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Down but not out

It’s official. I’m quite sick. It’s odd knowing you’re tired have no energy, and a slight cough to “mild bronchitis”.

Knitting was hard the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Well everything was hard to do other than sleep. I’m on the mend now and slowly getting my knitting mojo back. So much so I actually finished my Storm Tracker Sweater.

It’s knit in Neighborhood Fiber co. studio worsted in the Georgetown color way. I will block it this weekend and get to adding it to my sweater family ASAP. It also means that I am able to get back to the sweater I started at Rhinebeck. Also in studio worsted, this one is knit from the bottom up and called Crazyheart.

Can you tell I really want to get to the color work?


Box of Sox Kal



The box of sox kal started on Jan 1 with a goal to knit 12 pairs of socks over the course of the year and while I never  expected to make 12 pairs of socks, and still don’t, I’m quite pleased with finishing my first ever pair of socks.


Apparently, all i needed was a simple sock pattern and time.  I do have a lot, a lot of yarn left  so that is something to keep in mind but hey a pair of wearable socks. I’m telling myself that I don’t need to cast on another pair of socks yet. But I kinda want to. We’ll see what side wins out. I mean I have a sweater to finish. Among other things…

I suppose its time to get some sock blockers…

Another Sweater

Another sweater finished. Okay, its a baby sweater. But it still counts right?  Baby Bunting. I actually knit the last stitch on Saturday and attached the wooden buttons on Tuesday.  Which brings up my sweater total to two baby, three adult. Two more on the needles. Its been a good sweater year.



I am free knitting a matching hat in the reverse colors.  With a blue garter and red body. It is the first of many baby items I shall be knitting for many babies. I have the yarn for a few blankets and likely another sweater or two. Maybe even some more baby hats. December is the month of babies!

The 12 Hour Sweater

So on Monday, I decided to cast on a baby sweater for a shower I’m going to this weekend.  I have been working on a chevron baby blanket that is about 55% done at this point but I wanted a change of pace for a little bit. Clearly a sign that I am never a monogamous knitter.




So I looked up baby sweater patterns and was torn for a little while between  Jeudi a pullover and the  Bug Warmer. I decided to go with the Bug Warmer  as there were more size options and I was using a variegated yarn and I thought the cable would get lost in it. 


I cast on and started working and was quite surprised how fast the sweater went in even an hour.  That was about the point I decided I wanted to see if I could finish it by the end of the day, or at least by the time I went to bed. I had cast on around 11.


By about 3 in between working and  eating I had separated for the sleeves.  and was making steady progress on the body, so this looked like something I could do. So of course I didn’t touch the sweater again until about 7.


I was able to finish the body by 10. And then I had to make a decision. Having read the patten and the size I chose, my skein of yarn was about 40 yards shorter than the recommendation.  All I had left were the sleeves and the pattern did come in long and short sleeve versions.  I decided to go with the short sleeve version and by 11:30, I had a finished sweater! This is the first finished sweater of 2015.


One gift down one to go.


Weekend Rikke

Friday night I cast on a Rikke hat for the Rikke hat along that was happening on instagram.  I seem to have finished said hat by Sunday afternoon.


This is my second Rikke Hat, the first I made for my sister, and somehow took a few months to finish it as I kept working on and off on it.  This time, on Saturday I had a few hours at the salon, so I was a captive knitter. I worked my way through the needle changes and had about 5 inches of hat.


And on Sunday I ended up at the yarn shop for a couple hours and I finished the hat! One complete Rikke in Dirty on Purpose.  So another hat made. Now for the gloves.

The Start of Something Dangerous

I have finished the yarn I was spinning on the Golding spindle.  I ended up with 48 yards of a fingering weight 2ply.  It came out  quite nice and I started to wonder what I would do with it. I could turn it into earrings, but that would be a lot of pairs.

IMG_8707Along with watching the most recent episode of the MustStash Podcast where Stacie did a quick tutorial on a Turkish Spindle. I mean my spindle was right there. So I grabbed it and the tribble sample I got started and was victorious.  So that is another project going on.

So at this point you are probably wondering what could possibly be dangerous about any of this? Mini-Skiens guys. Hand spun Mini Skeins. So clearly I need a project to make with them. I have ruled out the bee keepers quilt because that would be something that would most likely end up  as “that wip the cats sit on.”

The Memory Blanket seems safer even if it will take just as long, the not having x-hundreds of puffs to join at the end appeals. And just when you thought it was safe…Hmm could I make an entire blanket out of handspun odds and ends? Some one stop me.


FO: Snapdragon Tam

Well its Monday, but the tam is done.  So I’m mostly on track to get my last few projects of the year done.


A cowl,  a stocking, a test knit hat, oh and the sweater I want to pick back up at some point soon. You know just a couple things. But hey I’ve started the Honey Cowl in the same yarn, and its heavy worsted, it will go faster this time…. Or something.


I even found a giant tupperware lid to block the hat out on. It was interesting working on a project that was one of my early complicated projects. The last time I did this project back in 2011 and I know I pretty much only followed the written instructions. The chart was an oddly shaped pile of hieroglyphics. This time I barely looked at the written instructions.

This also makes the seventh hat since I started the Hat Season for all my lonely single skeins. Though now I wonder if I have enough skeins in the same color/weight family to make a fun striped sweater, the one in every ad everywhere right now. My coworker is wearing this one and I really like it in person:

Holiday stripe wool sweater - multi stripe

That and I keep looking at  Folie à deux and try and figure out what colors I want to make it in.  Another project to add to the pile but it might be a great things to do with some of the remaining single skeins.  I know I have orange, green, purple, red, black, and blue in solids. Add variegated yarns and we can have a party.  It may be time to go through the stash again and make a plan of action.  I think I would like it in jewel tones.

FO Friday: Rikke Hat

I finished the Rikke hat for my sister. This was one of those projects I put down, and completely forgot about.  The sad thing was I had put it down at the crown decreases as I had been working in the dark and that seemed like asking for trouble.  Between my commute, untangling three balls of the yarn, and a conference call I finished the hat. Mostly.

2014-10-24 13.06.31

She wants the hat lined, and I never did buy any fabric for that. But the knitting part is done and that is what counts right? Right?





FO: Peacock Shawlette

So last Tuesday I had to frog the shawl. And well losing close to half my time with nothing to show for it may have motivated me strongly.

IMG_0593Wednesday morning I had just a couple of the 50 rows of lace and was planning on cutting it short since I had cast on 201 stitches instead of the 273.  I actually finished the shawl by Friday night, while out with friends.

2014-06-20 23.31.12-2Surprising, well I already know I work better under pressure but that was a bit of a surprise. I’ll go with it. So Saturday morning I got ready to block and even had keen eye observing the process.


It turns out she had ulterior motives.  Blocking shawls with a cat is always an adventure.  But the shawl is done, dry and unpinned a week early even!





FO Friday: Artichoke French

It’s done. And I mean actually done, all ends have been woven in, all holes have been closed, all that remains is blocking and I can’t decide if I should do that now, or wait until I want to wear it. Knowing my luck in six months I will remember its not blocked three hours before I have to walk out the door.


I was finishing the neck line at geek knitting and I’m quite excited to add another finished sweater to my wardrobe.  The neck line is one of the parts that makes me know that blocking is a necessity as it’s hard to tell right now that its the same Artichoke French stitch going around the neck.


I added a few inches to the body as I worked and still have some yarn left over so that’s great.  I’m pondering making some Artichoke French fingerless mitts with the leftover yarn, to look like my sleeves.


If you couldn’t guess in the last month I really love this sweater.  36 days from cast on to cast off.  And knowing the way I knit, I can take a week or more off that easily. A month for a sweater, not too bad at all.