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WIPW: Socks and Scarves

My dad’s socks have grown some. I have worked on them a bit over the last day.  I think based on my own personal sock attempts I will not run into delays until the foot. Turning the heel only slows me down insomuch as  I have to look it up, but I like to complete the entire heel in one go. So…

2013-11-13 11.08.36But progress, in dad’s favorite color. Here’s hoping that I get it done in time and it fits. It is about three inches right now and every cable cross is about half an inch.

In other knitting news, the pattern for the lantern corp scarf is off at the test knitter and I am knitting it up as well.

2013-11-13 11.49.48Currently up to Rage/Hate. Red lanterns.  Though this may get put aside as a cowl pattern has jumped out at me to be designed. Its very simple and may be a great starter project.  It’s in my favorite colors and in Eco Wool and is already named, Harlequin. So you may see that soon.

May Etsy Update

Here we are for May’s Update.  This time its, full of superheroes, gods, angels, wizards, and fairytale Characters. As usual everything can be found in the Etsy Shop.

Wonder Woman Stitch Markers 



I had a lot of fun making these Wonder Woman stitch markers but quickly wondered why I had not added a star to the markers. The answer becomes clear in the next item created.

Wonder Woman Earrings 



Stars are awesome aren’t they? You know who else has stars? Captain America.

 Captain America Stitch Markers 


These are the new Captain America Stitch markers  now with extra star power!

 Vincent and The Doctor Stitch Markers



Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Rumpelstiltskin Earrings



Spinning straw into gold might be asking a bit much, but yarn. I can do yarn. These earrings were inspired by the old fairytale and the gold beads represent the impossible feat. How about some alpaca?

Rowena Ravenclaw Earrings 



These Ravenclaw house earrings are full of house pride. Complete with Eagle Charms.


True Blood Stitch Markers 

blood1Tru Blood let the vamps out of the closet, these stitch markers will help keep your knitting in place.

Castiel Stitch Markers


Our favorite angel of the lord is not just in earrings any more.

Poseidon Stitch Markers


I’ll be bringing the mythology back into the shop, starting with the god of the seas, horses, and earthquakes.

Another month down

As I was planning out posts for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had the realization that today is the 31st. I have posted everyday for the month of January. I also read 8 books this month according to Goodreads, which means I am on track to read 100 in the year. We’ll see how that goes.

February is shaping up to be quite interesting and busy. I have two of my regular Thursday knit night friends joining in the fun that is Nerd Wars. I will be blogging for Team Mythology. For the Etsy update on 2/16 there will be crochet markers! Why I took so long to make those? I have no idea. I made a couple sets for La Casita and then went, wait why aren’t they in my shop too?

I have plans to cast on and start Allegheny during the sporting event this Sunday.  I have started charting ‘Hera’ and am having a hard time deciding if it should be a shawl/cowl/stole/scarf or something else entirely  as the stitch pattern I think looks best repeating. Knowing me, I will release something completely unrelated while I work that out.

There are things that I didn’t get to that I thought I would by the end of the month. The Lantern Corps Scarf pattern is still in editing, and the Justice League Scarf is also getting an overhaul, I may drop both of those someday next month. The JL scarf pattern mostly finished, with some errors fixed and some visual reworking of the pattern. And more pictures, and another character added, which was actually the original reason for the overhaul. Superboy will be joining the ranks as another DC hero.


FO: Friday Aquaman/Picasa

I spent the past weekend getting ready hopefully for next Friday’s update, (hopfully as my laptop is on the fritz) and I’m sharing my most surprising FO. There are a few other items that will go up that haven’t been photographed yet but should be just as fun. Also it gives me a chance to toy with Picasa on the work laptop.

This is a set of Aquaman Stitch markers. And if you are wondering what the photo looked like pre-picasa, take a gander below. I only made minor changes so nothing is too drastically different.

So far so good, Picasa is pretty straight forward and the basic functions seem to do enough for now.

There are also the Aquaman earrings. Both are based on his more classic outfit. Because that is what I tend to picture. Also, guys now I want to make Justice League jewelry/markers.  Though anything Martian Manhunter might just look like Christmas. But, I have Green Arrow Earrings in the works. Perhaps I have too much Justin Hartley on the brain.


FO Friday: Batman Scarf

As this has been gifted I can share the finally finished product.  After many a false start,  a lot of months spent punished in the corner and  a few bad  movie knitting experiences the Batman Scarf my sister asked for back when I learned to Crochet, is done.

Finished bright and early on christmas eve, I may have wrapped it rather quickly and only taken one picture of the finished product. But it’s done.

Yay for random iPad photos. Done and done. Now I suppose the Marvel scarf is the last scarf of shame…….

Charts and Written Instructions

Charts and written instructions, I couldn’t even pretend there was a vs. here. I use both now; but there was a time when I would decline on working on a pattern that was just charts. I will not give up on a pattern because it is all charts, or I could not knit something as complex and completely charted as Lothlorien. Or  some of the shawls from last year, or  designed some of my own patterns.

Case in point a lot of graph paper, and spreadsheets went into turning the images of the various Lantern Corp Symbols into a chart.  The chart for the above symbol for love took ages to get right and fit into the  size of the rest of the scarf, while some like Will and Anger were quite quick to work out.  And I just had to make them bigger or smaller to match the height and width expected of the scarf.

I just cast on Rock Island today and am working on the lace edging, and the entire pattern is charted. The Octopus Mittens are charted. Both the cowl, and Lantern  Corps scarf I am writing up, are charted and I am trying to decide if I should include written instructions.  Vivian is written, with instructions that refer to charts. And I can follow all of these.

I think what daunted me for the longest time about reading charts are all the symbols, and that they do not always remain standard across patterns. That and I think one of the first charted patterns I picked up did not mention the wrong side rows in the chart. So that came out terribly and I had no idea why.

Written instructions, don’t have this level of code breaking. As someone who taught themselves Morse Code as a child, and a direct letter to letter translation for Hieroglyphics,  I’d think I would be more attune to charts and doing the replacement of symbols to words.  / O / O  – just does not instantly mean  ssk, yo, ssk, yo, the way the letters do.  It’s more along the lines of wait is that ‘SSK’ or K2tog, turns back to key, and if the same stitch is different on the wrong side row, I have to quadruple check to make sure I am making the right stitch.

I do notice though that in a pattern with written instructions and charted instructions I do still tend to gravitate towards the written instructions. Part of that is that I do find the written instructions easier to follow. Mostly because I don’t have to double back to what ever page the legend is on and make sure of every stitch. The written instructions translate faster in my mind, which means faster knitting.

As I work on designing a shawl, and try to decide if I want written instructions to go with the charts, I think I would like both, especially as I think one can be a check for the other. As even when I am not using the chart to work on a pattern a check of the chart if something has drastically changed usually can easily be seen with a glance at the chart.

And the last  two Lantern symbols in this set. Compassion and Avarice.

Pattern Design and Dyed Yarn

Designing my own patterns is something I have been doing for a while.  Heck the first post on this blog is the scarf that started it all. Making charts, learning double knitting, and then wearing said scarf to NYCC.

Justice League Scarf

Of course I didn’t stop there.  Next came the Lantern Corps scarf inspired by a ring display I saw at NYCC, in my lovely scarf.


Plotting on the Bus

For some reason that I can’t fathom the bus ride seems to be getting longer. On Monday I was on the bus so long that I was a couple of rows from finishing a fingerless mit, which I finished but for the thumb on the subway.

The on on the right, it started as a way to see if I could get an Iron Man inspired glove going and at some  point turned into that. But as I looked at I couldn’t help but think it looks more Flash than IM. What can I say? I had just spent the weekend at New York Comic Con.  Heroes are on the brain. I mean NYCC is to blame for this and this and that poor marvel scarf if it ever happens.

And it wasn’t as if I wasn’t wrapped in this when I got chilly. I find NYCC to be a mecca of nerdy inspiration. You may have noticed that WIP on the left.  Working on making of glove of big blue.  Seeing this guy walk around (I did a double take) you can’t help but have supes on the brain. I may redo the cuff in red. But these are just ideas I am spewing out on the universe.  I also have green and gold yarn calling out to be Loki.

Yes  I was at the Javits center all weekend, I figured it was safer there for the wallet. But I did send my friends who did head up to Rhinebeck  off with a mission to bring me something nice.  They delivered quite well.

Three skeins of yarn in red, black, and a red orange colorway.

The largest of the skeins being 1120 yards of  a fingering weight yarn.  That will be fun to play with. Possibly a sweater of some kind. My friends are awesome.


WIPW: Oh what a wipw it is

So it’s possible that I have 4 projects going at the moment.

The fasted going, started Monday Morning on the bus:

A new Dragon*Con Dalek. Hopefully one that I won’t lose during the convention. maybe I should add a strap…

This is the start of Trousseau which I am making for a friend, in some Hand dyed yarn I got ages ago from Solstice Yarns in Oh My Goth.  I may have to make two of these and keep one for myself.

Next up is another Summer Mystery shawl for another friend in blue.

And lastly a shawl with no image.  Damask which is the only other project with a sort of deadline. Labor Day weekend  as that is when a friend is going to another wedding and would like to wear it then. So Dalek and Damask have to be done. But I want to have them all done as I want to start Christmas knitting once I get back from Dragon*Con and would like to  start working on Vivian again.  Also if I finish all three, shawls that would bring my total up to 11 with a couple months to spare. 😀


Earrings and Shawl

Anyone who has been watching my etsy has noticed the addition of a few new pairs of earrings and the adjustment of one already available. A couple pairs based on the madness causing old one, Cthulhu.

A set in both Red and Blue.

I really like how these came out.  I also while picking up the charms and beads that I used on some of these,  got silver, and silver toned (nickel free) hooks so that anyone can wear these earrings. I did the same with  the Tardis Earrings working a couple new pairs that would be safe for all.

Just a change to the hook but better for all. While I’m not sure that my other findings did contain Nickel I wasn’t positive that they didn’t.  And really, “A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend. ”  Probably safe doesn’t really work for me.

Also got a chance to finally put together a pair of Wonder Woman Earrings.

Simple but I think A good representation and they look a bit like the earrings the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited version wore.

Along with Jewelry, I finished the second shawl I was working on.  Or technically the third as I put Damson aside for a bit.

Finally figuring out what to do with the city lights was great. And a very fast knit as the pattern Deirdre which i modified a bit, by using worsted yarn, shortening the lace repeats, and finishing with a st border instead of garter.

Those blocking wires are coming in very handy. This weekend looks to be as crafty as the last one. There’s a craft night at a friend’s and I tend to knit while at writer’s group anyway.  Trying to decide on shawl #4 though I suppose I should finish #2 first.