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Finishing All the Cowls

I finished the Honey Cowl from the last post, and somehow cast on and finished a handspun cowl. I did cast on in the movie theater during The Battle of the Five Armies.  I will say it was likely my favorite of the three movies but  seeing how I wanted to light the Desolation of Smaug on fire and have no interest in owning any of them on DVD, I don’t think that means much.

2014-12-18 13.08.21-1

The finished cowl has already been sent off to its new home with its matching  Snapdragon Tam.  So knowing I was going to sit in a theater for a few hours, I knew I would want some knitting with me. I had wound some handspun into a cake and decided to free form a cowl.


I cast on 110 stitches knit 8 rows of garter and then then knit st until I felt I was near the end of the skein and knit 8 more rows of garter.  I ended up with about a row of yarn left which I think is pretty good.  This looks like it will be a fun bright pop of color to any outfit in the coming weeks.

Now I’m off to finish a test knit hat in a great teal color!


FO Friday: Face Hugger, No Not That One

So, Polar Vortex. That’s a thing that happened  Guys it was cold.  I know there were places that had it a lot worse than NYC/NJ but single digits and in the negative with wind chill is not really the norm. I don’t have clothing for it! So many layers were worn. I dug out my thinsulate lined leather coat, my Allegheny, long johns,  hat, worsted shawl, jeans, extra socks, and the kitchen sink.  There was a day when I thought about throwing out the coat I wore. The leather is battered and I wore it once in the last three years and it was for cosplay.  So glad I didn’t.  I even had to reattach the top button before running out for work. Well it’s over 10 years old. I guess that happens.

2014-01-07 19.02.19

Don’t I look warm?I had the joy of learning that it was so cold, when my breath fogged up my glasses the fog froze and I had to wipe it off and repeat every few steps.  And when I left my apartment I was wearing a bit less. Over the weekend I had cast on the leftover yarn from my Koolhaas, some of my handspun. I had no idea what I was going to make with it but was somewhere between a cowl and a hat. So I cast on and just started a  1by1 rib, saying mentally, cowl, no hat, maybe cowl, hat, etc.

2014-01-07 11.04.03

As I walked from home to the subway, the cold decided for me. Before I departed for the bus I had a little face hugging cowl to wear. Pretty much exactly where it was needed. Waiting for the bus that night would have been made all the worse without it. As it warms I’ve just been wearing my Girl on fire cowl. It will be in the high 50s this weekend after all. HEAT WAVE. We all know who got the last laugh. He warned us all along.

told youso

WIPW: Sweaters, Gloves, and Cowls oh my!

I’ve been a busy knitter. I have made progress on the sweater dress, and am nearing the separation for the sleeves, though it has been put down as I started another pair of gloves.  It is the Podster Glove  pattern the Fingering/Sock weight version of the high speed weekend gloves aka Chilly Podster. It’s made on my Gnome Acres yarn in the Joker colorway

2013-02-18 21.52.01

I’m at the separation for the fingers, and you can already see the thumb stitches being held with some red yarn. I’m torn on of I should make them another pair of flip top gloves or a pair of gloves with flip top fingers. I don’t plan on working on them until the weekend so I have some time to decide. 

2013-02-20 10.33.18


There is a bit  of a cable finally happening on the sweater, and the Aquaman stitch markers are a bit of bright fun.

2013-02-19 10.03.49

And the Hero Honey Cowl continues to grow. New plan is to finish it by the 28th. We’ll see if I can do that. So lots of things are in progress. Fingers crossed. Not to shabby.  Also I’m still spinning the blue fiber. Just a couple things.

2013-01-28 21.33.19

Pattern: Poseidon Cowl

Poseidon is my latest release to keep up with the Ancient Greek themed pattern family. As the weather just starts to cool over here its a great simple pattern to whip up for fall before the heavy scarves need to be pulled out. Or to make as a gift or two.  The pattern is both written and charted so you can follow the instructions you prefer.

Poseidon Cowl

Poseidon is best known as god of the seas, and when I saw this Hand Maiden yarn I could think of nothing else but the ocean. The same thought occurred to me with the grey Malabrigo as many of the stories I know of Poseidon, he is angry and calling forth storms and the grey reminds me of the darkness of being on a stormy sea. The lace pattern reminded me of horses as well, another thing Poseidon is god of.  Combined with a motif that looks like seaweed, this fall cowl is a perfect quiet reminder of the sea god.



Size 6 (4.0 mm) 24” circular needles
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers



Fingering Weight – Shown in Hand Maiden Casbah sock yarn and Malabrigo Sock
Approx: 125-150 yards.


5 stitches and 7 rows per inch


Skills Needed

Lace knitting Yo, SSK, K2tog, sk2p


The pattern is available for purchase for $3.50. Click the link below to get your own copy.

It’s Friday, and I finished something

I’ve been experiencing a slight case of knit every pattern that catches my eye. Or at least start it.

The latest in a long list of things I’ve started. That’s one repeat down and seven more to go, before I have to start deciding on buttons for my Tilting Tardis Cowl. I should be done with it by the time I land in Houston.  But, as the title says I finished something.

It is a very small cowl on fire made of red bulky wool my sister picked up for me while she was in Italy. Florence I believe but she was in a lot of places, Milan, Rome, Venice, so no idea.  I had thought about adding a center section with some black or red Eco wool that I had and decided against it. I may just use this with a couple high collar jackets I have that still don’t completely protect against the wind but make a regular scarf or cowl odd.

Girl on Fire Cowl

The first completed project of the Ravellenic Games and the first  project made of my handspun. This yarn came out mostly as a heavy worsted, and I wanted some cables to show it off.

The yarn goes from a mustard like color, to yellow, orange, and ends at red. and with cables that move along the  looking  like flickering  flames we had a winner.  It was a very quick knit, with only 2 rows of cables.

Casting on during the airing of the opening ceremony of the Olympics it was a very simple pattern that gave me a chance to play with my new charting software.  I think this picture is also truest to the color.


For this cowl I would recommend a heavy worsted weight yarn, as the majority of my handspun hit that level.  This patter is a pretty snug but still comfortable fit, so if you want something looser I would say cast on a larger multiple of 12.

Yarn – Heavy Worsted approx 110 yards 4 stitches per inch.
Cable Needle
Size 9 (5.5mm) 24″ Circular needle or DPN’s
Stitch marker


C6f – slip 3 to cable needle and hold to front knit 3 than knit 3 from from cable needle.
C6b – slip 3 to cable needle and hold to back knit 3 than knit 3 from from cable needle.

On size 9 (5.5mm) Needles Cast on 84 stitches. Join in the round being careful not to twist, place marker.

Row 1 purl
Row 2 – 4 knit
Row 5  *c6f, k6* repeat * to *
row 6 – 9 Knit
row 10: * K6, c6b , *  repeat *to*

Repeat rows 2 – 11 seve times
Next row purl
Next round bind off loosely

Block lightly and enjoy the quick knit.

Below is the chart for the pattern if that is more your cup of tea followed by the chart’s key.


PDF available here Free Patterns

Knitting things

There’s been a lot of  Spinning. But I have been knitting things, that I can share. First up is my first project with my hand spun.  My first loop batt that became about 132 yards of a mostly worsted single ply.

It is going to be a cowl designed using a stitch I think looks a bit like flames. Because the stitch is out of a giant dictionary the cowl is only worked on in my living room while watching Teen Wolf.

I also finished my Habitat in Midnight in Manhattan yesterday.

I haven’t decided if I shall keep the hat or give it away so I shall be sticking it in the  gift bag. Which is a giant tote in the craft room.

But having made one before I know that I have enough leftover yarn for something small. I have cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves, using the larger cable from the hat.

Our office if moving so I will be home the next couple days as one office is disassembled and reassembled. It will mean a longer subway ride but a much shorter bus ride, less than half an hour so I will see how that hits the knit time.

Friday Plots

Making progress on the last  Nerd Wars Submission I am attempting for Feb as well as some progress on the “easy” part of the dissertation.

6 rows then bind off and its done. Or it would be  if I would stop reading books on the bus this may happen though I did just finish A Perfect Blood and bought  The knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design which seemed like a good thing to get my butt moving in gear as once those rows are done I will be able to measure the cowl and take some photos for the pattern.

Looking at the picture above, I wonder if I just shouldn’t take pictures of items with just the lovely backdrop of my cubicle.  With my camera slowly falling to pieces it may just be time to invest in a new one.

Now to get the heck out of work. It’s Friday after all.


So I finished my Cowl.

Double knit in all its lovely glory. On Thursday I brought it to knitting to share with the group and take some pictures of it.

Somehow between the end of the night and my apartment, the cowl walked away. I have not seen hide nor hair of said cowl since Thursday, and while I do have days when I misplace things there isn’t anywhere left that I could look. I would have to have shoved this cowl under a dresser in a sleepwalking haze to have not been able to find it in the last four days.

I continue to hold a small amount of hope that it somehow fell into that one magical corner where I will find it in a month, but the apartment isn’t that big. And while I have no idea how it fell out of my bag, nor how I didn’t notice, I think I just have to accept that it did.  This isn’t helping with writing the pattern for the shawl either but I suppose that this means that it is out in the wild somewhere and I can knit it again.   I do really want to see it in white and gold.  I have already done it red and black as well as a shorter cowl.

I think I will have to just try not to think of it, and knit another one. But, losing a knit before even getting a chance to ever wear it is disheartening. I think I will work on the gloves i’ve been commissioned for and not think about it for a while or ever.

Plots, Plans, and Pretty Things

It’s coming up on  a pretty busy time of year for me. NaNoWriMo, Christmas knitting, updating etsy stock, etc. So I have plots plans and things.

Speaking of things, I knit Yarn Harlot’s Pretty thing and finished it a while ago. It is currently around my neck keeping me warm and, giving me  a place to cough, the cough that  won’t go away. It’s also light enough while keeping me warm that I tend to forget its on when I’m in the office.

But now seeing how pretty (yes I know) and comfy the pattern is I have plotted to make more and I have a bag full of sample sock weight yarn for just this purpose.

That would be a pretty thing cast on in purple in the leftover yarn for the Gothic Moss Shawl.  So there will be a lot of cowls in my future.