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FO Friday: Rikke Hat

I finished the Rikke hat for my sister. This was one of those projects I put down, and completely forgot about.  The sad thing was I had put it down at the crown decreases as I had been working in the dark and that seemed like asking for trouble.  Between my commute, untangling three balls of the yarn, and a conference call I finished the hat. Mostly.

2014-10-24 13.06.31

She wants the hat lined, and I never did buy any fabric for that. But the knitting part is done and that is what counts right? Right?





FO Friday: Claudia Hat

I finished the Claudia Hat  I cast on Monday. Its a free pattern on Raverly and I knit it in a mystery skein of Plucky Knitter worsted weight. Mystery as I lost the tag, and if I recall correctly it was an odd/one off ball.


I feel that despite the pattern name with the yarn choice I ended up with a very masculine hat to throw into the gift pile. Currently my plan of  attack, is to make hats, and maybe mitts with all the wild single skeins of worsted I keep finding as I make sense of the stash.


There looks like there could be enough yarn to make matching fingerless mitts, and the ribbing pattern at the edge would  be simple enough to repeat. That would be an adventure for the weekend.  I’ve also gone and cast on Down East today, and will see if I can magic up a finish by 10/17 – 22 whole days. Why? To see if I can really, I have plenty of sweaters to wear to Rhinebeck if I fail.  You know like the one I finished Sunday.


FO: Wonder Beanie II

Posting finished  objects on Wednesdays, posting works in progress on Friday. What’s next? dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.  I finished my second Wonder Beanie last night while watching Chopped because what else would I be watching.  I wanted to cast on a couple more hats so I told myself to finish the ones on the needles. The Rikke hat is next on the to wrap up list.


I just had three rows of the chart  and the crown decreases left. I thought I was going to run out of yarn for the 10 seconds it took me to remember that it was red cascade 220. There was a slim chance I didn’t have more in the same shade, but I doubted it. Its the same red being used in the forever in process Marvel scarf.  In my head its Superhero red. There should always be some lying around.


I even weaved in the ends. Then I went to find the first beanie to see how it compares. I have no idea where it is. NONE. Its not in my bag of gift knits, its not with other recent fos.  There will be tearing things apart the next couple of days to find version 1 of this hat.  Sigh.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

So when my dad called me on Saturday, to come see him on Monday, as he would be out of town Christmas. I had a moment of Noooooooooo. Then I realized I had no part of his gift ready. Going to Best Buy or Target the weekend before Christmas fills me with dread. I like the internet. I can buy things, there are no people involved. My experience with  things like Black Friday are working the registers at 5am. I worked across the street from Macy’s on 34th street for a while. There are parts of the city I am fully willing to give up from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. So yes I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, except some online ordering.


Anyway back to the sock. Monday morning I got to work ready to turn the heel. Six inches of  leg done.

2013-12-23 11.46.43

So last night on my dad’s couch I turned his heel, we chatted, and never mentioned that I was clearly working on his gift.

2013-12-23 22.25.11


I also greatly regret not getting the eBook version of Knit. Sock. Love. as I keep having to photocopy pages as I have lost the pattern twice now. At least I haven’t lost the book. I have the rest of the week off, so I’m hoping to finish dad’s socks by Monday, when I will actually be seeing him again.  Fingers crossed.



Sock Saga Continues

I have solved the sock quandary.

2013-12-13 23.37.46-2

Here is the finished sock on my foot, over socks and tights.   I also cast on the next sock. Or I should say the first sock. Yeah the Christmas Deadline is a dream at this point. But I am working on the sock again in a medium. Maybe I will have a whole sock by Christmas.  I even found my metal needles, and am moving a bit faster on the sock.

2013-12-18 13.12.27

About half of the leg done so far, and its a few more cable crosses longer as I write this. Progress. Shall I make it to the heel turn at knit night tonight? Possibly. Maybe.

WIPW: A Sock & A Quandary

I am working on the toe of my dad’s sock.   So yay at the 47% mark on Dec 11th. Er… We’ll work on that. The problem is I had him put the sock on and I have a quandary. The sock fits  and is too big around. Sigh. Remember when I thought this was the problem and talked myself out of it? Yeah…

2013-12-11 12.09.16So my question becomes do I cast on the next sock as a medium and then make a third sock? (Yeah this means letting go of the Christmas delivery date but I’m like 40% okay with that).  Am I more realistic and make dad’s next sock the same size and assume it will be a layering sock?   I fear I will just end up with two mis sized socks…but there is the part of me that keeps going its too big. Why make another one?


You Have Your Mother’s Eyes

I have no idea if I do or not. but we all know Harry does. Why is this relevant? I have finished the leg on my dad’s socks and I had an attack of what if they are too big. They are too big. Of course they are too big. Why? I have my dad’s legs. They are great legs, if he was a different person I’m sure he would look killer in a pair of heels (I have never seen my dad in a pair of jeans because ‘those are for kids’).  And we have skinny calves. To the point that I love lace up boots so I can tighten them all the way and they will only be slightly loose.


So after an afternoon of panic, and a failed attempt to go see him (the post office had a line one tends to see April 15 or the last two weeks of Dec). I tried the sock on my own foot. It was loose, but nothing that wouldn’t fit man much larger than I was.  Small holiday panic averted. Yes I will be seeing my dad Thursday to confirm. But that would have been a few knitting days lost. I still have another sock to make.

Does anyone else have tales of knitwear panic? Or maybe you know who gave you your knees?

WIPW: Joker’s gloves

So the socks are still growing slowly, likely a bit too slowly for Christmas delivery so I will have to pick up the pace.


I’m a little more than halfway through the leg so I need to get to work.  So of course, with that in mind, I pulled out another project in progress.  The Podster gloves in the Gnome Acres Joker colorway. I also found my metal size one needles, in the podster gloves of course.

2013-11-20 09.04.52

I should also find my color affection and finish that off. But in the meanwhile I am still finishing my Doctor Who special order, and getting things ready for Friday’s shop update. Busy busy week.  Here’s the 8th doctor as stitch markers as green seems to be the theme of this post. A set of  8th Doctor earrings will likely be in the update. Sadly very few doctor stitch markers will make it, this time.

2013-11-16 15.49.33

WIPW: Socks and Scarves

My dad’s socks have grown some. I have worked on them a bit over the last day.  I think based on my own personal sock attempts I will not run into delays until the foot. Turning the heel only slows me down insomuch as  I have to look it up, but I like to complete the entire heel in one go. So…

2013-11-13 11.08.36But progress, in dad’s favorite color. Here’s hoping that I get it done in time and it fits. It is about three inches right now and every cable cross is about half an inch.

In other knitting news, the pattern for the lantern corp scarf is off at the test knitter and I am knitting it up as well.

2013-11-13 11.49.48Currently up to Rage/Hate. Red lanterns.  Though this may get put aside as a cowl pattern has jumped out at me to be designed. Its very simple and may be a great starter project.  It’s in my favorite colors and in Eco Wool and is already named, Harlequin. So you may see that soon.

And We are Done

The Baby Blanket is done. Honestly after the racing of the last post I only worked on it on knit night on Thursday and then I grabbed it halfway home yesterday. I decided it would be finished! At leas partially because today starts the first day of T9 in nerd wars and I have joined the ranks of Team Mythology again, and because I wanted to be done with the blanket.

2013-09-30 21.23.46-2

After my commute home I had already completed two more color repeats so I had a grey and a green stripe. I sat down and got comfortable, with the lost season of Drag Race (I love pop up Ru) and decided to finish the blanket once and for all.

2013-09-30 23.53.13

And I did, I bound off into an episode of Will & Grace and did a mental fist bump of victory. This project had long since (even without the date mix-up) been due to be finished.  Technically if everything had gone to plan it should have been done Sunday. But I came down with something on Monday, that made Tuesday only exist for a few hours. Long enough to catch Agent’s of Shield, and then go back to sleep again.  It was a “wild” sick day.  :/

2013-09-30 23.54.32-2

Now to make a few more baby items. My new deadline is December. So this should be fine. I have plenty of yarn left too. Time to check out Nerd Wars challenges and see what comes to mind. And I may be doing some holiday knitting. We’ll see.