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First FOs of the year!

I have some finished projects! They are iterations of the same project but hey they are done!

The red one was the pattern Drej available for free on Ravelry.

The blue was mostly me making it up. I also made it in black. It was the first time I’ve used my size 13 needles in…possibly ever.

Both versions were just some simple knitting. I’ve wrapped these up and next up is to finish Ommegang!

Sweater! Hot Off the Needles!

And Cabeladabra is done! All that is left is weaving in ends and blocking! One sweater down 2 more to attempt. And I’ve also got my  Indie Untangled prep in full swing, new items, old favorites, exclusives, all of it is now in progress.



In the last week or so I have realized just how soon Rhinebeck is, when you have a day job, a craft job, and want to knit three new sweaters for the weekend, five weeks is no time at all!  So I decided to get cranking, I’m unpacked, I’ve reopened the shop, time for making all the things!



Working on the sweater, I realized that I didn’t have all that much work left either. it was the work of a couple of episodes of the walking dead, to finish the body and start on the first sleeve. and last night, I decided to finish the second and get the collar done!



I think it came out pretty well, I believe I have 1 1/2 balls left or  1/2 a ball. I vaguely remember a skein falling into a suitcase in the flurry of unpacking and I don’t remember if I fished it out before putting the case away. Something I will check on later.



I also had initially gotten the finger weight version of the pattern so I plan to make that as well at some point in the Woolfolk I got before La Casita closed.



Next up,  Kitra in my Empire skein. I’m planning on extending it to tunic length. Somehow I think I will have enough yarn. I will knit the sleeves before finishing the body to figure out what yardage I have left.  Tunic…Dress, we’ll see what happens.



At long last…on the third try. First cast on in Feb 2014.  Frogged that April, then again a few inches on the second go around because I put the project down too long and had missed an increase somewhere on the sleeves.  But now we have a finished sweater!



Three skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. with enough left over that i could likely make a small accessory, and put a square or six in my memories blanket.

Earl Grey, Hot

I have finished Francis Revisited.  Okay it isn’t blocked and  none of the ends have been woven in but all of the stitches have been knit. So it’s done!   A very quick knit though I really don’t know what yardage I used as there was clearly some yarn missing from both skeins of Eco Wool. The red, might have gone into my Vivian a few years back but I have no idea where the black went. Greek Key Cowl possibly? I would guess, 1 1/2 skeins of Eco wool with 1 skein being the red.



I like how it came out and the fit.  Though even with the cowl neck and the sleeves I do still feel a slight need to tug the bottom of my sweater and request some Earl Grey, hot. But that might just be me.



This does make the third sweater I’ve completed for myself this year. And the fourth in total. So yay for making my way through stash.  Speaking of clearing out the stash I’m having a bit of a stash down over on the ravelry page if you fancy some new yarn or fiber in your life.  Below is a general shot of some of the items that are available.


A Long Time in the Finishing

Cast on on labor day 2012  using hand spun that took three months to finish even with the Tour de Fleece right in the middle of that.  My Hitchhiker is finally done. Finally!



I ended up with about 2 grams of fiber left  after binding off.  The last time I mentioned working on it was back in August where I mention it has 23 teeth currently and the finished skein of handspun was 462 yards.  I think I added another set of teeth or two in that period. Maybe.



A garter shawl is a great project to complete in the dark, which is one of the reasons I chose it, as the Lothlorien Cape has just a bit too much detail to go wild on in the dark and why not finish a long languishing project while hearing the  story of Frodo and the Ring set to live music? We even got a speech from Howard Shore, at the end of the show on Sunday.  I actually finished the shawl on Saturday, and then began my new addiction of knitting #justonemoresquare every night.

Finishing All the Cowls

I finished the Honey Cowl from the last post, and somehow cast on and finished a handspun cowl. I did cast on in the movie theater during The Battle of the Five Armies.  I will say it was likely my favorite of the three movies but  seeing how I wanted to light the Desolation of Smaug on fire and have no interest in owning any of them on DVD, I don’t think that means much.

2014-12-18 13.08.21-1

The finished cowl has already been sent off to its new home with its matching  Snapdragon Tam.  So knowing I was going to sit in a theater for a few hours, I knew I would want some knitting with me. I had wound some handspun into a cake and decided to free form a cowl.


I cast on 110 stitches knit 8 rows of garter and then then knit st until I felt I was near the end of the skein and knit 8 more rows of garter.  I ended up with about a row of yarn left which I think is pretty good.  This looks like it will be a fun bright pop of color to any outfit in the coming weeks.

Now I’m off to finish a test knit hat in a great teal color!


FO Friday: Viking Hat

Its been a while since I actually had a finished object on a Friday but after making the horns at knitting last night, I  finished the hat, with some assistance from a wig form, and bright red wig.


I had some ‘moments’  with this project. The yarn skein was from a destash, so not only did I have no idea what it was (though it was the perfect color) of course I came up short. Which meant the crown decreases happened really fast.  As in 100 stitches to 8 in about 10 rows.  I had enough yarn left in my hand that I could have maybe done 11 rows to decrease…


It’s mostly a fun silly hat to wear around the bar. I am pondering redoing the horns when I get home tonight, of course the hat is due tomorrow.  But once taken off the form the horns flap around, even stuffed with pipe cleaner, perhaps I will crochet them instead to give them a more horny structure… You can see the ‘official’ hat below.


NYCC and an FO

I finished  the blue handspun hat, though I didn’t work on it too much during the convention which I guess shows it was a quick knit. I am casting on a second hat with the leftover yarn.


Now how was NYCC? Fun! The crowds seemed smaller this year, but that might be because there was a lot of strategy being applied when hitting the vending floor. There was also, some time daily spent in the Mary Sue lounge. And it was great, my favorite conversation happened in that room while we all worked our way around friendship bracelet making.  Seriously the ladies at the table were all fabulous.  The jokes, references, and snark few far and fast.


If my convention had ended at this table it would have been plenty fun. But there were panels, art, trips to the Waystation and cosplay. So much cosplay.


There was some slight alteration to my cosplay and I was running around as Zoe from Firefly on Sunday instead of mohawk Storm, as the Mohawk needed some glue dipping and that took about 48hrs or so to dry last year so learning that Saturday night was not going to help.

IMG_7492  IMG_7516  IMG_7545

I also totally forgot to take pictures of myself Sunday. But Thurs., Fri., and Sat. were all covered.  In other people’s cosplay, random things caught my attention, like crochet pumpkin bombs.


Because crochet props are awesome.

IMG_7565Doctors at the Waystation, Five, Six, and Seven. And my friend is Five and she did knit her vest herself, as well as sew/alter everything else. She makes me a cosplay slacker.  Now this week is to prep for Rhinebeck. Wooo…


FO: DownEast Sweater

Eleven days later  and I have a finished sweater for. Which is pretty awesome.  I still have to weave in the ends and block the sweater but done! Done is always good.  I actually have progress for the end of every day via instagram.

2014-09-26 23.38.13-2 2014-09-28 14.47.19-2 IMG_7425

2014-09-29 21.44.17 2014-09-30 12.06.11 2014-10-01 00.52.22

2014-10-01 22.32.16-2 2014-10-02 21.50.46 2014-10-04 00.04.32-1

2014-10-06 00.35.43-2  2014-10-07 01.51.45

I think this is the end of  the high speed sweater knitting but I’m entering this winter with three new sweaters, and am actually wearing my Artichoke French today.   Next up shall be all the sock weight sweaters.


Oh and I did finally block the Rocky Coast.


Now to prepare all my knitting for sitting in panels at NYCC. The combination of compact, interesting, and easy. I’m aiming for hats.

FO Friday: Claudia Hat

I finished the Claudia Hat  I cast on Monday. Its a free pattern on Raverly and I knit it in a mystery skein of Plucky Knitter worsted weight. Mystery as I lost the tag, and if I recall correctly it was an odd/one off ball.


I feel that despite the pattern name with the yarn choice I ended up with a very masculine hat to throw into the gift pile. Currently my plan of  attack, is to make hats, and maybe mitts with all the wild single skeins of worsted I keep finding as I make sense of the stash.


There looks like there could be enough yarn to make matching fingerless mitts, and the ribbing pattern at the edge would  be simple enough to repeat. That would be an adventure for the weekend.  I’ve also gone and cast on Down East today, and will see if I can magic up a finish by 10/17 – 22 whole days. Why? To see if I can really, I have plenty of sweaters to wear to Rhinebeck if I fail.  You know like the one I finished Sunday.