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And then there were 3

The next square is done.

Soon to be followed by X – men and the Avengers? Only time will tell.

Now if only this was travel knitting, but straight needles and my desire to work until the last possible moment make this a bad idea and messy.  Which reminds me I have to start picking projects for my flight Tuesday. London here I come!

Back from the Depths

A couple weeks ago I cleaned and reorganized my room.  The same day I had the stash bust sale. Selling about 32 skeins of yarn. I wish I could say it made a bigger dent in my stash than it did. But there is more room, and that is the important part right? Nods.

But with cleaning and moving all the yarn around, the poor Marvel Scarf surfaced again. I posted during 2KCBW (which should be coming up again I believe)  how it had been languishing for a year. On my way home on the train, I was reading when I could not stop thinking about the scarf. I got home and I sketched out a design on graph paper while I made dinner and I pulled out the scarf.  There is now another square in the making!

That my dear friends is a 4, for the Fantastic Four. It’s been ages since I read the comic and I know their team layout and color scheme is on the fritz, but this is mostly what I think of, blue white, with a four just off center. I always liked that the FF had the same Uniform as best as could be done for Ben. Marvel’s First Family, was fun, I was even entertained by that cartoon, oh the 90’s.

So that brings me up to three squares. At the pace I am going I’ll have a full scarf by 2020 if I am lucky. Let’s hope I start to move faster. I think the next square will be the X men, then maybe  Thor , Spiderman,  Ms. Marvel (who actually has a sketch),  and a Phoenix or two.  Apparently my plot of hanging it from a clear plastic bag, that I passed everyday woke some shame, and  I actually got to work.

If I keep this up I may have to make a comic blanket of epic geek.

Charts and Written Instructions

Charts and written instructions, I couldn’t even pretend there was a vs. here. I use both now; but there was a time when I would decline on working on a pattern that was just charts. I will not give up on a pattern because it is all charts, or I could not knit something as complex and completely charted as Lothlorien. Or  some of the shawls from last year, or  designed some of my own patterns.

Case in point a lot of graph paper, and spreadsheets went into turning the images of the various Lantern Corp Symbols into a chart.  The chart for the above symbol for love took ages to get right and fit into the  size of the rest of the scarf, while some like Will and Anger were quite quick to work out.  And I just had to make them bigger or smaller to match the height and width expected of the scarf.

I just cast on Rock Island today and am working on the lace edging, and the entire pattern is charted. The Octopus Mittens are charted. Both the cowl, and Lantern  Corps scarf I am writing up, are charted and I am trying to decide if I should include written instructions.  Vivian is written, with instructions that refer to charts. And I can follow all of these.

I think what daunted me for the longest time about reading charts are all the symbols, and that they do not always remain standard across patterns. That and I think one of the first charted patterns I picked up did not mention the wrong side rows in the chart. So that came out terribly and I had no idea why.

Written instructions, don’t have this level of code breaking. As someone who taught themselves Morse Code as a child, and a direct letter to letter translation for Hieroglyphics,  I’d think I would be more attune to charts and doing the replacement of symbols to words.  / O / O  – just does not instantly mean  ssk, yo, ssk, yo, the way the letters do.  It’s more along the lines of wait is that ‘SSK’ or K2tog, turns back to key, and if the same stitch is different on the wrong side row, I have to quadruple check to make sure I am making the right stitch.

I do notice though that in a pattern with written instructions and charted instructions I do still tend to gravitate towards the written instructions. Part of that is that I do find the written instructions easier to follow. Mostly because I don’t have to double back to what ever page the legend is on and make sure of every stitch. The written instructions translate faster in my mind, which means faster knitting.

As I work on designing a shawl, and try to decide if I want written instructions to go with the charts, I think I would like both, especially as I think one can be a check for the other. As even when I am not using the chart to work on a pattern a check of the chart if something has drastically changed usually can easily be seen with a glance at the chart.

And the last  two Lantern symbols in this set. Compassion and Avarice.

Day 4: Where are they now?

Whatever happened to your __________?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

I have so many projects in so many places, both known and unknown.  The Dalek I dropped at some point at Dragon Con, which I like to believe is exterminating with wooly goodness somewhere.

It’s possible,  mostly I hope whoever grabbed it knew what it was and it’s not lamenting in a trash dump somewhere.

Though the project that really comes to mind I know exactly where it is. The WIP box on my desk at home.

The Marvel Scarf.  Oh the  Marvel Scarf.

When it comes to  comics, really I’m a marvel girl at heart. Even if I can argue why Batman is way better then Superman, at the end of the day Spider-man holds my heart in a way they never will.  Don’t get me started on that “Musical”.  X-men, The Hulk, Iron-Man,  the Avengers, all things I’ve been known to geek out about.

But the one thing I will always Give DC over Marvel are the Logos. I designed and knit this scarf in under a month to wear to Comic Con.  Who doesn’t know the bat symbol? Superman’s S (yes yes I know not an S, point still stands).  Wonder Woman, or Aquaman may give you pause but the theme becomes clear.

Justice League Scarf

Its battered, and has seen better days now, but I knit another version for a friend.

This scarf has been knit as potholders, pattern has been put up, it has been knit for the boyfriend by another knitter. This  scarf is going far and wide.

The Marvel scarf on the other hand  is still 2 squares, with some drawings and sketches of what will  come next but it has been in the box for the better part of a year. I stole the needles out of it at one point. Sigh.

Maybe by 3KCBW I will  have another square? A whole Scarf?

First FO of 2011

The first FO of 2011 is a double knit cowl I designed and finished a little earlier today.

A Greek inspired cowl to get me going on my plot to design things that go with the Olympians. This was a simple 11 row pattern double knit across 84 stitches in Blue Sky alpaca in sport weight. It took a little over one skein of each color. I may make matching fingerless gloves of the remaining yarn.  We shall see.

Reversible and in my favorite colors. I have to put together the pattern though it is a straight forward one.

And I have a gift that had been kept under wraps the last few weeks but, now can be shared.

Another Dalek. This one made of Karabella Aurora 8 worsted, has been well received in its new home.

PDF Update

[nocrosspost]I have uploaded the update to the Justice League Scarf PDF it is available on the Free Pattern’s page Here and on Ravelry Here

An update notice should have gone out to everyone on Ravelry.

The changes include

Superman (instructions & chart) , Hawkman (instructions),  Flash (instructions- for clarity)

To keep things clear the update lists 2010 in the header as opposed to 2009.



After what had to be the laziest Sunday in a long time that wasn’t brought on due to hangover or sickness I finished the Justice League scarf. Funnily enough the recipient asked after it  earlier today.

There it is in all its DC glory, with an addition of Superboy at the end that came out just as backwards as the Superman S does whenever I try to knit it. But I think the trick to it is to start row 1 of the actual pattern on the wrong side. Then it should be straight.  Why this escapes me every time I have no idea.

Also while there is no Eratta, at least I don’t think so. I have found a way to simplify the flash pattern. The scary thing is when my computer crashed I lost most of the files in the pattern, so it might be a while before I can put a new pattern together as I will have to redraw all the charts.

Next up I found my knotty but nice, which is still at the ribbing stage, that I had re-cast when I went to DC, this will be  my backup project in case I fail at the main one which is starting the Christmas stockings.

Justice League Scarf

So for the last week or so I’ve been knitting the Justice League scarf for a friend. I was hoping to finish it today but there was Flash frogging on the train, and I still have to add a Superboy square as per my friend’s request.

I was trying to take pictures of the progress I was making on the scarf by taking one picture in the morning and then one again that night.

Though there tended to be more frogging on the train ride home as we can see by the apparent lack of progress above.

Today’s progress.  Just 1 and 1/2 heroes left.

Also going to attempt to blog post a day.  But yeah I didn’t realize today was the first this morning, which led to a fun bus adventure.  I will keep my fingers crossed and I do have a wordpress app.  Also  attempting to make Christmas Stockings across October. My first socks so that should be a wacky good time.

Justice League Scarf Eratta

So as I knit a new Justice League scarf  I notice there are a couple of Errors. I will be updating the PDF once I have completed the project but for now I’ll just keep a running list here.

Superman must be started on the wrong side or it will be backwards.

Superman Chart

– Row 2 not included (11MC 4CC 11MC)

Superman  Instructions

– Row 13 Should be 3 cc 2 mc (Y) 3cc 9mc (y) 3cc 2mc (y) 4cc


Row 8  should read  1mc 7cc 15mc 2cc 1mc