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New Addiction

So as a shocking it of news to everyone here. I’m a geek. So that means people will tell me about geeky things in their life. At Rhinebeck, I played my first ever D&D game. Which is amusing as I’ve been reading Forgotten Realms for years.  Some of the players and the DM were all fans of Critical Role.  There were jokes, and descriptions, and some hilarious shorts. It ended with me wanting to finally watch this show.


Critical Role is a show on the Geek and Sundry Twitch channel where a “bunch of nerdy ass voice actors play D&D.”  There are about 79 episodes available on the youtube channel and I think 81 available via Twitch. I am currently at episode 76 having started watching after getting back from Rhinebeck. The episodes are about 4 hours long…

So of course I have stitch markers for the cast of the show.  I have been really enjoying this show.  Vox Machina has wormed their insane way into my heart. Rolling dice, fighting monsters, and being awesome.

So I have ordered some charms to make some more sets. but right now I have Scanlan , Vex, Vax, Pike, Keyleth, Percival, Grog, and the DM.  I also want to do a full team set.  Possibly with charms from  later in the series. And some NPC sets, and guest sets.

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