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Long Weekend

This past weekend was a particularly long one. I worked from home Friday, and in between prepping for  a July of DOOOOOooooooommm in work projects, I finished all the spinning from the last post.

Saturday I had brunch with a pile of friends from High School, one of which I had just found out that Monday is expecting, due to a combination of our schedules clashing repeatedly, pretty much since the year started.  So when I wandered Michael’s to restock on craft tools, I grabbed some Acrylic yarn, because mom is a Doctor, and so is dad, I would not subject her to trying to remember even super-wash care  on a baby item.

Four skeins of almost 300 yards later and I started a baby blanket that night. Using the Constant Baby Blanket as a template  I’ve been knitting away as there are deadlines.  Mom is due sometime in August. And moving to FL in early fall, which means  I should finish this soon. Not even considering when there will be a baby shower.

Sunday rolled around and I head off to a wedding with a different group of friends I’ve know since high school. I have a few of those, I like it.

Me, rocking out in a purple dress which was the same color as the bridal party, again!  And the shawl I’m wearing, Gothic Moss  which worked great for the last wedding when I insanely put it together in a week last July.


I also took Monday off from work expecting to be tired and hungover not realizing when I took the day that the wedding started at Noon. I was home by 7 even with the hour or so drive back to the city.  So I woke up fine, around 10, and went to the craft room.  A bit of organization but mostly I played with things and restocked items. And I finally created a chain for the first of what will be a series of 7 charm bracelets. One for each year at Hogwarts. So first up Year 1.

Six charms per year, and touching on some of the major points of each year.

There are now five sets of the Tardis Markers available that should last a little longer than last time. Why am I even surprised they sold out faster than I can blink?


I finally got the beads I needed for Captain America Stitch markers. And Hawkeye, I just didn’t get a chance to make them, for the archer. Thor still eludes me.

And a surprise for me. But with the Marvel scarf, I guess they were on my mind.  I give you Fantastic Four Earrings.

Quietly geeky I would say.

This weekend is the first I think in three months or so where I don’t have plans. Other than starting the Tour de Fleece.  I plan to live in the craft room, maybe come out for Thai or something. I want to finish the Tardis Flasks  Take 2, and make some more Star Fleet Stitch Markers.

Also I started listening to the knit 1 Geek 2 podcast, and woah.  I was listening to the Avengers episode and ideas! Also just look at that layout on the site? Did you catch everything? I see Wizards, and Hammers, and screwdrivers oh my.

Back from the Depths

A couple weeks ago I cleaned and reorganized my room.  The same day I had the stash bust sale. Selling about 32 skeins of yarn. I wish I could say it made a bigger dent in my stash than it did. But there is more room, and that is the important part right? Nods.

But with cleaning and moving all the yarn around, the poor Marvel Scarf surfaced again. I posted during 2KCBW (which should be coming up again I believe)  how it had been languishing for a year. On my way home on the train, I was reading when I could not stop thinking about the scarf. I got home and I sketched out a design on graph paper while I made dinner and I pulled out the scarf.  There is now another square in the making!

That my dear friends is a 4, for the Fantastic Four. It’s been ages since I read the comic and I know their team layout and color scheme is on the fritz, but this is mostly what I think of, blue white, with a four just off center. I always liked that the FF had the same Uniform as best as could be done for Ben. Marvel’s First Family, was fun, I was even entertained by that cartoon, oh the 90’s.

So that brings me up to three squares. At the pace I am going I’ll have a full scarf by 2020 if I am lucky. Let’s hope I start to move faster. I think the next square will be the X men, then maybe  Thor , Spiderman,  Ms. Marvel (who actually has a sketch),  and a Phoenix or two.  Apparently my plot of hanging it from a clear plastic bag, that I passed everyday woke some shame, and  I actually got to work.

If I keep this up I may have to make a comic blanket of epic geek.