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Geekery: The Beginning

I was looking over the 31 Posts list again and noticed I had been neglecting the geekery category. With five days left of this whirlygig of fun I thought I should talk about that some. So I am combining two topics, How did it start? Why are you a geek?

Photos from the most recent DragonCon, random acts of geek,  and Halloweens Past.

I think I would have been geeky no matter what, but I come by it genetically as well as on its own. My dad liked to tell me whenever we watched it, that one of his first dates with my mother was to see Wrath of Kahn. This is also the man who plopped down his wee daughter in his lap and said some very magical words. “This show we’re about to watch, its called Star Trek. [TOS]”  And he did not stop there, James Bond, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, Adam West’s Batman,  The Hulk, A – Team, Highlander, Night Rider, WWE,  Socc (sorry dad) Football, Wonder Woman, the Six Million Dollar Man.  I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty.

The only thing my dad drew the line at was Horror, he assumed I would have nightmares.  Likely because my half sister 5 years my senior did, but still insisted on watching them. She would drag me along,  and in my five year old brain everything was dandy for logically; I did not live on Elm Street , I didn’t go to sleep away camp, and  Chucky was a damn doll, fear was illogical.

And then I got older and there came the books.  To read makes our speaking English good. I remember in grade school having a color coded  learning to read system and  getting annoyed because they kept moving me up in the colors before I had read ALL the books and wouldn’t let me go back.  I read a lot as a child My dad who brought me to the library every two weeks and paid my fines when one of the 25 books I checked out vanished for a month, would let me buy a set number of books from, the Scholastic book club and Troll monthly book club and the library/school  book sales.

One week I  came back with a handful of books. By now my dad had gotten used to bargaining me down. Not because I wouldn’t read the books, but because I would misplace a few for a while, and he was tired of being a regular donor to our library’s fund.

Dad:  That’s it?
Me: I read everything else.
Dad: Everything?
Me: That I want to. They don’t get new books fast enough.
Dad: Dad grunting sound that means the conversation is over.

Two weeks later we walked, and walked, and walked. And he brought me to Grand Army Plaza, home of the Brooklyn Central Library.  Look at  this place.  In comparison my local library was one story, and easy to completely browse in 20 minutes.

That place is a monster in the best possible way.  I found old Sci-Fi novels from the 70’s and 80’s , more YA horror, and series. I was in love.  And that became our regular bi-weekly stop off.

I started reading comic books in the second or third grade. The boys would be reading them and I was intrigued. I watched all the Marvel Cartoons, so I recognized the characters, so at first I would just take them from the boys. “I read faster than you, you’ll get them back in a minute.” It helped that, that particular boy was the son of my God Mother and my Mother’s best friend, I spent many a Saturday at his place playing video games. Until I got my Super Nintendo in ’93. He caught on pretty quick and would just hand over the comics, and then we’d argue for half of the time on the playground who was more awesome. Then proceed to reenact stories.

I was one of the only girls that did this, but I didn’t think much of it, unless we were playing and they decided I had to be Supergirl.  She was dating Lex Luthor, I think not, I have standards boys. Storm, Rogue, Batgirl, and we have a deal. I can’t remember if Wonder Woman had a run at the time, but if she did they weren’t buying it, I read some old stores in the library trades but that was about it.

Family TV nights were spent watching things like, Hercules, Xena, Buffy, and the lot. The only rules we had were in bed by 10 and homework done before the TV went on, which was easy to do.  By 3:30 I was watching afternoon cartoons, at 5 I was reading a book or 12, and by 8 I was ready for prime time television.

I went through the various stages of Job desires by cool movie/character;  Spock (oh I can’t be a vulcan? Astronaut then), Egyptologist (Dr. Jones, and Mythology), Archaeologist (Dr. Jones & Current Discoveries circa 1992 -94), Paleontologist (Dinosaurs – no further explanation needed), Biologist/Chemist (introduction to subject), Computer Programmer (this had nothing to do with Hackers I swear),  Psychologist (first psych class in HS). I will hand it to my parents, their response was always, sure, go for it, with a also doctors are cool, just saying.

And then I went and got a Master’s Degree in an area of psychology that makes most people go, “so what does that mean?” and got the job that makes people go “but what do you do?” (I’m a Market Research Analyst) because it was what I studied and exactly what I wanted to do. I work in an office where Sauron and a Dalek guard my desk and my boss sends me emails about Comic Con. When I tell a story about attempting to kill a moth with a sword the only reaction in the office is, over kill much, no question on how/why I have a sword to make this attempt.

Not everything in my life is geeky but the things that are make those boring parts more fun.  This geek started young and plans to stay that way. Now I’m off to call my dad and tell him he’s awesome.

Post Dragon*Con

Back from Dragon*Con and its cold and rainy in the city after spending the last few days in 90 – 95 degree weather it was a slap. I took yesterday off and mostly played sloth, even though I woke at 9am.

The Convention was  great fun. The Cyberwonan costume was a hit and makes me want to work some adjustments and wear it again next year.  Which would mean getting a dress form.  But this fellow (Gareth David Lloyd aka Ianto Jones) below, was quite lovely. And highly amused to see my cyber woman the night before.

Also yes  I am wearing a Dalek Print Corset dress.

It was a great five days, Kilts were blown,  engagements made,  booze drunk, and new friends made.  I’m inspired to make tons more costumes and can’t wait to go back next year.  Io9 has posted a bunch of shots from the weekend and I’m even in one of them near the bottom. Are you my mummy?


I even had a few couple hours to make the Ravelry meetup where I met a bunch of lovely knitters. And plots to make a knit track.  On Dragon*Con knitting, I finished a glove that is much too large for me at least, and also finished most of one of the shawls, with the binding off, happening today.



Dragon Con Etsy Sale

Likely by the time this post goes live, I will be on  my way to LGA or somewhere in the Delta Terminal, possibly explaining why I need 3 flasks.  But I am leaving my Etsy Store open. This does mean anything purchased Thursday will not go out until Tuesday.

To make up for the shipping delay and because I shall be going to Dragon Con once again and it is the Conventions 25th year, everything in the shop is 25% off, simply use the code DCON25 when you check out for the discount.  The sale will go on from 9/1 – 9/5.  It is on everything. And there are some new items I haven’t mentioned on the blog.


Hedwig Earrings 

Golden Snitch Pendant:

And restocking of the Tardis, Severus Snape,  and Golden Snitch Earrings.

Realistic Goals vs. My Goals

So I had goals, to finish all the projects I was working on by the first, barring that finishing the ones I needed to finish by the first. The former, I gave a good try and may be able to finish 3/4.  The latter was done with a couple days to spare.

I finished the Dalek a couple weeks ago. And on Tuesday I blocked Damask for a friend to go to a wedding in while I’m down in Atlanta.




It was made of the purple silk wool blend I had picked up in DC on my day  trip ages ago.  It’s partner in teal is what I made the wedding shawl out of.

Blocked it came out much larger than I expected, and while it looks like I may have had enough yarn to make the large (this is the medium) I doubt I would have had enough space to block it.

This does mean Shawl 9 of 11 is done, and shawl 10 has less than 40 rows to completion, but there is an increase in there that has the shawl go from 166 stitches to over 300  before the last 20 rows, so that will be a fun process.  If not for that I would be sure I could finish it on the commute tonight.

I’ve mostly packed for the con, and have more costumes and corsets, than days in Atlanta, but we will see how well the Cyberwoman costume holds up. I’ve not spent a lot of time in it, and I did pack duct tape for emergency repairs. Also looking at the weather it will be in the 90’s so I may not want to spend time in the other costumes, which involve, leather, or a unitard under a full outfit, and gloves.

Also is it too early to have 8 costume ideas for Dragon Con 2012?

Tardis Flask: Take One

A few weeks ago on twitter I had a brain storm to make a TARDIS  Flask, and a friend who  threw a lot of instructions and help at me with the requirment that I posted a how to post once I was done. This is a work in progress though I think I will be taking this “finished” piece to  Dragon*Con with me.

So first I ordered a bunch of flasks on amazon, got spray paint, painters tape, primer, and a drop cloth or dozen.  I taped up the top of the flask, deciding that it was best just not to get anything on that area

So I added primer to the flask.

Once I primed the flask and let it dry. I spent most of the day between this and working on my Cyberwoman Costume. So it was all con prep all the time.  Once dry the primer was a dull grayish color so I sprayed the whole thing white.  Once that was dry I added strategic painters tape in the right spots.

Now taped and ready to go, I came at the flask with some blue spray paint.

All the spray paint I was using said it dried in 15 to 30 minutes, but I was wandering in and out about hourly, so everything was usually dry by the time I got to it. I added more tape and added some black detail.

Once that was done, I peeled all the tape off.  And things started to come together. Sorta.

Slightly crooked we can work on that.

A smidge better.

After adding finish. Oh dear. Damn you sharpie.

The hurricane this weekend means I won’t have the ventialltion most likely to fix this but I will give it a try.

At least I will still have this:

The Dalek is done.  Yes, that is my One Ring in sliver, the text has mostly faded so I’d have to toss it in a fire at this point, but we all know.

For the next one things I will change:

– No Sharpies
– Stencil for the windows and any other shapes so they are  more even
– Remember to do windows on the back
– Don’t go insane on the finish
– Make sure paper doesn’t stick  to project (yes this was a thing)
– Make sure paint doesn’t stick to project unless it was on the project.

Otherwise I think the colors and things, are right and I just need a little more work to make it actually  work.

All those in the path of Irene, say safe and stay dry. I plan to knit, sew, pack, watch new who, Torchwood (only on pt 3 of Miracle day), and the end of Supernatural.

Building A Cyberwoman: Part I: Head/Neck

I have started to piece together my Dragon*Con costume. Or I should be more realistic and say one of my Dragon*Con Costumes.  The most elaborate of any I’m thinking of making for this year. The Cyberwoman.

I started by gutting a Cyberman mask.  As the Cyberwoman had a human face.

By the time I was done it was hard to see that the head piece had once been for a Cyberman, with some strategic cutting I now had the front of my helmet. I would still need to make the back piece as the mask did not come with a handy back panel.

I also started work on the neck piece, made of a leather like fabric in silver, I added some folds to  and will be using it to hold my chin straps and back of the head in place.

For the Back of the head I grabbed some silver poster board at Pearl Paint  to make the remaining stiff part of the helmet. I plan to have a hood on underneath it so it remains to be seen if I will have a back piece or pieces covering my ears.

Progress.  86 days and counting  ’til Dragon*Con

Dragon Con and More Heroes

Move is done! Unpacking not so much.

So went to Dragon con over Labor Day weekend.  It was a blast. And of course I knit during the panels.  I knit a few hero squares. I somehow managed to find time to go to Strings and Strands, out on Roswell Rd. Lovely little shop. We got there right before closing and there was never any indication that we had to go and the owner ended up calling a cab for us to take back to downtown.  I ended up buying two skeins of 1500yd lace one in red the other in black (I do have a lot of love for those colors.)

Down to the squares knit at DragonCon. Met and Saw quite a few knitters and Crocheters. There was also a Superman Square that has been lost in the moving abyss. It was backwards (well the side that should have been correct was the reverse of the colors, blue S red BG) But I did double knit it with all three color. I’m working on another one so that should be done once I  Actually knit it.

Hero Squares

Are they potholders? Squares in a larger project? I haven’t decided. I may even felt them.