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This is a Week. But I will Knit a sleeve.

Bayside looks the same as it did the last time I posted about it. Which is an interesting issue because I still plan to wear it Saturday. I have three days, its just a sleeve. Work has calmed enough that I’m not working all hours, but I have turned that time into last minute crafting time.



So tonight shall be a night of wild knitting.  Why wasn’t I doing this while watching the State of the Union last night?  I blame 10 and 11.


They now  exist in stitch marker form. The 10th doctor even has some Tea! For reasons.  I’m starting to get the the point where I wonder if I have enough room to display all of this but, living dangerously is fun. I will find out tomorrow night when I set up the booth. I think the table is longer than last year’s so that’s a good sign right?

Feb. Etsy Update: Rainbows, The Only Way to Travel

This Month’s update is a bit all over the place. And when one is traveling about so much its good to have a stable method of transportation and communication.  My new Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, stitch markers are ready to take you and your messages on a whirlwind tour.


The rest of the update seems to be all about the heroes,  madmen with boxes, and those that choose to run with him, angels, those that keep the family business, or those that make us need a hero in the first place. The Villains.

In Doctor Who we have Eight Doctor Stitch Markers, and The Girl Who Waited Earrings.

DSCN6519 waitede1

A seasonal addition to the shop are the 4 leaf clover earrings.


In  the realm of Comics we have me trying out a new style of marker with The Red Skull and a new design  Loki Stitch Markers V2.  The Red Skull markers are made with wire crimped on both ends, so that they will fit any size needle, except maybe 25’s.

red_skull_1  loki2b

Restocked Items:  There are a lot of items related to saving people and hunting things being restocked. I shall need to make more pie.

sam4   dean1  impalas4  cassm2

And a  mix of other items coming back.  Bifrost is back in the shop, along with the Girl Who Waited Stitch Markersamy2  bifrost3b

I also have some  Loki Earrings restocked.


That’s it for February but as, I went a little wild shopping for supplies lately. I think that things should get interesting  for March.  Next shop Update 3/14.

Making Monday: Crafty Sunday

Before my apartment was descended on by some friends to watch the Super Bowl, I took a couple hours to get some things put together for the update on the 14th.  I got a few sets of stitch markers and some earrings done.

2014-02-02 14.47.36


First up another take on rainbows in stitch markers. To go with the Bifrost markers I  also carry. I may call these Iris for the goddess of Rainbows or, Prism. We’ll see how I feel when I upload.

The rest of the items in the upload so far are all Dr. Who related.

2014-02-03 11.47.02


We have Eight doctor stitch markers. Earrings of this design were already in the shop.  And we have The Girl Who Waited,  earrings. Her stitch markers will also be restocked in the next update.

2014-02-03 11.46.28


Not too shabby for a couple hours in the craft room. I’ll have one more craft day next Saturday, and some time Sunday to work on pictures for the update.

More to Do… No, Hold on. Sorry, That’s The Lion King

With yesterday’s still on the needles post I suppose it is fitting that I don’t have a finished object post today. Keep the theme going, I suppose. I should finish up Flintshire soon.  So lets talk about an elaborate plan I want to put into action at some point.


So that is the tenth doctor, you may have noticed I am a doctor who fan. I want that suit.  I want that suit made well enough that I could wear it for cosplay or to the office because I feel the need for some not so stealth cosplay. I’ve thought about doing Fem versions of the suit, and really other than cutting it to fit me I don’t think I would change much. I have thought about having a vest/corset in the same material for an alternating look, but pinstripe blazer and pants are the goal.


I should admit now that I have about four different pairs of pinstripe paints in my closet, all black and white, and some retired black and red pinstripe pants. I like pinstripes so its not really a surprise that I would jump at cosplaying 10. I could likely do 9 from the items in my closet. But I have wanted to get a hold of fabric and make my own dress pants any way.  There are a lot of steps in the process that I have to get to, find fabric (thanks spoonflower), get a better sewing machine, get a suit pattern of some kind, get measurements…etc…

Its a list. But it is a list I have been talking about working on for a while, and now I have a friend on board for making a fifth doctor  costume.  Well who am I to say no to extra motivation. We’ll see what the future brings I guess.


November Etsy Update: Timelords

Tomorrow night is the premiere of the 50th anniversary  special.  And I have been doing a lot of Doctor Who crafting. If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw many of the drafts as stitch markers and the final set Weds. night.

11 doctors

As I mentioned most of these are for a special order, but that did not keep me from making more doctor and companion related items, for the shop. And a few things that just needed restocking.

Earrings: Second Doctor,  Classic Sonic Screwdriver (Third Doctor), Fifth Doctor,  Sixth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Dr. Martha Jones,  and Jurassic Park because why not?

 seconddoce2  sonice3 fifthdoce5 sixthdoce1 8th doctor  ninthdoce2 marthae3  JP5

Stitch Markers: Dr. Martha Jones , Ninth Doctor

martha3  ninthdoc4

Items Restocked:

 tardismarkers1 bifrost3b  rumple1  il_570xN.346583639

So take a gander at the shop update.  The goal is to have another before the Christmas shipping window closes. We’ll see.

The Differences in Type

When I make earrings and stitch markers based on characters I tend to make slight adjustments to each version.  If I make Batman stitch Markers and Batman earrings, you will be able to tell the designs are related, but not always exactly the same. As I work my way through eleven sets of stitch markers, I have also been trying to work on 11 pairs of earrings, for the doctors. Some are harder to translate than others. Some don’t change at all, and some change just enough to make me smile.

11 doctors

Here we have all eleven doctors as a representative stitch marker.  One through seven across the top and eight through eleven on the bottom.  some are perfectly suited to be earrings.  Three is actually a pair of earrings in exactly the same same style.  Eleven already has earrings in the shop, but I think otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing.



The Sixth doctor and the fifth both had beads that while similar to what the stitch marker was, was made a little bit brighter for the  earrings.  Side by side, its easy to see how these go together. And I think that a person can enjoy both.

sixth doctor

I really like the Sixth doctor stitch marker and the earring. Using crystal beads on the earring, gave me a great effect, and I think represent the colors of the doctor’s wardrobe and umbrella from that era really well.  It was bright guys. Though in an amusing contrast the fourth doctor into an earring is giving me the most difficulty.  I took forever to settle on beads for the stitch  marker, and while I like what finally came together it doesn’t seem like an earring to me.  Crafty problems.

fourth doctor scarfI’ll  keep working on it I guess.

Counting Down to the 50th

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching and I have bee crafting plenty of things in honor of the Doctor, his companions, and his enemies. It’s not like my love of the time traveling time lord is a secret.  I could likely create a Doctor Who section of my shop. And it doesn’t stop there.  My laptop background is still this from the End of Time. And until a short while ago my work background was  this. 2013-09-14 18.43.05-2 I started watching Doctor Who the summer of 2008, I was on vacation in London with friends, and they sat me down and said I had to watch this show. I knew that the show existed, and had a notion of the premise. Well time travel at least, I think the space travel was a bit of a surprise. So during my time in London I saw three episodes, Silence in the Library 1 &2  (River!) and Midnight (Merlin!). I was sold.

When I came back to the states, I mentioned to a friend wanting to watch the show, and she handed me the DVDs of the current run. It was fantastic, absolutely fantastic.  Since then I’ve learned I never like to see a doctor go, but will give the new guy a chance. I’ve seen all of the modern show (I’m counting 8 in this). And a handful of episodes of the Classic Who.

Though Dragon*Con taught me that I had watched at least some classic who on PBS. One of the cosplayers in the parade was the Master and I recognized him from a show I never learned the name of but would always remember the evil guy who disappeared into a white column.  I don’t know if it was the end of a season or some kind of marathon but the next week there was nothing of the show to be seen.  So apparently I was always meant to be a fan.   My crafty side has fully embraced this. This  post is very photo heavy. So click along to see my own history of Doctor Who in craft.

So for those looking forward to the 50th, how did you get into Doctor who? And who is your favorite Doctor? (Mine’s 9 but I love them all)



October Etsy Update: Companions and Gifts

As the 50th approaches, and all through the year I’ll be slipping in more and more Doctor Who related items.  This will be the smallest of the updates but the shop will have, companions, monsters, doctors and more.   The Doctors are already in progress.

2013-09-29 19.11.43

 Right now we have the first companion of the new series.  Rose Tyler.


And a few members of the Addams Family have come to join the stitch marker clan. Lurch and Grandmama.

 lurch1  grandmm2

And for a complete change of season New Christmas Items:


New Christmas Items added back to the shop:

xmasmini2  tis3  stock1  present2  snow2

September Etsy Update: Creepy and Kooky

So this update was supposed to be lightly Halloween and Fall themed. Then inspiration smacked me in the head and one of my  favorite families decided to join in on the update fun. As always everything can be found in the Etsy shop.

Addams Family Stitch Markers

2013-09-17 23.03.28-2

Above is the whole set combined into the one happy family.   There are still a couple of members missing, but I’m sure they will be joining us in the next update. First up home.  0001 Cemetery Lane stitch markers.  There is no place like home when you are an Addams and especially when you are not.

 Next up, Gomez Addams. Father, husband, madman. You know the usual. A deft hand with a blade. The markers of course are handily bladed.  And when one thinks of Gomez who does not think of Morticia  Addams. Mother, wife, knitter, a modern woman who wants it all.

Wednesday Friday Addams. Eldest daughter of the family always with a weapon at hand. These markers are a nod to her usual dress with white collar. Lastly we have  Thing T. Thing. The T stands for Thing of course. These stitch markers are for the handy (sorry) assistant to the Addams family and the square beads, the many boxes he would exit from in the older TV show.


Halloween and Fall Items

I have a few Fall and Halloween items in this update as well. Halloween earrings, Neon Orange Halloween Stitch markers, Swirling Leaves, Halloween, and Fallen Leaves Stitch Markers.  Just you know one or two things.

halloween1 spook5  green4 spook6

Two new Doctor Who items in the shop this update . These are the Bigger on the inside Earrings and Stitch markers.

botie5 botism1


Back in the Shop

    frank1   hades2  blood1


June Etsy Update: The Ears Have It

This month’s update is heavy on the earrings. Which can be fun.  Let’s get this show on the road. Titles include links to the Etsy shop.

Vincent and The Doctor Earrings 


Last Month we had stitch markers, this time earrings, with different beads but the same theme. Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Amortentia Earrings


The most powerful love potion  in the world. Well if your world includes Hogwarts.

Green Lantern Earrings


In brightest day, In blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power Green Lantern’s light!

The second version of these earrings, the older of which had much more of a Steampunk feel.


Demeter Stitch Markers


These beads reminded me of the approach of fall and through that the story of Demeter losing Persephone. And we have Demeter Stitch markers.

Storm Earrings 


These earrings I made two pairs of, and one is for me. As they will be the earrings I wear at my attempt for my Punk Storm costume.  I’m sure I shall be chronicling my adventures in trying to get a Mohawk.

Superman Earrings 



It’s a bird, its a plane, its Superman inspired earrings.

 Nick Fury Jr. Earrings 


And a second version of the Nick Fury earrings, a more toned down version than the ones currently in the shop. Or possibly Nick Fury Jr. currently running S.H.I.E.L.D. in the 616 universe.

And the restocking of two pairs of earrings that pretty much vanished the moment I put them in. River Song, and Wonder Woman Earrings.

Spoilers Earrings 



Wonder Woman Earrings