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Small Shop Update

You go away for a weekend and your blogging schedule gets thrown all out of order. Well I have a few things to share  but let’s start with the most recent. The February shop update is live.  It’s a small one I realize, I’ve spent the weeks after VKL in a pre-crafting state, plotting and placing orders. But I think you will all enjoy these future plots.  Now to the current plots.

The Potions Master Collection



Spring Showers & Flowers 



Maritime Markers in Standard and House Sock


Bump In the Night Stitch Markers 




Space Invaders notions Pouch



For things that have been requested. The Seven Years at Hogwarts collections including the DADA – Teachers collection will start coming back in March.  I have been ordering the parts needed for all 7 years and once a few sets are complete they will be back in the shop.  The same is true with the individual doctor’s collections.  Anything else you guys want to see back, or for the first time, feel free to ask, as always. I love chatting ideas.

Dec. Shop Update: Werewolves and Argents Oh My

About 90% of this update was inspired by Teen Wolf (not the 80s movie but the MTV show).  It’s fun in its own way. And has some amusing rules and mythology running through it. If you like wacky supernatural shows based around teenagers who are worried about sports, grades, werewolves, druids, significant others, hunters, and people who just won’t stay dead, give it a look see. I watched the first two seasons on Netflix and never looked back. Now on to the update.

Okay and some Harry Potter, because I never stick to one fandom completely in an update.


Always and Hogwarts Express Earrings

always2 express1

 Teen Wolf – Allison Argent Earrings and Chris Argent Earrings

allison1 argent2

Alpha Werewolf Earrings and Wolfs bane Stitch Markers

alpha3 wolfsbane2

And a couple restocked items: Swirling Leaves Stitch Markers and Tardis Earrings

swirl3  tardisc1b


Next update is up in the air a bit with some news I will share shortly.

Sept. Update: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

There are more earrings, which have been lacking the last few months, and there are more Crochet Stitch markers. And a few more stitch markers. This will be the last update until November, as I will be running around NYCC, Rhinebeck, and having Halloween adventures. I will attempt to double up the November updates. With the current plan being one update on Friday Nov 7th and the second Monday Nov 24 in prep for Black Friday.

Now to the update:

On Wednesdays  We Wear Pink – Crochet Stitch Markers – I mean we all love mean girls right?


Iris – Greek Goddess of the Rainbow – Crochet Stitch Markers






Knotwork Stitch Markers – Silver/Gold

knotwork_silver2 knotwork_gold1

Simpson Family- Stitch Markers


Age of Brass and Steam Stitch Markers


And the earrings:  Queen C earrings, Candy Corn Earrings, The Fastest Man Alive  earrings and Pumpkin Spice Earrings.

queenCE1 candycorn1 flash1 Pspice1

As per usual everything is now live in the shop and ready to be shipped.

Dec: Etsy Update: Fighting Evil By Moonlight

The last update of the year. Rather than make  it this Friday, updating today means that everyone has one last chance to grab something before the international shipping deadline, Tomorrow, and the  US deadline Thursday.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled updates come January 17th.  Also you may have noticed the Etsy shop tab on the home page. Clicking on any item will take you over to Etsy.


This update is full of  an idea I have been working on for a while on and off. Sailor Scouts. This update is full of Sailor Scout Stitch Markers.  Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mini Moon, and Sailor Saturn.

Merc1 mars2 jupiter1 chibi1 Saturn1

And another companion set of Stitch Markers, Donna Noble.


Also a restock of a few sold out items.  Thor Earrings, Gomez Addams Stitch Markers, Morticia Addams Stitch Markers, Castiel Earrings, and  His First Name is Agent Stitch Markers.

thorb3  gomez4  mort3 cas1  DSCN6221