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A Little of This A Little of That

I’m still slowly working crafting back into my day to day schedule. It means that along with wondering when to fit things in, I have no idea how long some things will take. I have frogged and cast on this baby blanket  three times since the first. So I can call last night the new start date, but I’m just not sure when the end date will be.


I think I am ready to go on it this time, I have already altered the pattern a bit and will be doing more altering the pattern from a star shape to a central star, and then a round outline in other colors.

2014-08-08 15.06.33

Something like that. ;). I also want to see if I can do a sweater or two before the shower.  I have about a month and a few days to finish. Here’s hoping I can do it without for hours of available knit time every weekday.


Another thing I worked on a bit is spinning. I decided to put my Draco fiber in my new Gryffindor bag, and got back into the swing of spinning it. I feel like I actually can see progress on this.  As per usual I have no plan for what to do with this when it is done, though I am thinking about making a worsted 3 ply once I see how the spinning turns out, but plans for fiber are always iffy for me.

2015 in Spinning

My 2015 in spinning could likely be summed up as In Progress. For whatever reason I have a lot of started spinning projects but other than samples much fewer finished spinning projects.


The loop batt was my biggest completed spinning project since I had finished the loop bat for my Hitchhiker a few years ago. Perhaps I’m overdue for a spinning wheel. Okay I know I’m overdue, I even decided what kind of wheel I want ages ago. We’ll see what what the year brings I guess.



So the first is the spinning project i started in January last year is right there on the right. The spindle you may notice does not have red fiber on it? Yeah… I started spinning the Paco Vicuna that I got at Rhinebeck to be part of the luxury handspun hat. I’m spinning, it as fine of humanly possibly, and I had just filled the spindle so I switched it over.  I really have no spinning loyalty, Sigh.


I also have started spinning my Draco fiber from Hobbledehoy on my TurtleMade spindle,you can see i have gotten very far.


And we have some of the ice dyed fiber from Gourmet Stash. And as per usual there are a couple of spindles that I know are holding fiber but I don’t know where they are. Like I think my Aaron’s Make Stuff spindle has a project on it. And my Mini Turtle Made.

IMG_9661 IMG_8972 IMG_8707

So along with spinning down the fiber stash, I think finishing the spinning projects I am working on would be good!

Spin the Rainbow

I have been busy with my Loop batt that I grabbed from Maryland.  Maybe it’s because I decided not to ply the yarn. Maybe I have been spinning more than I think, but I am nearly done with the the 5.2oz of  Abracadabra I got at MDSW.


I have been aiming for a fingering weight single and I seem to be mostly successful.  I have been using my Bosworth mini spindle and winding off into skeins when I think it is too full. That seems to be somewhere between 1.3 and 1.5oz.



I am working on what will be the last ball  now, greens and yellows mostly, and looking at the yardage I got on the red (~156 yards) I think I will end up with a surprisingly large yardage. Once I have the final count I shall decide what to make with it, but I am still leaning towards a massive winter wrap/shawl, to go with my color affection.


What would you make with  this yarn?  The final yardage looks like it will be about 500 yards or higher. I will find out in the next couple days hopefully.

Long Island Fleece and Fiber Wrap Up

So two weeks after MDSW I was on the bus to the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Festival.  Well the plan to got go to LIFFF had been established in February while MDSW was in April. It totally made sense at the time. Plus LIFFF is a small festival across the street from a vineyard.  I always enjoy going even in some rain.



I did not get a ton of stuff this year but I did discover a new to me dyer.  Witch Candy were I made my only yarn purchase. One skein of LiteBrite.  A small two ounce bit of cheviot roving from Painting Box Fibers. A bottle of red wine from  Martha Clara vineyards. And a couple yards of fabric, that will be put aside for now, now that I know my sewing machine is decorative.


A very small take away. It was bound to happen at some point. There was plenty more I could have grabbed, but I did just go to Maryland. And I am still in the middle  of spinning the loop rainbow I grabbed from there.


And here is a mini preview for tomorrow’s shop update. It will be around 7pm EST.  There will be skeins everywhere! 


MDSW: The Swag

Going to Maryland Sheep and Wool the first time, I didn’t have much of a plan. I wanted to get something from Knitty and Color and Hobbledehoy. I hadn’t looked to see who all was going to be vending and I’m sure its a surprise to no one to say that my plan wandered off the rails rather quickly.


The day started at 6 and by 7:15 we were winging our way to  New Jersey to pick up the fourth member of our merry band and head to Maryland.  We got there a little before noon and started our wandering in the Main Barn.  Among other things we found loop. I’m sure everyone knows what happened next…



I have a fiber problem. I like it. A lot. I barely got any yarn. Just a mini skein pack from Knitty and Color were I also got some Bitty Batties.



Can I blame a podcaster for enabling me? Well okay, I wanted to stop at Hobbledehoy, and I wanted to check out Marigoldjen. But yarn restraint…a friend did a massive destash in my direction. SO MUCH YARN. That I could not bring myself to buy yarn two days later.



Over in the booth I saw the Battling Constellation Collaboration with Neighborhood Fiber Co. (who we didn’t get to) and I ended up heading home with the Draco Battlings.  For a person who was only going to buy tools. I seem to have made off with plenty of fiber.


On the tool front I didn’t get much but I did get some fun bits and bobs. I got this little monster, and somehow didn’t get a card! If someone recognizes the shop please let me know! They had some fantastic cookie jars, and yarn bowls, and were in the main barn as well.  I  also got a LoLo bar finally, in the Plain Jane scent and a sampler in Summer Breeze. I don’t do well with scented items so, I was aiming to try a mild scent and see if I can get in on that.


And this shop. So much cute, I ended up with a Dalek and Adipose charms. Possibly should have grabbed the dark Sheep Sauron but next time.  I now realize I am on the market for a nice supported spindle. I had thought about getting another Turkish while at the show but we can save that for Rhinebeck.  There will be more spinning  in the coming weeks, and we will see if the loop batt bumps itself up in the queue.


Great fun going to a festival where I could have been running around in shorts. Next year the full weekend!

Another Mini Skein Down

So I finished the sampler I spin up on my new Aaron Makes Stuff Spindle.  The hobbledehoy fiber was, varying shades of blue, brown, and sparkle.


It actually made me think a bit of the 10th Doctor, and  his brown and blue suit. Or that may be more on my mind as I signed up for a sewing class to brush up on my skills.


Winding the fiber up into a center pull ball had me thinking that there wouldn’t be much when I plyed the fiber.  With that in mind I decided not to do a 3 plyy and instead do another 2 ply.


I ended up with a 40 yard mini skein.  There maybe indeed be mini skein blanket in my future.

Spindle Problem

I may have purchased another drop spindle.  I may need to go cold turkey on spindle and fiber purchases for a while. It’s from Aaron Makes Stuff a spindle maker I have been following for quite some time.



While I have been keeping an eye out to get one of his black colored pencil spindles.When I saw this Ebony and Holly spindle I may have jumped on it.


Along with my hobbledehoy titbits I received this sampler tribble that I may have spun up most of it during knit night.



It sparkles, and once I’m done I plan to add it to my mini skein possible yarn blanket plot. We’ll see how that goes.


Making Monday: Halloween Fiber

I have  been spinning the Halloween fiber a I mentioned a few weeks ago. A little over an ounce of each color. Not that much but enough to move slowly when you only spin for ten minutes every few weeks.


I’m still working on the orange as I had a couple sweaters to knit for reasons…


2014-09-22 23.29.22-1

I’m hoping for a fingering or DK finished 2 ply. I should get on that…

Halloween Spinning Time

I like Halloween a lot. I feel like if I didn’t cosplay I would still have elaborate dedicated Halloween costumes. I spent part of the weekend cleaning the blue off of a wig to get it ready to wear again.  I am already planning a Halloween party.  And my costume is more which shall I wear than anything to be concerned about. So its no surprise that on top of a pile of things.  So I have Halloween Fiber ready to go.



These are two batts of actual mystery fiber.  They were gifts of thanks for teaching at Maker Faire last year.  The black bump is 1.35oz and the orange  is 1.25oz.  With a shine that makes it clear its not just wool. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m sure I will get a better idea after handling it some.

The plan is to make a two ply, and maybe knit something up in time for Halloween too.

WIPW: Destash Part II: Yarn & More Fiber

I posted about the fiber I had planned to destash right before the Tour De Fleece and you can take a look at my Destash Page and see if anything catches your fancy. I had also when pulling together my yarn from the many corners of the apartment, pondering parting with a few skeins and a couple more braids.  All the info is in the Destash Info listing on the page.  If anything catches your fancy send me a Ravelry Message, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

One Skein of Zealana Air 191 yards $25



Two Skeins of Noro Kureyon $14 (2) $8 (1) 


One Skein of Rowan Felted Tweed $12



Gnome Acres – Robot Patina 438 Yards Fingering weight  $22


Gnome Acres Mustache Manifesto  462 Yards Fingering weight $22


And now we go to fiber.

40z 100% Merino – Jealously  by Expertly Dyed  $18



4oz Aurora Borealis 50/25/25 Merino/Bamboo/Silk $23


 4.7oz  Medusa-multiple fibers (see listing)  $20


5.1 oz Loop Aloft –  Corridale & Merino $32


40z Spun Right Round – Vamp 100% Bluefaced Leicester (BFl) $13