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FO Friday: 31 Posts

We are totally counting this as a FO. 31 days and 31 posts later I am victorious.  Will I continue to post everyday? Yes at least for a little while. I have posts for the next few days plotted out. But I also have to keep in mind I will be posting for Team Mythology for Nerd Wars, and as always post on Friday’s for Geek Crafts. I also have a few book review’s to do for PinkRaygun, so blogging daily may happen just not all here.


This is the third time I have done this and looking back at it, I think it is something I will continue doing.  Its a fun way to start the new year, and I  got to write some posts I kept “planning” on then forgetting.  I know I have been meaning to post about my Sunday lunch plots for ages, for example.  One of my favorite posts was also the most useful. A Stasher’s Life actually had me measure  my fiber stash.  And resolve to take the year of stash seriously as I start to bring it down.  So I can get more of course.


This weekend is slotted for Superbowl prep, Nerd Wars Dissertation swatching, Superbowl,  and crafting for the 2/14/14 update. You know a couple of things.

Here Comes November

November is a busy month for me.  It’s the second month of of T9. It’s  Nanowrimo and  I will be working on other projects and things.  I’ve secured a test knitter for the Lantern Corp Scarf and so I have started working on a new one to make sure the written instructions make sense (and are all written). I’ve even made progress since last time.

2013-11-01 14.53.37

Three of the eight symbols mostly done,  five of eight symbols fully written and 8 of 8 fully charted. So we are getting there with this.  I am making it with white as the background color this time, and so far it seems to be working pretty well.  Next up is red/hate.  I also wound up the yarn for my dad’s socks, grabbed the needles at my LYS on Tuesday but still have not cast on.

2013-10-27 16.18.25-2These were originally going to be my Nerd Wars dissertation, but I didn’t find the yarn til after the deadline. And Nerd Wars wise October was a bit of bust. I have one project from the list I posted last month and it was just something in the back of my mind that I should do. A baby hat to go with the blanket I finished for the Going Stratosphere challenge.

2013-10-28 22.57.26-2

I will go through the challenges this weekend and hope for a much better turn out than 1 of 6 projects but we’ll see.  I do have a novel to write as well, and a lot of Doctor  Who work to do in the craft room.  I’m heading to a write in tonight and  have a couple hundred words of my novel so far. As is the strange usual for me the main character doesn’t have a name but the dog, does.  Eh.

I’m Back and an Actual FO

I’m back from vacation! The shop is reopen, and I am slowly getting my act together for going back to work tomorrow, with my cold… eh. I’ll be talking about the trip over the next few days, but today was the last day of Summer of Stash Along hosted by CraftStash and Gourmet Stash. And I was not going to miss out on finishing my Bergen Street Cardigan.

I pulled out the first swatch I came across and started frogging to get more yarn.

2013-09-02 13.43.39

Meanwhile I was taunted by the amount of white yarn I had left. But so is the life of working with two colors really.

2013-09-02 15.29.04

I started knitting and things looked like they were going well. Fingers crossed.

2013-09-02 13.59.17

I got about two rows of ribbing for every row I frogged so I would be fine and possibly have some yarn to spare. That was good to know. I could do that.  And shockingly enough I did. I finished the sweater.

2013-09-02 15.13.07

That right there is a finished Bergen Street Cardigan, most likely it will be my Rhinebeck sweater, as I still do not have yarn for an Alta and I have a baby blanket to work on. And I had plenty of yarn left over. Really.

2013-09-02 15.28.47

FO Friday: Batman Scarf

As this has been gifted I can share the finally finished product.  After many a false start,  a lot of months spent punished in the corner and  a few bad  movie knitting experiences the Batman Scarf my sister asked for back when I learned to Crochet, is done.

Finished bright and early on christmas eve, I may have wrapped it rather quickly and only taken one picture of the finished product. But it’s done.

Yay for random iPad photos. Done and done. Now I suppose the Marvel scarf is the last scarf of shame…….