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Dyeing Yarn with Kool Aid

Dyeing yarn (and apparently hair) with Kool Aid is not a new thing even if it was new to me. I finally, Finally finished Damson…or ran out of yarn, and not wanting to start some strange cycle of buying Sliver Fox I cast off before I got to the edging, I’ll just have to make the shawl again someday.

I had been thinking about the fact that I already had one shawl in this colorway. Batik.  So I made my way to this knitty article and followed the instructions. The only difference being I had a FO and not a hank of yarn.

I started with 2 packets of grape flavored kool aid. You know purple.

You can just barely make out the colors that it picked up there. Some small hints of purple.  Fun fact the water was apparently warm enough that the yarn picked up all the dye before I put it in the microwave.  So I added my packets of red dye (cherry).

This took  a little more work and actually had to be nuked so that it would absorb the colors and absorb it did.

I think this bowl shot its easiest to see the way the purple and red blended together. Overall I think the shall came out pretty nice, and I put it down to block it out.

I wore it today and I have to say even after Blocking and washing it in wool wash it still has that sweet smell of Kool Aid though moderated slightly so its not overwhelming. All in  all I think my first kool Aid dyeing experiment went pretty well.

Also, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones on HBO. And its possible I visited the food truck a couple times while it was in the City.  Though I only got to it while they still had lemon cakes once. This past Sunday to g0 with the third episode I made Lemon cakes (PDF) following the official recipe.

The recipe felt surprisingly simple but  they were tasty and I put my ramekins to good use. I think its a recipe I may use again come summer and BBQ season  possibly  see if I can find a smaller set of ramekins and make bite sized lemon cakes.

A Very Different WIP Weds

Only my second WIP Weds and I have something very different to talk about. This weekend I’m hosting a Thanksgiving in April (it should not be this hard to find a Turkey in NYC- I actually bought it in NJ!), that turned into a bit of a pot luck.

So For the first time I’m going to brine, and roast a turkey. I’ve done chicken and Cornish hens, but I have never made brined anything.  But my goal is to make the turkey, and stuffing (separately) and end up with something like this.

I should be able to do it… And all the friends are bringing sides, and dessert, and other fixings.  I mean really what are the chances I end up with something like this?

There’s always pizza if that is the case and I can ply the masses with wine. They won’t notice then right? Right?  So between prepping for this and work eating me, there has been little knitting, I cast on the Oak grove in some blue Sweet Georgia yarn, and I’ll share that adventure in the next post. Small hands and long fingers can make for an odd effect.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and pray I am posting lovely photos of a meal gone very well on Monday.