket of the morning of the event fame.


It was finished a whole four days before the event.  And as for the matching gift?


Well he needed a uniform too, of course. Now up to the next baby items, and then my start-itis is twitching. I plan to start Royale by Glenna C. once the last of the baby gifts are done. That likely won’t be before March but I really want to knit a few sweaters, or a lot of sweaters.

WIPW: Honey Cowl

I remember the last honey cowl I worked on taking ages to grow and be finished. And that I finished it at a point of I’m done dang it! More than it had reached the size called for in the pattern. This one is flying off the needles a bit.


This is a picture I snapped before heading off to work.  Gotta say the sun really agreed with me on this one.

2014-12-17 12.07.56

This is a shot from my cubicle.  It looks like it nearly doubled in size in just one way of the journey.  So so far a good WIPW.  What is everyone working on a week til the big day?

Knit All The Gifts

My last couple of projects have been gifts, and each has flown off the needles. Apparently I just need to make gifts for everyone. And the Just One More Row Podcast is hosting a Christmas in July Knit Along.  So I have a list of items to make.


  • A Christmas Stocking for a friend whose stocking was beset by moths
  • A new tree topper
  • A knit string of lights
  • Knit ornaments  (Sweaters, balls, mini stockings) ‘
  • Gifts – I have one hat I plan on making a friend and while technically a Christmas present she would love it for NYCC.
  • I have a couple hats/scarves/mitts I want to make and just put aside for whoever comes to mind later in the year.

Look Pa, a Sock!

Well mostly, or at least something that can’t be thought of as anything else.  It has a heel that was turned and everything, and I am now working on the foot.  So far so good after accidentally making the heel on the wrong side and having to frog it and start over.  Small setback, and more progress.

2013-12-02 00.17.46 HDR-1

Now I just have to pick up the pace. We are 22 days out after all. Though the chances of seeing my father on Christmas Day are slim as he is likely to be working. Similar to Thanksgiving.  My two Thanksgivings happened and now my plot is to how to talk my mother into letting me host and cook next year.  I have hosted a Thanksgiving esq meal for friends that was a hit so I know I can do it and do it well and as my birthday this year shows I have a thing for cooking large meals.  That and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pies.

2013-11-30 19.05.18 2013-11-30 23.06.44

As Christmas approaches I have started compiling another list of 31 post prompts.  I like starting the new year that way, and it’s time to start prepping for the posts.

Spidy Baby

…Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. 

So I have some friends who are geeks. Shocking I know.  As they have gone off to be fruitful and multiply we agreed there was only one baby blanket for them. Even more so as pastels were vetoed.

The baby blanket pre-blocking, where shall I  be blocking this monster? I have no idea. Extra fun fact? The mother is allergic to cats. Why does this matter?  Oh no reason.


No reason at all. This is going to be interesting, as the rooms I can easily lock her out of don’t have enough room to block…